Hard to Let Go

Hard to Let GoBeckett Murda was one of five soldiers that was out to find the truth about what happened that night when their team went down. Beckett, along with his team mates were getting close but the closer they got the more danger that followed.

Katherine “Kat” Rixbey was just coming into the chaos but she wanted to help her brother and his teammates. As a prosecutor Kat has been working on high profile cases which will lead her to investigating the men that were behind her brothers and his teams misfortune. Kat will do what it takes to help.

Hard to Let Go is the fourth book to the series Hard Ink by Laura Kaye. Really loved this book, loved this series. I couldn’t get enough of these tough but broken military men whose mission was to clear their names and figure out what had happened.

Beckett was the main guy of the book and I have to say that I really loved him. He was a mess after the mission but it was really because of his past. He had a tragic past that made him think he was nothing. Kaye really makes you hate Beckett’s father. Then there was Kat who had a good childhood but her present was getting screwed up thanks to an ex boyfriend. Kat in my opinion was a strong woman but she was not invincible, and there will be a couple of situations to prove that fact. The relationship between Beckett and Kat was not on friendly terms. They rubbed each other wrong but there is big time chemistry. The chemistry was steamy but there was more to their relationship that is once they let themselves want more.

Now the mission will take over a big part of the book which it should as it was concluding. There were a lot of pieces that needed to be explained, and it will be. I thought that Laura Kaye wrapped up the mission really well as she put all the pieces together.

With the fourth book finished the series is over but it looks like there will be another book coming next year. This book will be about Nick and Becca and a wedding.

Rev It Up

Rev It UpJake “the Snake” Sommers is back and is back for Michelle as she is the only woman he had ever loved. But he had screwed up their lives by sending her away and into the arms of another man. Jake will get the chance to be around Michelle to protect her but with danger coming closer he will find something that had been hidden from him.

Michelle Carter has been a widow for four years and loved her husband but the man she was in love with was now back. She doesn’t want to get close to him as she has a lot to lose but now she has to because she is in danger.

Rev It Up is the third book from Julie Ann Walker’s series Black Knight Inc. I really like this book but I will have to say that I liked the other two books I read previously a little more. I am still flying through the pages of the book and am enjoying the story with the characters.

Its funny as I was really interested in learning more about Michelle and I liked her. She was tough when it came to her little boy but I found her a little annoying at times. She was keeping a big secret and kept giving excuses when she should just be brave and tell the truth. It was unfair to keep that big of a secret. I get it because she was hurt and under a misconception but I still didn’t like the situation. Jake’s character was a touch guy but underneath it all he was a softie when it came to Michelle. Walker has the water works going on with Jake several times within the book, it all dealt with Michelle. I felt bad for him when it came to him finding out what was being kept from him. I wanted him to have that happy ending with Michelle as you knew it would happen but before any of that could take place they had to make peace with their past.

The villain is certain Johnny and he is a nasty piece of work especially with his obsession with Michelle and he gets close to doing some serious damage but he wouldn’t be getting away. Fortunately Walker will not have her main characters walking to their deaths.

The fourth story is with Rock and Vanessa in Thrill Ride which I will be reading next.

Hell On Wheels

Hell on WheelsNate “Ghost” Weller was not expecting his best friends sister to show up asking for help, but Nate would not turn her away especially with all that she had been through. He will find that there is more going on and it linked to a zip drive that Grigg sent to his sister, Ali.

Ali Morgan needed help as she knows that she is being followed and now almost mugged. She will go to Nate who she had loved since seventeen years old. Ali will demand to be part of the investigation as it was dealing with understanding what had happened to her brother, Grigg.

Hell On Wheels is the first book to Julie Ann Walker’s series Black Knight Inc. This is a scorching book and I figure will be a scorching series. I have the first five books in the series. First off loved this book. I could not put it down. It had danger, a lot of sex appeal, raw emotions especially guilt at least on Ghosts side, and a compelling plot that I needed to read. I will say that I am reminded of Laura Kaye and her Hard Ink series which isn’t a bad thing. The two series are different though with their style of writing and what is happening in them but similar with these tough men. I will say that for me there is more danger in Walker’s story and I loved that because it makes the plot compelling to read.

So Nate or Ghost as he is called is a man of few words and when he says them he is not loud or really obnoxious. He has guilt that is consuming him because of what he did. He also has guilt plaguing him as he feels things towards Ali and he knows that he shouldn’t. Ali needs help from the man she could trust with her life. She is a brave person with all she had to deal with but it is almost comical as her flaw is a weak stomach and that will result in a mess at the most inopportune moments. What I liked about Ali was she was scared but could handle herself thanks to her brothers training which comes in handy.

The scene with the torture I was expecting it to be bad and had a feeling with what happened in that room especially to Grigg. It was horrifying and I thought Walker did a good job writing those pages and how Ghost was forever changed because of that.

