Faking It

Max Sterling loved his job and his life but his mother would not leave him alone when it cam to his personal life. She thought he needed a wife, then something changed for Max. He will find out that woman he had been lusting after was not truly engaged. With the help of Hailey he will let his mom think he has changed as he steps in as Hailey’s fake fiance.

Hailey Ellison had been hurt by her last boyfriend and as a match maker she needed to show that she had a steady relationship. She created a fake fiance but she will be shocked when Max will step up and play the part.

Faking It is the second book to the series Book Boyfriend by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. This was another fun story that was easy to read, steamy and entertaining.

Max was a good man who loved his family and friends. He was a charming and smooth talking man but he was genuinely a good man. He was content with his life but when he meets Hailey he knew that he wanted more. I love that he was falling hard fast.  Hailey was a woman who had lived through tragedy and was still healing over criticism that had cut deep, which made her self conscious. But she was determined to make something of herself and she did. When she interacted with Max, a playful side came out. I really loved them together because they made sense and balanced each other.

I did want more with Addison. I think I wanted to see her get more in trouble and a little more justice but at least it was served.

I am reading Well Built next.


I have loved reading Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice since I first read it at age seventeen. Now I will be honest, I have not read any other works of Austen’s. I am not really sure why I haven’t before now, but that was the case. So I have decided to go ahead and read the rest of Austen’s novels: Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, and Northanger Abbey. I am excited to try out these novels. I know what each one is about as I have seen the movies that have been made from these books.

emmaI have decided to start with the novel Emma.

The summary of this story is that there is a young woman, Emma, who plays matchmaker. This will get her into trouble. She will make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, which will lead her to what she had been looking for.

My first impression is that it was long. I liked it but there was a lot of detail in the everyday that was being written. With that detail it took me longer to finish. Now longer to finish is still only two days reading it in the evenings. I was happy that I had seen the movie of Emma, which let me keep track with what was happening. Personally for me I thought Emma was a little annoying and a busybody. She was thoughtless at times which caused her to not think about what she was doing. Although Emma was a young woman and we are all allowed to make mistakes. I liked that she did learn.

The other characters in the book were all well written. Of course I liked Mr. Knightly. He was a man you wanted on your side and he had some pretty great speeches in the book. Sadly they were a lot of the times telling Emma she did something wrong. With Frank Churchhill character, I felt he was the opposite of Mr. Knightly. He was just too immature. Then there was Mr. Elton who wanted more, which was not a bad thing. It just made me dislike his character as he went about it the wrong way.

I will have to say that Emma is probably not a book I will go running back to read like Pride and Prejudice, but it was a well written novel and true to Austen’s style.

Match Me if You Can

Match me if you canHeath Champion wanted a wife and decided to hire a matchmaker to make it happen. Though when Heath set out to hire a matchmaker he wasn’t expecting to hire a second matchmaker, but he found himself not being able to say no to Annabelle.

Annabelle Granger wanted to make her grandmother’s old business of matchmaking into success. Her first big client was Heath and she was determined to find him a match, and will be just as determined not to fall for the client.

Match Me If You Can is the sixth book to the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I really liked this book but I will have to be honest, at the beginning it wasn’t pulling me into the story like the others. Of course once I got through the first chapter I was enjoying the story.

Heath and Annabelle together seemed like oil and water, they just didn’t mix. Of course that is not the case as they will find themselves attracted to each other which made it difficult to find Heath a match. Annabelle’s character was strong in believing that she can do what she needed even with others telling her it would be too hard. I liked that she had a backbone when it came to standing up against Heath. It didn’t work all the time but she was not weak. Heath’s character was a man that worked until he got what he wanted. He was a hard man at times but throughout the book he will start to soften up, especially when Pippi, Molly’s daughter, interacts with him.

Annabelle’s family was very loud and gave their opinions. Annabelle resented or a better word was embarrassed by them. She felt bullied at times but she still loved them. I thought it was interesting when Phillips described Heath’s interaction with them and what he saw when they were talking with Annabelle. It gave a different spin from an outsiders point of view.

I have the last book to the series which I will be reading next.

When the Marquess Met His Match

When the Marquess Met His MatchLady Belinda Featherstone is an American matchmaker making her living in London where she had been married almost a decade before. She vowed to help those who were heiress find the right match and not go through what she had to endure. Belinda will find herself challenged when the Marquess of Trubridge was in need of her service of matchmaking. Being challenged will not be the only thing that she feels especially with those stolen moments with him.

Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge, need a wealthy heiress to help get his business started. He will go to a renowned matchmaker who was the widow his his friend. He will be shocked to find that the woman he had seen a decade ago had changed into a more beautiful woman. He will want the woman but knew that he needs an heiress. Although that does not stop his lust towards her or those few moments he takes in her arms.

When the Marquess Met His Match is the first book to the series American Heiress in London. Laura Lee Guhrke is a brand new author to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. There was some wit between the characters and light humor along with of course that passion that is between Nicholas and Belinda.

