Almost an Angel

Almost an AngelCarolly Hanson is a angel in training. She must help others to redeem her past life and move to become an angel. So far her experiences have not worked out as well as she hoped, but when she meets James, the Earl of Traynern, Carolly is determined to earn her wings. She will help James find love, she just has to make sure not to fall in love with him.

James Oscar Henry Northram, Earl of Traynern, was riding his horse when he will stumble upon a woman who had been beaten. James will take it upon himself to help this woman but he will quickly find that she is not all that she appears.

Almost an Angel is the second book to the series Regency Rags to Riches by Jade Lee. I liked this story. It was completely different from the first book as that one had spies. This one was on the verge of supernatural with Carolly who was an angel, well an angel in training.

I liked the character of Carolly for the most part. She was training to be angel because in her past life she was a little too selfish. I liked that she was all in with helping, but I felt that her past life was still very relevant. She was still a little selfish and acted out at times, but for the majority of the book she is mending her ways. James character wants to help Carolly but to help her understand that she is not an angel. I liked that although he didn’t believe in Carolly he believed that she was a good person and was falling for her. With everyday that James was by Carolly he was starting to change and so was his niece and household, for the better.

The idea of Carolly being an angel in training was interesting. I liked that she had to work to be an angel. It wasn’t that she was bad in her previous life, just a little too selfish. It was interesting when she starts a new life that she doesn’t always remember her other missions or her original life. Pieces of those past come back to her but it gets scrambled.

Jade Lee will give several surprises that happen more towards the end. There will be a couple surprises that will show how bad one character was but the other surprises bring a happy ending to the story.

I am reading the third and final book to the series next.

Against the Odds

Against the OddsSabrina “Rina” Eckhart was going to fulfill her Uncle Walter’s dream of discovering silver in the mines he had left for her in his Will. Though getting to the mines was troublesome especially when accidents on her life started to become more frequent. She didn’t want to admit needing help but with Alex by her side she felt safer, just maybe not her heart.

Alex Justice wasn’t into life long commitments which worked for him but with every minute he stayed around Rina he saw himself staying a little bit longer. The task at staying beside Rina was no hardship but it kept getting difficult as accidents kept happening around her. Alex would protect Rina with his life.

Going into Against the Odds I knew that this was the seventh book of the series Raines of Wind Canyon. I had read Kat Martin before and wanted to try more from her which lead me to the series. I was impressed with the book. There was suspense, romance, betrayal, love, passion, and good twist throughout the story.

I read the book quickly as it was a very fast pace book with non stop scenes between Rina and Alex. I loved their dynamic between them as she was a dreamer and Alex was a practical and hard man, they pushed each other further. There was also Rebecca and Joe who were another story that collided with Rina and Alex’s. Martin does a good job at drifting through the characters and different scenes with the various characters.

Since I already knew this was an on going series I knew I would be walking in on characters and plots that were already in the process. Against the Odds is easy to follow and you are drawn into the plot easily and stay with the danger at every step. Not to mention the mystery that revolves around the book on who is the one behind all the accidents. I was surprised by the outcome. You know only a portion but there are more villains on the side. You don’t know everything until the last couple of pages which gives us a new twist right at the end. After reading the book I found myself intrigued to find the others, of course after the giant stack of books I have to read, and compare if they are all suspenseful as the seventh book.