RemembranceSusannah Simon is officially engaged to the love of her life, Jesse, but an old enemy will make her future look bleak. Susannah will have to find a way to save Jesse and make sure that they have a future together.

Remembrance is the seventh book to the mediator series by Meg Cabot. So, I liked the book and then it bugged me at certain points. The mistake that I did was read some reviews which weren’t very nice. That jaded my thoughts when I was reading but I could completely understand what that reviewer was having issues with.

Susannah’s character has grown up but mentally I think she is the same girl. She goes into things without thinking. She doesn’t get backup when the situation is dangerous or even when she goes to see Paul. The question is why does she even respond to Paul. Paul has also not changed and he is still a manipulator. He knows what buttons to press and Susannah falls for it every time, and he will never change. Now Susannah is not an idiot, she knows when Paul is up to things but she still does not share that information with the man that she loves, a man she should trust completely. Now Jesse’s character was a man out of time but was adjusting and making something with his life. I liked that he truly loved Susannah and wanted her in his life, but at times I was wondering why he bothered when she wasn’t trusting him. Of course being a fan of Susannah and Jesse’s characters I wanted them to find happiness.

Within the book I did like the case she was on with the little girl’s ghost. I thought that was interesting. There was also a surprise when it came to Susannah’s step family which was comical though in away a little sad especially if the truth ever came out.

So, overall I have to say that I was happy to find out more about the characters and to read that Susannah and Jesse had their happy ending. I would have been happy with just the sixth book but with Remembrance you knew their future together was more solid.


ProposalSuze Simon and Jesse are back after twelve years since the sixth book had been published. Alright so first off I had loved this series when I was a teenager. It had finished right in the my senior year of high school and I had loved how Meg Cabot finished their story. So when I heard that the series was being resurfaced with two more stories I was cheering, then I was hesitant. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read these two stories because that would change my fairy tale ending with Jesse and Suze in the sixth book. Well I decided to take a chance and read the new stories.

Proposal is the 6.5 in the series Mediator by Meg Cabot and Meg Cabot takes us back to Suze and Jesse who are still together but are now in college and Jesse is becoming a doctor. I felt with this story it was almost like a teaser before the novel.

I liked the story of Suze helping out the ghost which is just how Suze has always been. She just has to do things the hard way. The one thing that bugged me was that Suze did not learn from past mistakes. She gets something from Paul and will not be telling Jesse. She has not learned that keeping secrets will get herself into trouble. Although I think the trouble will happen more in the novel.

I will be reading Remembrance next.

The Mediator-Twilight

The Mediator-TwilightSusannah knows that something is going on with Paul as he keeps dropping hints that he is going to do something to Jesse. She will find out he is going back in time to save him so Jesse didn’t die and become a ghost. Susannah didn’t want to live a life without Jesse and will find a way to stop Paul by going back.

Haunted is the sixth and final book from the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. I was so happy to start reading the book because I knew how it would end which would be the perfect happy ending to this series. Rereading it again I felt still the same way. It is something with these young adult books that make you feel like a teenager again and want to feel that love or that need for it as only teenagers do.

Of course love is not the only thing about this book even though it was a big part because for Susannah and Jesse love was forever, there was also some action and more on mediators. The action happens much later in the book when Cabot will take the characters back and one wants to right a wrong but not for purely unselfish reasons.This character is obviously Paul who I still can’t stand.

Then the mediator business gets a little dicey with time traveling. When rereading I remembered this part but it was interesting revisiting how Cabot was able to make them travel through time and all it needed was an object from that past and for you to image yourself at the location. I thought that was kind of cool feature in the book.

So with the final chapter of the Mediator series I am wanting more with Meg Cabot. I am now making it my mission to find the other series that I read as a teenager which was the 1-800-Where-R-You.

The Mediator-Haunted

The Mediator-HauntedSusannah will find that someone from her past will be showing up and causing problems. She is annoyed by Paul Slater but knows that he understands certain things about them that she needs to find out.

Haunted is the fifth book to Meg Cabot’s series Mediator. I say it every time but I love this book. The growth of this supernatural powers is fascinating to me as I have always loved this topic. I liked that within each book Cabot gives us more to read about mediators and what powers come with that gift.

We are learning more and more thanks to Paul as that is really the only thing I think he is good for. So we learn that Susannah and Paul can shift which basically lets them go from one realm to another. This is an interesting concept especially when there is another little talk about transferring souls which opens many new opportunities for the last book.

