Cold-Hearted Rake

Cold Hearted RakeDevon Ravenel doesn’t want the estate he was given but he would do what he could. Devon and with the help of his brother will reshape the estate and tenants. Devon will also pay attention to the former lady of the estate, he will pursue Kathleen until she gives in to his pursuit.

Lady Kathleen Trenear was wary of the new owner but she would do what she could to protect her sister-in-laws. Kathleen will be surprised when Devon will not sell the property but help it become profitable again. She will also be shocked by his effort to seduce, she will fight it but for only so long.

Cold-Hearted Rake is novel by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. I was so happy that Lisa Kleypas is back with more of her historical romances. Though I will say it did take a little for me to get into the story, but once I was into the story I couldn’t wait to read the rest.

Devon’s character did not want the estate or the title that went with it but he softens especially when he starts interacting with Kathleen. He first came as someone who didn’t care and he really didn’t but he changes. I liked how Devon treats his cousins, he is definitely a softy when it comes to them. Kathleen’s character was definitely icy when it came to Devon and it made sense as she knew she would be kicked out of the house. Kathleen was also very protective which I liked though she was a little too determined to help, she didn’t ask if they needed it.

The fire between Devon and Kathleen is definitely there but they fight it. Devon fights it at first and only very little. Kathleen will be fighting it with everything she has, but she will give in.

There is another story that is happening with Helen and Winterborne, and I am curious with what is the deal with Winterborne. I wasn’t sure I would like him but at the end you know there is more to the man than what you see. I can’t wait to read their story which has come out and I am on the list for.

One Night With You

Lady Jane Guthrie has been in mourning for over a year and needs to be out of the black dresses. There was no love for her late husband as there no love match. Jane has only loved one man who fell for her sister but now he is back. Jane will be determined to find Seth and have that one chance to be with him, but things are never that easy.

Seth Rutledge is back and has found out that he has become titled as his brother had died. Seth knows that its his duty to find a bride and marry. His only objective is to find a woman who likes his sister. Seth did not perceive to be enthralled with a woman at a masquerade ball but his true surprise will be who the lady is underneath. His only goal is now not to fall for Jane.

For me Sophie Jordan is a fairly new author as I have only read one of her books. I decided to revisit her as her name popped up in one of my searches. Picking a book at random I selected One Night With You from the Derring series. This book is the second one from the series. I have to say One Night With You was a really good story. The plot resembled many of the regency romance novels but you are drawn in with the characters throughout the whole story.

I loved and hated how stubborn Seth is with his feelings. You wanted to slug him for not letting Jane in or realizing his feeling until its too late. Jane was a fantastic character. She was strong when she needed and I really liked how Sophie Jordan developed Jane to become stronger throughout the story.

The villains were actually the family of Jane which was made very clear in the book. You wanted to hate them the moment they made their appearance in the book or insulated Jane.

After One Night With You I am on the search for more of Sophie Jordan.