Becky “Rebel” and Frank’s “Boss” story is next to read and I can’t wait to find out what will happen.

The Mystery Woman

The Mystery WomanWith the Arcane Society new series have been branched off with the author Jayne Ann Krentz and her two other pen names. I have been reading Amanda Quick’s book since I found them and so far devoured everyone of them. She has a way with writing her novels that pull you into the situation and weaving that web of mystery. The Mystery Woman is no exception to that rule which is the second book to the Ladies of Lantern Street series.

Beatrice Lockwood is under disguise as a paid companion working on a secret mission for her employers. She will soon find herself tangled up with a mysterious man who leaves in the shadows of the night, Joshua Gage. He will not be an easy man especially as he is after Beatrice for more than he lets on.

Before reading the book I went back to Crystal Gardens and reminded myself of the series. I then read about Evangeline’s friends Beatrice and Claire, so I figured the third book whenever it comes out will be on Claire which is great as I was intrigued by Evangeline’s two friends. So back to The Mystery Woman with Beatrice and Joshua. I have found that this story was more on the mystery which was not a bad thing. It was a little darker and pulled you into the story immediately and what kept you going was the mystery behind the characters. On their own Beatrice and Joshua were great especially with their own secrets that they held from each other, but together they were fantastic and you wanted more.

I can’t wait to read Claire’s story.


The series Vampires in America by D B Reynolds has been on my list of books to read and finally I have the first in my hand and the rest on order.

Cynthia “Cyn” Leighton is a private eye, ex cop. Her job lately has been catching cheating spouses. It was depressing and Cyn wanted a change. She didn’t expect that change when a Vampire Lord asked for her assistance. Cyn will help Raphael but will soon find herself in over her head especially with every longing look the vampire gives her. Cyn will throw caution to the wind and find herself being tangled up with Raphael.

Raphael is a Vampire Lord has one mission and that is to get back Alexandra who had been taken by a member of her guards. Raphael felt the betrayal of his one time friend but that matter no longer. Raphael will find help in a private eye. She will soon be getting under his skin and into his bed as he does not deny his lust of this woman. Raphael will find himself caring for Cyn but Alexandra has to be a main priority.

RaphaelRaphael starts us off in the series and all I can say is wow. I really loved this book. Just from the first book I can tell that this series will be outstanding and one you want to read. This was character driven on all sides, engaging plot, had humor,  really steamy scenes, a good adventure, and suspenseful. From the start of the book I was brought back to the series Anita Blake by Laurell Hamilton in the early part of her series which are the books I love from Hamilton. Cyn is like Anita but still very much her own character. I love she is head strong, determined and really just wants someone to not leave her. Raphael is the vampire lord you want in your bed and on your side. I loved his brooding side as well as dangerous. I thought it was clever with the placement of Raphael’s history being described on the pages. At the end of the story I felt as I knew his character. I couldn’t get enough of the characters and since it was on the shorter side it was a fast but thrilling to read. Now most of the characters I loved, like Duncan who I can’t wait to read about more, but the sister Holly was one you wanted to strangle. She kept getting worse and worse throughout the book.

D B Reynolds leaves at the dreaded to be continued but luckily I am starting the series later and most of the books are available to read. Vampires in America is a series I am looking forward to reading.

The First Daughter and A Vampire

Love at Stake is a series that keeps going and I love it. Kerrelyn Sparks keeps this series going with new characters and old ones still very present. The eleventh book to the series is Sexiest Vampire Alive.

Gregori Holstein is a relatively young vampire and completely bottle fed which amuses most of his fellow vampires. Of course now that habit is what will help the vampires create an alliance with the President of the United States, there is just one catch. Gregori will have to play babysitter to the eldest daughter as they go on a dangerous mission. Gregori is willing to help as it will help their cause but feelings of desire make it difficult to stay on task.

Abigail Tucker or known as Abby is the eldest daughter of the President. She stayed out of the limelight by choice as she did not like the attention but then there was her mother. Her mother became too sick and Abby knew it was in her power to find a cure. Abby’s life is dedicated to help her mother and now with the help of a vampire she will be that much closer. The only thing Abby didn’t think would happen is the desire she feels as Gregori gazes upon her.

As I had started the series Gregori was just a funny young vampire who was amusing to read about. As the series progressed you started to like him more and more. Soon I had hoped he would have his own book and now Sparks delivers.

The character of Gregori was perfect. There was enough humor to love him and even though he had done something unethical to Abby you still wanted to love him. Abby’s character was a spitfire once she was able to let go. I loved how Sparks gave her to be the level headed one. It made the book amusing to read as she let her guard down and got caught up in the vampire life.

Now Sexiest Vampire Alive is not filled with only an amusing plot or characters, no, Sparks gives betrayal and heartache within the pages. Gregori betrays Abby in order to help the vampires that will have you screaming no! don’t do it! You knew that there would be trouble once he had done it, and of course it comes at the right moment at the end, but Sparks will not end it with tragedy. There will be a happy ending as with all of her stories.

