The Casanova Code

The Casanova CodeEdwina Hargrove has been fascinated by solving codes that were written in letters thanks to her brother and Treasure Island. Edwina will find her talents being used to help discover a mysterious letter that was found in an indecent book which will result in her reputation being ruined.

Ashton Trewelyn had lived through a reputation that was well earned but people change and Aston wanted to do something with his life. Aston will find himself changing but when he interacts with Edwina he can’t help the feelings that come along. Though lust will have to wait as they find a letter that could lead to a secret society.

The Casanova Code is the first book to the Rake Patrol series from Donna MacMeans who is a brand new author for me. I only have this one as it was the only one available. After reading this book I will definitely be revisiting the author with another new book.

I thought the book was fun, had that sexual appeal but also this mystery with the code breaking. I loved that it was Edwina who was the code breaker. She was truly the modern day woman and I loved that she was unconventional. Of course there were those predictable moments when she would believe all that was told by Constance, Aston’s stepmother, which of course were untrue or at times exaggerated as Aston’s character had reformed. I liked that he was not the rake he once was but there will always be a little of a rake in him.

The mystery of the letter was intriguing as it had to be broken with a code and I was looking forward to what this letter was saying. There is a little twist with the letter and incidentally it brings father and son closer. It was interesting that there was nothing really villainous that happens in the book in fact there is humor that comes from Edwina’s friends who were a lively group. There was however the issue of Constance who was a mean spirited woman and really she had no reason to complain. Walter was another character that was not desirable as he didn’t really care about Edwina, he just wanted a person to order around. Those who were coming in between Aston and Edwina will be out the way eventually but it takes to the very last few pages for the couple to have that happy ending and MacMeans makes sure that code breaking will play out until the very end.