Swept Away

Christobel Smyth had grown up in a certain life style but after her father died they were not as well off as they had been. Christobel was still a lady but she was not looking for a suitor. Thanks to her sister that was what she was going to get when she attends a house party.

John Leyden had not wanted to go to the house party because then he would see Christobel. He had wanted her since he first had seen her but he was not in her class. He always felt out of place but with the house party he will see that he and Christobel could have a chance.

Swept Away is a novella by Kristina Cook. It has been a while since I read anything by Kristina Cook and I have to say that I liked the book but for me I did have a little problem with Christobel. Her character was a little annoying in the beginning as she was acting like she was better than John. What helped was she really did not mean anything by it. She acted first then thought about what she should have done. Once I got into the novella I got to see that she was kind and thoughtful. John’s character was not one to express his thoughts well. I wanted to shake him and just shout at him to talk to her, instead of just giving her an expression of annoyance. He does warm up but it takes a little time.

With this being a novella, a lot of things are happening quickly. I thought this would have been a good story to be a novel. I wanted more background with both of the characters which would give them more depth.

Overall Swept Away was a good story to read.

A Buckhorn Baby

Amber Hudson has been dating Noel for a while and she wants more, but she wants Noel to declare himself first. She had tried everything but nothing was working. Then a tragedy strikes a friend and Amber’s world will get turned upside down with a new addition to her family.

Noel Poet did not want children but he wanted Amber. He just wasn’t good at showing what he wanted. When Amber takes guardianship Noel will surprise himself by helping out. He will start to wonder if he could have it all.

A Buckhorn Baby is part of the Buckhorn Brothers series by Lori Foster. I really loved this sweet story. I had been waiting for Amber’s story and I was not disappointed.

Amber’s character is the matchmaker of the group but when her friend dies she becomes guardian of June. Amber quickly falls in love with the little girl but knows that she will lose Noel as he was adamant about not wanting children. I loved how Amber was willing to give up everything for this child. I also liked that there was a different side to Amber. With June she was not her perfect self, she was unorganized and tired. It was realistic for a new mother. Noel’s character was a good man and a firefighter. He was also against children because of his job. It was sweet how he was taken in my June. She hung on to him and did not let go. Noel’s life would be incomplete without Amber and June in his life. The ending to this story was very sweet and very true to this Buckhorn Brothers series.

Now is this series done or are we going to get more? There are still Gabe’s daughters who have not gotten their story. Only time will tell.

No Strings

No StringsChloe Reiss was goal orientated in her job and good at it. She kept her life professional but secretly she lusted after the man all the girls wanted, Aiden Landry. Chloe will be in direct competition with Aiden on the big ad campaign where they will have to fly to paradise where the matchmaking takes place.

Aiden Landry wanted the ad campaign which would help get himself started his own advertising agency. Aiden’s competition will be Chloe who was a fantasy of his. He will get a chance to fulfill that fantasy in paradise but with that step he will have come to reality and wonder if he can move forward.

No Strings is a novel by Janelle Denison. I have never read anything before from this author but I can say I liked the story. She seems to be a contemporary romance writer who writes her character to be very passionate. The story itself is hot and how could it not be when the two characters are flirting with each other for two years and then are put in a paradise setting there was no way these two weren’t going to be going at it.

Chloe was a good woman and determined to do well in her job but she is not all about her job if life presents with other objects. Aiden has been burned before and is cautious of being betrayed. The relationship between these two is flirtatious but it gets hot and steamy when they let themselves get into the fantasy of this paradise. So you would think that they would get along great for the most part and they do but when sex gets involved it gets more complicated. Sex and business doesn’t always work and it looked like it was going to be like that but right up at the end Denison gets the characters to change at least Aiden and have him realize that he made a mistake.

I would definitely be up for more on Janelle Denison.

Bedding Lord Ned

Bedding Lord NedMiss Eleanor “Ellie” Bowman has been told over and over to find a suitor. It’s a problem though the one suitor she wants doesn’t even see her, or sees her only as a friend. Ellie this year will try now to find a suitor as she wants children, but as she does Ned will start to notice her as a woman after all these years.

