Vampires in America Vol 2

Vampires in America, The Vignettes Vol 2 is a collection of stories from the series. D.B Reynolds had written Vol 1 several years ago which were very enjoyable. Vol 2 was also very enjoyable and most of them were very steamy. I liked some stories more than others. Most of the stories were very short. There were a couple that were a little longer but again very short.

Cyn and Raphael’s stories are of course some of my favorites. Then there was one with Jared, who is Raphael’s lieutenant, which was very sweet. The one that I was looking forward to was Luci and Juro’s story. The story was a short story at the beginning of their relationship.

I am now waiting for the next installment of the series which will be Quinn.


Raphael has decided it was time to bring the fight to the Europeans. He needed to send a message especially after the most recent attempt to harm his vampires and his Cyn. He will travel to Paris and bring the fight to Laurent who had taken over after Mathilda.

Relentless is a novella, number 11.5, of the series Vampires in America by D. B. Reynolds. I really loved this novella though maybe not as much as the others. The beginning certainly pulled me in with the shooting. There were several parts in the middle that were a little slow for me but the fight scenes were good. It is always amazing how much power Raphael truly has. What I loved was the interplay between Raphael and Cyn which is always something I love to read.

So part of the book was introducing Quinn who will be the next Lord of Ireland, which will be the next book that is coming out this year. I am interested in learning more about Quinn in his book. Though what intrigued me greatly was the woman he had followed at the end of the story. I am sensing that she will be like Buffy the vampire slayer, but time will tell.

I am reading Vampires in America: The Vignettes Vol 2 next.

Lover Enshrined

Lover EnshrinedPhury chose to sacrifice himself for the Brotherhood and become the Primale. He will have to mate with the Chosen to secure the new generation. Phury though will not want the responsibility especially when he starts to feel things for one of the Chosen in particular.

Chosen Cormia was ready to be the First Mate but it appeared that the Primale didn’t want her. Cormia was heartbroken as she started to feel things for this man. She will have to sacrifice her happiness to make sure that her kind prevailed.

Lover Enshrined is the sixth book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. So I really liked this book. I thought it was well written like the others. I had been waiting for Phury’s story and to find out more about him but there were problems for me with the book. Alright they aren’t serious problems but there were parts to the book that got me annoyed, though I had to keep reading the book because I had to make sure that a happy ending happened.

Phury’s character is flawed with the drugs and guilt that he feels for his twin and how he thinks he loves his brothers mate. I wanted to shake Phury and tell him that it wasn’t real love like what he could have for Cormia. I also wanted to yell at him for not going with Cormia. He kept looking towards her sisters which if he completed the mating then she would be heartbroken. Honestly Phury was his own worst enemy. So then the character of Cormia was very much like an innocent. Everything in the world to her was new and strange. Though what she felt for Phury as she got to know him was real. I wanted her to find that chance with Phury but he kept pushing her away.

Towards the end of the book I was really wondering if there was going to be a happy ending between Phury and Cormia because there were too many obstacles around them. I was left happy especially as there was another surprise at the end that dealt with the Brotherhood.

There has always been a lot going on in this series with each book but I felt that this one has even more. One side story is with John and his two buddies, which will parallel with Lash’s story. I am really looking forward to reading John and about his two friends stories which I know that they will have their own story. Now Lash was a bully and it seems that he is even more of one now, and he is bad news. I have no doubt that he will be trouble later on in the series.

So I am continuing the series with the seventh book.


LucasLucas Donlon, Vampire Lord of the Plains located in the Badlands of America, is at war with the Midwest Vampire Lord. Lucas is someone who enjoys life and can be charming but when trouble is coming to his borders he will do everything to stop the intruder.

Kathryn Hunter is Special Agent of the FBI and has gone off on her own to find her brother who went missing in the Badlands. Armed with her gun and knowledge Kathryn knows that she will have no help from the FBI but she will be surprised when help will come her way in the form of a Vampire Lord, Lucas.

Lucas is the sixth book to the series Vampires in America by D B Reynolds. Since starting this series I have found myself very impressed with the plots and characters that were detailed in these books. There is that instant sex appeal but also a lot of good action that has the characters having to find a way out of the trouble that is getting too close to them. So basically Lucas was really a fantastic book just like the others in the series.

Lucas I liked a lot as he was very charming and he had that personality that made you feel like he was your best friend but get on his bad side and he would do what needed to be done. Kathryn was a strong woman, all the woman in this series are strong in their own ways, and was determined to find her brother. I liked that she was not one to back down especially when facing Lucas who could be intimidating.

Like the others in the series Lucas and Kathryn will find themselves intensely attracted to each other and they will succumb to that attraction. It would be hard for these mates to resist each other and Reynolds writes those scenes between them very well. Now lets not forget about Daniel who will have a good ending which has Kathryn rejoicing to have found her brother.

