Desire by Amanda Quick

Lady Clare is used to taking care of her people but things are getting tough as he father has past and people want her land. Garth comes into save the day to become the husband of Clare. But wedded bliss will not come easy there will be struggles and fights but Garth and Clare will have to solve their own problems to help their people.

Desire was not very fast going until you got into the characters lives. I liked that Quick created the characters into the medieval time period.

Garth I thought would be the warrior who did not really respect his woman until he found love but I was surprised. Quick makes Garth a lot more understanding with Clare which was a nice touch. I also liked Clare’s attitude within the story as she is a tough woman but very kind to her people.

Through these characters the reader will enjoy the story’s interaction between the two and wanting a happy ending.

Mystique by Amanda Quick

Mystique is a charming tale that Amanda Quick tells that takes place in the Medieval period.

Lady Alice was left with nothing of her brothers inheritance until the meeting with Lord Hugh who was called Hugh the Relentless. Together there mission is to find the stones that have been taken each claiming ownership. Hugh offers for her hand as a scheme to have her help find the stones but he wanted a marriage he just had to let Alice know.

The story delivers a great twist at the end that you didn’t see coming which gave the story even more intrigue.

The characters are fantastic. I love how Alice holds a lot of the cards and does not back down when Hugh issues an order. And even though Hugh is the lord he does compromise with his lady.