Okay so Susannah screws up in this book and lets herself feel like a teenager especially when she is vulnerable. All of it is PG rating but this will cause problems with her and Jesse as Susannah is not always truthful. But thanks to Cabot there will be one more book which will give Jesse and Susannah a shot, even though the ending looked like they were doing pretty good, and to explore more about this shifting that was learned. Twilight is the sixth book and I will be starting that one next.

The Mediator-Darkest Hour

The Mediator-Darkest HourSusannah thought life was hard enough but now she has to endure a summer job due to Andy’s, her stepfather, rule for all the kids. So she gets a job caring for kids at the resort and will find herself in a predicament when she meets a little boy, Jack, who is a mediator but that will not be the worst of it. Susannah will find herself dealing with Jesse’s past when the ghost of Maria visits.

Darkest Hour is the fourth book to the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. The series is building and building which will keep you very entertained with what Susannah must face and I am smiling as I can still remember the details even after all this time.

I find that Susannah is growing with her ability to handle things a little better but she is still a sixteen year old who will have her own problems beside being a mediator. Jesse is in the picture as well and it seems that they are getting closer and the ending made me happy as they were getting a lot closer to something more. Though for those who have not read the book you wonder how would a girl who is alive and a ghost make it work. Even though I know the answer I can’t wait to read it again but that will still have to wait.

The supernatural aspect is getting bigger which I liked. Cabot writes Susannah going into a tricky situation when she will have to go where the ghost go which is the unknown for her. It was pretty interesting how the area is described and how things are revealed with other characters that will lead us to wanting to know more.

Okay villain is certainly Maria and Felix as they are ghost on a mission to destroy Susannah and they will be getting close to that goal. There is another guy who is not a villain but a pain in Susannah’s side which is Paul, Jack’s brother. Paul is not really evil but he is arrogant and a pain in the butt. Paul looked to be liked he would be gone but as I have read the series I know that he will be back. He will be back and making trouble for Susannah and Jesse in the fifth book, Haunted, which I will be reading next.

The Mediator-Reunion

The Mediator-ReunionSusannah will find herself in trouble when she has to now face four very angry ghost who were killed going over a cliff. She will have to find out the truth and stop them from trying to kill the boy they think is the cause for their accident.

Reunion is the third book from Meg Cabot’s series the Mediator. I love revisiting books I haven’t read for so long but know that they were really fantastic when I first read them. This series is very much like that. I love this series. With each book Meg Cabot builds and builds Susannah’s character up and you are learning more and more about her.

This book was all about these four students who were killed and wanted their revenge. Susannah takes it upon herself and tries to save the boy. You wonder sometimes if she thinks she is in over her head in these situations. I will say that this time there is more violence in this one or at least more action than the others. I liked that about the book because I like action in my stories. It keeps you on your toes and wanting more.

Jesse’s character is playing more of a part with helping her with the other ghost which I liked because he was around more in the book. There was also a little more info about Susannah and this mysterious psychic who told her that Susannah would find a one great love and it would be forever. This bit of information brings out some facts about the priest’s past when he was a young man, I wouldn’t say what information this was, but it was interesting. Now as I already know what will happen in the last book this is a big foreshadowing moment which was done well.

I am continuing with the fourth book, Darkest Hour, next.

The Mediator-Ninth Key

The Mediator-Ninth KeySusannah is having a better start to her new life than she thought. She is going to parties and has friends but it will all start to go strange when a boy, Tad, who likes her. The problem happens when she sees another ghost, a woman, and she is pleading to tell Red a message. Susannah will have to find this Red which will lead her to Tad Beaumont’s family and more trouble than she can handle.

Ninth Key is the second book to the series Mediator by Meg Cabot. I once again liked this book a lot. I mean what’s not to love with a spunky heroine who gets in way over her head with trouble but makes it out alive.

So Susannah is still hard at work trying to deal with the dead and getting their messages across to the intended person. It is interesting how Susannah knows two ghost, her father and Jesse, but when she needs information about this mysterious woman ghost they can’t help. It makes Susannah’s job harder to do but you need that when telling a story. If everything was easy then you would get bored.

I liked that Cabot is writing more on this gift that Susannah has, first from the priest and then from the psychics. I liked that the psychics were able to see what Susannah could do.

The villain is defined in the book, I am not going to say who, but they are certainly a lot of trouble for Susannah. Jesse, who still around Susannah’s room, will be helping her out of these tight situations that she will be getting herself into. Still love Jesse and will continue to do so.

I am reading the third book, Reunion, next.