LucasLucas Donlon, Vampire Lord of the Plains located in the Badlands of America, is at war with the Midwest Vampire Lord. Lucas is someone who enjoys life and can be charming but when trouble is coming to his borders he will do everything to stop the intruder.

Kathryn Hunter is Special Agent of the FBI and has gone off on her own to find her brother who went missing in the Badlands. Armed with her gun and knowledge Kathryn knows that she will have no help from the FBI but she will be surprised when help will come her way in the form of a Vampire Lord, Lucas.

Lucas is the sixth book to the series Vampires in America by D B Reynolds. Since starting this series I have found myself very impressed with the plots and characters that were detailed in these books. There is that instant sex appeal but also a lot of good action that has the characters having to find a way out of the trouble that is getting too close to them. So basically Lucas was really a fantastic book just like the others in the series.

Lucas I liked a lot as he was very charming and he had that personality that made you feel like he was your best friend but get on his bad side and he would do what needed to be done. Kathryn was a strong woman, all the woman in this series are strong in their own ways, and was determined to find her brother. I liked that she was not one to back down especially when facing Lucas who could be intimidating.

Like the others in the series Lucas and Kathryn will find themselves intensely attracted to each other and they will succumb to that attraction. It would be hard for these mates to resist each other and Reynolds writes those scenes between them very well. Now lets not forget about Daniel who will have a good ending which has Kathryn rejoicing to have found her brother.

There is an enemy that has been identified at the end of the book which was not a stretch to the imagination as Reynolds will let you know that she is one pissed off vampire. At the end of the book there will also be Aden who is mentioned right on the last page. This of course intrigued me and now I really want to know more about this Aden.

So I have the novellas Betrayed and Hunted on my kindle and as I was trying to re-read and read the first time these books in order then I screwed up because I didn’t read read Betrayed before the sixth book, Lucas. I have a feeling it will still be a very good read as Reynolds has not disappointed me with her books. Hunted is right after the sixth book so I will be reading that in the correct order and then it will be on to Aden which is the seventh book to the series and last one that I own, at least for now.

Killer Librarian

Karen Nash thought her life was going well but just as she was ready to go on to a trip to London with her boyfriend he dumps her. Karen determines to forget him and enjoy her trip regardless. She wasn’t prepared to find her ex boyfriend on a trip to London with a new woman half her age. Karen starts to plot murder and with one too many pints at the local pub in London she will tell a stranger how she hoped Dave would meet his maker. No sooner than the next morning a body shows up dead in suspicious circumstances and Karen starts to wonder if Dave would be safe from the stranger who seemed to be following Dave and his new girlfriend

Killer LibrarianKiller Librarian is the debut novel written by Mary Lou Kirwin. Mystery novels are infrequent in my life as they really aren’t a genre I get interested in. This modern day mystery novel was quirky and a breath of fresh of air. I read this book at lightening speed as you are pulled into the story very fast with the absurd plot and characters, but absurd in the best way. I liked how the plot was placed in London for the majority of the story and that our heroine was in her midlife crisis. Normally most of the heroines I read are in their twenties and early thirties, so it was a nice change. I also loved that she was a librarian. She had random facts she would give almost blowing her cover of lies she was weaving. Caldwell was a unique character as he was very quiet. I half expected him change as this was a cover but it was how his character is developed. I liked that this was also not a romance novel. There is romance weaved within but it wouldn’t have fit the plot Kirwin had developed.

Now as this is Mary Lou Kirwin’s first book and only book published at this moment I wouldn’t be revisiting the author for a while but I look forward to the next book she will get published.