Last Hope

Last HopeRafe was born poor and he raised himself up from the gutter. He had become a mercenary and with his latest job he was looking for something that a woman had clutched in her purse. Rafe will be torn. He will want what Ava is carrying but he will want her and want to save her.

Ava’s best friend is being held hostage and to make sure she survives Ava has to play the part of mule to these criminals. She will be in way over her head but she had no choice. But things just might get easier when she meets Rafe who will offer help.

Last Hope is the fifth book to the series Hitman by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick. I liked this book but at times I have it say it was a little over the top with one or two scenarios. Although that didn’t stop me from finishing the book.

So the character of Ava was someone who would do anything for a friend, which I liked. Though because of that loyalty it gets Ava into trouble. When Ava was first introduced she was timid and scared but you could tell she was tough. She shows ability to adapt when she teams up with Rafe. Now the character of Rafe. I liked Rafe’s character. He was a good man and a tough man. He was someone you wanted on your side. I liked that Rafe didn’t just drop everything for Ava. He had to keep going with his mission but he adjust what needed to be done.

Throughout the book you knew that there had to be a budding romance, and there certainly was one between Rafe and Ava. I don’t mind these scenes but sometimes you want a little more plot so you really get to know the characters. Though that is the theme with this series and Clare does a good job.

A Midnight Clear

A Midnight ClearTroy Davenport had left his family and the family business to pursue art which had been his calling. His art will lead him to many places and to his next muse, Miranda Granger. He will want more than anything to paint her but Troy had to convince her.

Miranda Granger had been ruined nine years ago only no one knew that fact. Miranda keeps herself distant from any man that might want more from her. She will be very weary when it came to Troy but she found he was bringing back emotions that had long ago buried.

A Midnight Clear is the first book to the series Edwardian Nights by Kristina Cook. I really loved this novel. Kristina Cook writes so that you love the characters, so that you connect with them through the good and bad things that happen to them.

I liked Miranda’s characters as she felt real. She had made a mistake and for the past 10 years she was not allowed to really forget that. She is almost like a doormat but underneath there is a woman with fire and courage to live again. It takes a charming painter to bring that out of her. Troy was that charming painter. He was a rogue but not in a villainous way or one that flaunted his affairs. If anything Troy almost lived under the radar which made sense as he wanted to be known as Troy the painter and not be connected to his wealthy family.

So within this novel there are no real enemies but I will say that I really disliked Gertie. I thought at first she was just immature. Well she is that but she is also vengeful when it comes to her older sister. I really didn’t like that Kristina Cook didn’t give us some conclusion with Gertie getting into trouble. I did like how Cook ended the book but I wanted to know that Gertie wouldn’t get away with what she had done.

Well I am done with reading Kristina Cook’s at least for now. I hope that she will continue with this series and maybe the next person will be with Caroline.

All Summer Long

All Summer LongClay Stryker an ex-model has come back home with a plan to make something of himself as a business man. He will find his time being divided between his new life and a firefighter Charlie who walked into his life. He didn’t want to start anything with a new woman but with Charlie he was going to help her out with a problem that has been hurting her for years.

Chantel “Charlie” Dixon is a tough firefighter who doesn’t let a lot of men come close to her. She is guarded as her first time was not a consensual one. She made a friend with Clay and took a chance to take the next step with healing herself.

As I really enjoyed the eighth book of Fool’s Gold I had a feeling this one I would like as well. I found Charlie to be a character I wanted to know more when she was in the eighth book. I got my wish with All Summer Long by Susan Mallery. This series really is a heartbreaking stories that have that uplifting at the end which is needed.

Immediately in the story Mallery brings you into the world of Fool’s Gold without a problem. The characters once again are all around which really lets the series grow. They float in and out of the plot but ultimately the story was focused on Clay and Charlie. Those two couldn’t be more opposite but they were both a little damaged with how people saw them and how they couldn’t open to love. Clay couldn’t as he had that love and wasn’t looking for it again. I loved that he wasn’t just another pretty face and that he truly cared. Charlie never had it and was hurt before she even had a chance. I loved that Charlie asked Clay as for the deal but the moment they started you hoped they find true feelings for each other.

On a side note of the book this was a heartwarming tale of forgiveness but I didn’t really want Charlie to forgive her mother. Her mother didn’t believe her when Charlie went to the police and filed rape charges. Her words of advice were horrible, don’t lead a man on. So with that I couldn’t really think Charlie should forgive but forgiveness is the way to grow and heal so I know why it was needed.

Fool’s Gold will be a series I will be coming back to as I want to find out how it all started but I have my eye on another series by Susan Mallery which is Lone Star Sisters.

