Mr. Darcy’s Daughters

Mr. Darcy's DaughtersContinuing on with the search of Pride and Prejudice continuations or remolding of the classic story I stumbled upon several stories from Elizabeth Aston and her Darcys series.

Fitzwilliam Darcy and his wife Elizabeth are traveling overseas and left their five daughters to enjoy the ways of London under the watchful care of their relatives while the youngest siblings, the two boys, stay at Pemberely. All five daughters will find themselves holding onto their reputations as some of the ton of London will wish them to fail.

Mr. Darcy’s Daughters by Elizabeth Aston is a true continuation of the classic story Pride and Prejudice where you are shown what life could be if Jane Austen continued the love story of Darcy and Elizabeth. I loved that Aston made Darcy to have five daughters.

Aston creates fantastic characters that feel very much like in the world of Austen but a little more scandal than Austen would have, this especially occurs with all the sisters. Now I didn’t love all the sisters really only Camille and Alethea. The rest were too wild to like or uptight for me. Aston does a good job at giving each sister their own identity.

Within the book you are treated back to some old enemies like Caroline but now it will be her stepson, George Warren who will help in causing problems for the Darcy girls. Now although Sophie wasn’t a villain she was too spoiled for me to really like, especially as she was leading on her fiancee Wytton.  Wytton is a character I loved as he is our hero who is perfect for Camille and Aston will not leave us disappointed.

The series will feature Alethea next in The Exploits & Adventures of Miss Alethea Darcy.