Jacked Up

Jacked UpEve Monroe is all about order and precision. Going on a date with a man like Nolan was impulsive but she went for it. Eve found that being around Nolan let her relax but she doesn’t know if what they were starting would last.

Nolan Ford went into things impulsively but he knew that his feelings for Eve were for real. He wanted to get to know her and have her take a chance with him.

The sixth book to the series Fast Track is Jacked Up by Erin McCarthy. I do love this series. Its fun and quick to read. Now this book I did like a lot but it wasn’t my favorite. I was excited to see that it was Eve who was going to be the main character. I liked her but didn’t like that she was almost a doormat at times when it came to things she wanted to do like racing, which is where her heart was. Also letting her father dictate a few things in her life. I wanted Eve to stand up for what she wanted, for what she believed, but she does get better and change throughout the book. Nolan was on the impulsive side but it made you like him even more because there was charm to him. You wanted him to have that happy ending with Eve.

Once again McCarthy brings in the sex to the story and its there but this time its almost playful between the Nolan and Eve. They had good chemistry even though they were complete opposites.

I am looking forward to going back to getting the fourth book to read it and to continue the series with the seventh book where Rhett will be the main guy.