Love at Stake series is a quirky, fun take on vampires living in the modern world and trying to get by. The next book will be all about the Dr. Phang and for those who have read the series you know what I mean. For those who haven’t it is another very new vampire who is part of Roman’s team.

You Only Love Twice by Lori Wilde

At first You Only Love Twice seemed like it was just going to be a story that is not well rounded but once you turn a few pages you are put through a story that had been already in play.

Marlie Montague’s life is pretty dull but not when she is writing about her adventures character Angelina who will kick your butt. She will need to channel her as the tables turn and Marlie’s life is about to be turned upside down.

Joel Hunter is not loving life. He is out of the Navy Seals and this babysitting job is annoying. He knew this woman as a girl but did not know why she was so important only that they were enemies along time ago.

Joel and Marlie will have to join forces to find out who is after them and why. All the conspiracies will have to be looked at.

It can be a little frustrating as Lori Wilde writes because it seemed that the story already had started and you were behind. But you continue on with it and you are pulled into the lives of these characters.

There are twist and turns which will leave you guessing and wanting to know more about who is the bad guy.

I like that there are multiple stories going on and you don’t know what really happened on that one mission which is what is and caused a lot of problems. And the fact that the main character was a comic book writer was pretty funny. She is not your typical heroine but she will mold herself to be.

You Only Love Twice held a punch with humor and lots of nonstop action.

Who really is the Half Blood Prince?

Every Harry Potter book that comes out and is just as good as the last, if not better.  Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince comes out with a bang as it gets us right into the book.  J K Rowling really knows how to start the books to grab your attention and no matter how many times I read the book I am fascinated by it.

The Plot of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince:

“The War against Voldermort is not going well; well even Muggle governments are noticing.  Ron scans the obituary pages of the Daily Prophet, looking for familiar names.  Dumbledore is absent from Hogwarts for long stretches of time, and the Order of the Phoenix has already suffered losses.  And yet…

As in all wars, life goes on.  The Weasley twins expand their business.  Sixth-year students learn to Apparate-and lose a few eyebrows in the process.  Teenagers flirt and fight and fall in love.  Classes are never straightforward, through Harry receives some extraordinary help from the mysterious Half-Blood Prince.

So it’s the home front that takes center stage in the multilayered sixth installment of the story of Harry Potter.  Here at Hogwarts, Harry will search for the full and complex story of the boy who became Lord Voldermort-and thereby find what may be his only vulnerability.”

I really was blown away by this book and the movie (but the book was still better at least in my opinion).  But this book really was another amazing addition to the Harry Potter series.  I will never stop reading them because they are just so enjoyable.

As the book began the first thing you get is again the muggle world and wizard world mixing but it is with the Ministry this time.  Voldermort is making himself known now and the muggle world is being effected by this stronger wizard.  It is a different from the other books because before Voldermort was there but not as powerful now he is.  He has gain in strength and determination to gain more power and to ultimately kill Harry.

One thing I thought was interesting was the unbreakable vow that Snape made with Mrs. Malfoy.  As the first time reader I wasn’t sure what that really meant for Snape’s character.  Was he really bad or was this all still part of a plan for the goodside (the truth comes out but in the last book).  I still love the character of Snape.  I think he has much more depth than people think and reading it several times over I will still continue to believe this.

It was also intriguing to learn about the past with different characters.  One is Harry’s father and even Sirius.  He finds they are good but they had a little rough patch with the rules.  Then there is the past with Voldermort and the boy he was before, Tom Riddle.  I think that bit of information was probably the most interesting part with background because you learn about the man behind the villain.  I thought it was interesting to find that the boy from the start had an evil streak to him which should have been a clue to how he would become but there were some who saw him for who he was, even if it was too late.

I liked how we also learned about Voldermorts past with his mother and her father and brother.  It was another clue to Voldermorts family, the family he resented and thought weak.  There was also a nice foreshadowing on the quest which Harry will be taking in the last book with finding the items Dumbledore was intruding.  As I read the book over and over I kept thinking about how these objects were mentioned and the power they created.

It was interesting to see that in the last book Snape finally gets what he wants and I wondered the first time why, why would Dumbledore do this now (at the end of the last book you find out why).

The most intriguing part was Harry’s battle which was always going on but the seventh book will bring it to an end no matter what.  Harry knows his prophecy and his mission, getting Horcrux’s, which is given by Dumbledore.  The one thing that frustrated everytime I read this book was that Dumbledore was always so vague with his instructions.  Did this mean he could not trust Harry completely?  This is probably not the answer (in the last book the answer will be given which was a surprise and worth reading about).

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince is the sixth book of Rowlings series and is another wonderful addition.  It is worth reading as it leads to the final chapter in Harry Potter.