There is an enemy that has been identified at the end of the book which was not a stretch to the imagination as Reynolds will let you know that she is one pissed off vampire. At the end of the book there will also be Aden who is mentioned right on the last page. This of course intrigued me and now I really want to know more about this Aden.

So I have the novellas Betrayed and Hunted on my kindle and as I was trying to re-read and read the first time these books in order then I screwed up because I didn’t read read Betrayed before the sixth book, Lucas. I have a feeling it will still be a very good read as Reynolds has not disappointed me with her books. Hunted is right after the sixth book so I will be reading that in the correct order and then it will be on to Aden which is the seventh book to the series and last one that I own, at least for now.

Vampires in America-The Vignettes Vol 1

The Vignettes Vol 1Vampires in America, The Vignettes Vol. 1 is a book that is filled with very short stories all about the vampires and their mates by D. B. Reynolds. There are nine vignettes and I was happy to say that a lot of them had Cyn and Raphael who are of course my favorite couple of the series and probably always will be.

These stories varied in the number of pages. A couple were only 2 pages long while the longest was around 20 pages which was the last story with Sarah and Raj’s wedding. So I loved all the stories as they followed closely to these great characters that Reynolds created and wow a lot of sex even in these short stories. It was pretty much sex for Cyn and Raphael as they can’t get enough of each other.

As far as my favorite of these stories I liked them all, especially Cyn and Raphael’s, but I will say that the last one which was titled The Wedding was probably my favorite. There was more to the story as it was 20 pages so there was more detail and more of a plot with a wedding and a kidnapping.

So I am excited as I have bought Lucas and Aden well the whole series a while ago. I was going to read these two books right away but with all the piles of books I had to read I figured these two could wait as I owned them. Well now I can start reading these two books like I wanted to a while ago. I also got the two novellas, Betrayed and Hunted which I will be reading as well. I don’t have the latest one which is Vincent though I will be of course buy it eventually. I am going to be immersing myself with Reynolds series which will have me reading Lucas next.

Who would have thought werewolves were real?

Continuing with Thompson I decided to switch up it up and tackle a new series. A Werewolf in Manhattan is the first book to the series Wild About You.

Emma Gavin is a bestseller author and only going up with her next book. She writes all about the werewolves in the present but now trouble starts coming her way as she gets strange email messages. A boy tells her he is a werewolf and wants to be with her. Emma soon finds herself with Aidan who protects her but her mind wanders towards lust. There will be a road block as Aidan is taken for and is not who he says.

Aidan Wallace is the crown prince of his pack and was in charge of finding out what Emma knew about them. Soon he found out it was all in her imagination. Aidan takes it upon himself to protect her but lust soon starts to get in the way. He knew a relationship with her was out of the question but she tempted him like no other human.

Vicki Lewis Thompson delivers on this story. I have had fascination about werewolves for so long and when I find a story with werewolves I have to try it out. This was a story I loved reading. There was a fun atmosphere to it, sensual, a little danger and of course a little quirky with the characters.

The aspect that Emma was a writer who actually wrote about werewolves was a cute addition and then of course Aidan will have to watch her who just happens to be a werewolf.

The story line was simple with Emma being in danger and Aidan having to protect her but not to have lust come in between them, that of course thrown out the window. Thompson’s scenes leave you wanting more.

I liked the term Thompson used with binding as well. Usually mating is used for when a couple is joined. So this was little different from other supernatural books I have read.

I recommend this book, A Werewolf in Manhattan, for any of those who love the supernatural world. The next book is going to be all about Aidan’s little brother and what trouble he will be getting himself into.

Survivor but with a twist

The game of survivor has become very popular on the television as people watch what will the contestants do next. Jaci Burton will give readers a thrill in Surviving Demon Island. The book is just the first in the series Demon Hunters.

Gina Bliss loves the action, the thrill of danger so when she hears about the new reality show that involves danger and the use of  survival skills Gina is all for it. Surviving Demon Island was all supposed to be a game but Gina will soon find out differently with her new crew members and trainer, Derek Marks.

Derek Marks job is to get them ready for what they are not even prepared for. Surviving Demon Island was a crazy idea but he had to follow what Lou said. Derek is instantly attracted to Gina but things are going to get chaotic as the contestants find the truth and the enemies start showing their faces.

This novel surprised me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to play and needless to say I liked the beginning of the series. Jaci Burton had a purpose for where the characters were going and what happened in their past connected them all. I like the ploy of the demons and the crew’s mothers disappearing. Derek’s part in this was a good twist and will be interesting to read as the series continues.

The element of light and dark creates the a plot which will drive the reader to want to know more. And of course the sexual tension and scenes from Derek and Gina were filled with passion. The idea which it started as a reality show was humorous which adds to the lightness of the book.

As far as a first book of the series it is a great start to building an intense series.