Swept Away

Christobel Smyth had grown up in a certain life style but after her father died they were not as well off as they had been. Christobel was still a lady but she was not looking for a suitor. Thanks to her sister that was what she was going to get when she attends a house party.

John Leyden had not wanted to go to the house party because then he would see Christobel. He had wanted her since he first had seen her but he was not in her class. He always felt out of place but with the house party he will see that he and Christobel could have a chance.

Swept Away is a novella by Kristina Cook. It has been a while since I read anything by Kristina Cook and I have to say that I liked the book but for me I did have a little problem with Christobel. Her character was a little annoying in the beginning as she was acting like she was better than John. What helped was she really did not mean anything by it. She acted first then thought about what she should have done. Once I got into the novella I got to see that she was kind and thoughtful. John’s character was not one to express his thoughts well. I wanted to shake him and just shout at him to talk to her, instead of just giving her an expression of annoyance. He does warm up but it takes a little time.

With this being a novella, a lot of things are happening quickly. I thought this would have been a good story to be a novel. I wanted more background with both of the characters which would give them more depth.

Overall Swept Away was a good story to read.

“The Stranger in Her Bed”

After putting the first book down in Janet Chapman’s Logger series I anticipated what would happen now with Ethan who at the end of the book was fired by the foreman who was a woman.

“Janet Chapman introduced the Knights, an ambitious logging family whose fortunes and hearts are tied to the rugged mountains of Maine.  Now, Ethan Knight is drawn into the family business…and deep into temptation.”

In this book Ethan will be the boss of the Loon Cove Lumber because no one in his family were able to do such.  The foreman who was hit by Ethan was a girl who had to leave at age eleven.  Anna who used to be Abby Fox has for the past eighteen years lived in Canda but when her grandfather is killed his will gives everything to her.  Anna inherites Fox Mill but no one in the town in supposed to know who she really is.

A love hate relationship starts to build between Ethan and Anna, more on the love side for Anna because he was her childhood crush.  Ethan was the boy who saved her those eighteen years ago.

This book is a great read bringing back all the characters in the first one and adding new ones.  Paul the womanaizer will be getting a surprise his previous girlfriend and will not be at all mad about it.  Grady is still the protective father.  Alex and Sarah very much in love with each other and their children.

But I think the thing that kept getting me to turn those pages were the fact that I wanted to know what happened to her those eighteen years.  I had many thoughts going through my head but all I kept thinking was “what happened in her past that was so tragic?”  Also “was Samuel murdered or was it just an accident?”

Luckily those questions were answered or I would have been a little angry.  Of course everything worked out in the end and left me smiling as I closed the book, which is always a nice feeling.