Lord Edward “Ned” has been out of mourning and knows its time to find another. He never thought that his attention would drift towards his childhood friend, but since finding those red bloomers he has been seeing Ellie in a new light.

Bedding Lord Ned is the first book to Sally MacKenzie’s series the Duchess of Love Trilogy. Reading this book certainly brought on tons of emotion throughout the entire book. There was laughter, frustration, sadness, love, anger and lastly hope. MacKenzie does a fantastic job on this first novel. You get to know the characters very well  and find out what makes them tick. Ellie and Ned of course were the majority of the book as it was their story. At times I wanted to put the book down thinking that MacKenzie will never put them together as they were both cowards to admit their feelings or in Ned’s case to dense to comprehend his love for Ellie. But nevertheless there is a happy ending even with all the suitors at this house party.

The villains are not really villains only social climbers who turned out alright in the end, well expect for Percy who deserved what he got from Ned.

Now the matchmaking work of Ned’s mother, Venus was something I really enjoyed. She is a wonderful character full of life and mischief. She is calculated knowing what is going on in everyone’s life and uses that to twist the situation. At the end she gets her way the middle child. I am assume Jack will be next in the book as Ash is already married. MacKenzie does a good job at getting you interested though in Ash. He has been separated since the night of his marriage. I want to know what went wrong and why. Was Percy part of the trouble? Were lies being told. I hope that Ash’s story is being worked on as I really want to know what happened. Or maybe with Jack’s story we will know more.

As I was finishing up the book I noticed that there were about 90 more pages. There was a prequel, Duchess in Love, to this series staring Venus and Drew, the parents of Ash, Ned and Jack. It was a very quick to read but fun as it followed the same pattern but this time we got to read about the matchmaker when she was very young and meeting her match.

MacGregors: The Perfect Neighbor

The last and final book of this series, The MacGregors, was just as well written as the last ones.  The book gave an ending but still a hope of the future for the MacGregor clan.  In this eleventh book, The Perfect Neighbor we met Cybil who is the daughter of Grant and Gennie Campbell.  They are family to the MacGregor and the children are elected grandchildren but to Daniel it is the real thing.

The Plot of The Perfect Neighbor:

“Brooding loner Preston McQuinn’s new apartment, like his life, was just the way he wanted it-dark and empty.  But when sunny Cybil Campbell came barging into his well-ordered gloom, he couldn’t deny a grudging fascination with his bright, bubbly neighbor.  Preston thought he’d closed the door on love for good, so why was he suddenly longing to open his heart to his incredibly perfect neighbor?”

Nora Roberts finishes the series in very much like the MacGregor fashion.  It was a joy to read as Cybil found love to a man who very much like her father just wanted to be left alone.  But Cybil would not give him that.  She found the way to his heart but Preston will find more and lose some.

A fantastic finish to a wonderful beginning.

MacGregors: The MacGregor Grooms

The tenth book of the MacGregor series brings us now to the other eligible men of the MacGregor clan, the grandsons.  Mac was married off in the last but now the time has come for D.C., Duncan and Ian to find their way to the altar with a little help from The MacGregor in The MacGregor Grooms.

The Plot of The MacGregor Grooms:

D.C and Layna will find love but through a different way of setting up.  The MacGregor, the grandfather of the clan, Daniel is telling D.C. that Layna is definitely not the one he should marry.  D.C. agrees until he finds he can’t live without her.

Duncan and Cat find love on the sea very much like Duncan’s parents with the nudge of Daniel and even Duncan’s mother.  Duncan soon finds that Cat is going to be the only woman for him and his wandering days are going to be over.

Ian and Naomi were going to be together.  Ian knew that he wanted her, to be with him, to be his wife.  He did not need to hear that bit of information from his grandfather, even though Daniel did play a part in the matchmaking.  Ian was going to have Naomi even if she didn’t think she was good enough.

Nora Roberts brings us more MacGregors in these three stories of the grandsons from The MacGregor Grooms. The book was charming, funny, and very enjoyable to read.  Daniel’s matchmaking skills will never stop and get rusty.