Bodyguards in Bed

A genius, a driver and a model all have one thing in common they will need their own bodyguards. In Bodyguards in Bed is a collection of three authors (Lucy Monroe, Jamie Ann Denton and Elisabeth Naughton) with their own short story all about bodyguards.

In each story it almost seems as you are starting with the book in progress as you don’t know some of these characters. As each story could have its own series instead of a separate collection but each story is very well written and engaging with their steamy scenes and the quick thrill.

The three stories in the collection are Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brothers Bed?, Hot Mess, and Acapulco Heat.

Lovers and Dreamers by Nora Roberts

This is a collection of three books in the series Dream Trilogy. Three young friends who have grown up together will stand together as women and help each other find their dreams.

Daring to Dream

Margo Sullivan is the housekeepers daughter with friends of the people her mothers serves. Wanting to be better than her station Margo does everything to do that. She becomes a famous model only to fall rock bottom. But with the help of her friends she makes it and it doesn’t hurt to have a certain boy Josh helping her out as well.

Holding the Dream

Kate Powell was orphaned at a young age and raised by the Templeton’s as their daughter. With two best friends she needed and wanted to be the best for her family. Kate is now a CPA with a lot on her plate but all that will change when she is charged with crimes she didn’t commit. Crimes that will be bringing up the past. With the help from Bryon Kate will be able to breath again.

Finding the Dream

Laura Templeton has had a hard marriage but survived it with two beautiful girls. Laura is eager to start her life again but is tired from all the work. She will not take handouts and want to work but it is taking a toll on her. Michael Fury is back and is watching Laura as she works. He thinks that she is just living life normal but soon he will find that he is wrong. The young carefree girl is gone. He finds her riveting and wants to get to know her better but there will be troubles coming their way.

This was a fantastic series to read. Roberts lets in the reader with each book letting you understand a new girl. In each book Roberts also gives a bit of the past for the main girl in the book. You get to know the person better which will let you connect. Each friend is completely different but have stayed best friends through it all.

Each character had a lot of wit and humor that packed a punch when you read. The series was fun to read and worth picking up.

The Rana Look by Sandra Brown

They called it the Rana Look…the exotic, one-of-a kind allure that only supermodel Rana Ramsey could deliver.  Now her beautiful eyes are shielded behind tinted glasses, her famous figure hidden under shapeless dresses, her trademark wild hair falling straight down her back.  Rana knows she’ll never attract a man this way, and that’s just fine with her-until she meets Trent Gamblin.

Ruggedly handsome, charming, and undeniably charismatic, Trent is the kind of man Rana finds irresistable…the kind she’s certain would never look twice at the “new” Rana.  But to her surprise, Trent seems unfazed by her Plain Jane look.  For he is drawn to a beauty that Rana can’t hide.  But the outside world cannot be kept at bay forever.  And when tragedy strikes, Rana and Trent will learn whether theirs is just an impossibly erotic dream-or the kind of love that lasts forever.

The secret identity is great and brings some fun for the characters.  There was wit and intrigue to the plot and characters.

But the fact that you get to read about models was interesting.  It makes me sick knowing what models go through.  What the public expects to see out of them.  All it is skin and bone but it is all fake.  Nowadays it is getting better but we are not there yet.  I liked that Brown dove into that topic.

Brown creates this sexy, fun and sensuous romance that you will dive right into.

Wanting Something More by Kathy Love

The third and final book of the Stepp Sisters series was fantastic to read.  Kathy Love brings Marty back only to be confronted with a changed man from her past.

You have got to be kidding me!  On a night like this, when most sane people are home to escape a blinding snowstorm, I happen to run into Millbrook’s biggest jerk, Nathanial Peck, the boy who broke my heart at my junior prom.  The one who kissed me on a dare and let his buddies laugh at me.  Well, eat dirt, Nathanial Peck, because you might have noticed me on the covers of a few magazines under the heading: Supermodel.  I live in New York City now.  I will be leaving as soon as the weather clears.  And frankly, if it were a choice between kissing you or braving downed electrical wires, I’d have to think about it.

It’s official: I’ve regressed.  It’s just that I can’t stand the Cult of Nathanial Peck that has come over this town.  Okay, so he is Chief of Police.  So he did make sure I got home safely.  So he didn’t try anything funny with me.  So that old smirk has been replaced by a sexy, sad smile…No.  People just do not change that much.  Somewhere inside Nate is the same leering, conniving womanizer I remember.  And I intend to prove it…

Kathy Love has captured all that I like in novels.  She has got me fighting for these realistic fictional characters.  She tells a fantastic story and it gets under your skin.

The characters are all fantastic and it was nice to see that even though love is blooming fast trust still has to be earned.

Kathy Love finishes the Stepp Sisters with finding love and second chances.