Belinda was a determined matchmaker who will finally meet her match with Nicholas. She dislikes him on sight because he reminds her of deceased husband. She will find that she is wrong in her assumption and find him a much better man. Now Nicholas was carefree but he had a serious side and wanted to do right with his business. It was sweet that he had feelings for her a decade ago but he didn’t try to seduce her then. Now she was fair game being a widow. Fireworks will spark between the two when they go against each other in words and in passion.

As this was a book that I really did enjoy I will be out to find more on the author like Edie’s story, the second book to this series, and other books from Laura Lee Guhrke.

Twice Fallen

For curiosity sake I went in search of Emma Wildes as I saw the second book from the series Ladies in Waiting was available to check out. Remembering that I did enjoy the first book I wanted to read it right away but first reread One Whisper Away just to refresh my memory. Its been about a year since reading the book and with so many books its sometimes hard to keep track. Once I refreshed my memory I sat back and started Twice Fallen.

Lady Lillian Bourne was cautious of most things she did which would result in another scandal. It was something she did not want to endure, but then again being trapped in a library with a stranger had an appeal to it. Lilly will come face to face with Lord Damien who will help assist her out of her jam as well making her very aware of his presence and one she wouldn’t forget.

Lord Damien Northfield is a retired spy but not for long. He will be helping out a friend with a problem that is if he can keep focus with Lilly wandering around. She was a woman that intrigued him and one he wanted to know more in every way. Damien will lead Lilly to his path every chance he gets but things will get tricky when she is a target.

Twice Fallen was a charming, delightful and sensual sequel for the Ladies in Waiting series. Emma Wildes will keep your attention with the two captivating characters of Damien and Lilly. Lilly I couldn’t wait to read about as she was a contradiction at times with being protective and quiet while standing up to her brother. Damien of course was the knight in shinning armor. The spy business gave him more allure and intrigue to the plot.

Now their story is not the only one being told. James, the cousin of Lilly, will also take a leading role along with the woman he loves Regina. The two side characters, James and Regina, could have easily had their own story as Wildes creates them to be very engaging. James is the ultimate gentleman but has a sensual side especially with a woman like Regina. Now Regina was a brazen woman well at least on the outside. I liked how Wildes gave Regina the back story to have molded her in the woman she is. You feel for the hurt and sensual woman.

Throughout the story the idea of the villain is the person who is blackmailing certain people. Wildes gives the reader an idea who the villain is but it is only revealed at the end when disaster almost hits.

I am definitely interested in how many more books Wildes will continue with this series Ladies in Waiting especially now that the Dowager of Eddington is on the job of matchmaking.

Under a Vampire Moon

Christian Notte is still new to having a mother but loves every moment even the times when she is setting him up. She will find his life mate and Christian is overwhelmed but will have to play it cool especially as Carolyn will think him to favor the same sex thanks to his family. Their plan was from the heart but there will be difficulty playing the role.

Carolyn Connor is done with men. Having been deceived from her ex husband the last place she wanted to go was a place where all couples seemed to go for their honeymoon. Everyone was happy and it depressed Carolyn to no end and then she saw Christian but with him being twenty years younger she didn’t dare to step into that one. That is of course until he asks for her help. Carolyn will play the role but she is finding hard to remember that this is fake.

Under a Vampire Moon was a pleasant surprise. I have come to really like this series. Some books better than others (mostly the earlier ones) but with this one I was excited as Christian is Marguerite and Julius’s son.  As normal the book was funny to read with the characters and quick plot.

There were no real bad guys in this one at least in the sense of immortals. The villain was more of the human side.

In this book Sands will give us more characters from the band. I have a feeling that they will be playing into the series at some point as Sands seems to be far from over with this family.

So I closed the book and thought finally I had caught up with this vampire family until I saw Sands has the seventeenth book already now out. This is an ever growing series and one I think I will stick around until the end.

How To Marry a Duke

With a title like, How To Marry a Duke, it is no question to what this book is about but Vicky Dreiling will throw some surprises for the reader in this witty romance novel.

Tristan, the Duke of Shelbourne is now officially looking for a wife and his list will not be overlooked. He doesn’t want a scandal and will fight to marry a woman who will follow all of his guidelines. To do this he will go to a woman who fascinates him, a matchmaker.

Tessa Mansfield is in no need of a husband as she is rich and wants only to help those young woman to find love. Becoming a matchmaker only made sense of her past. She had made many matches but her challenge would come in the form of Tristan. Tessa will make the match but soon will find out that Tristan could be the man for her and the feeling is mutual but scandal will stand in their way.

As all romance novels go we have a young woman who is a spinster and a rogue coming together but in this case it is not for a fling. They work together. I liked how Dreiling created her characters to be polar opposites but completely a like at the same time. I also liked how Tristan was a rogue he did not display these characteristics when he set in mind for finding a wife. Dreiling did a very good job creating Tristan to be the character the readers want to cheer for.

Dreiling also prolonged the secret of which Tessa had been hiding until the very end which makes you want to know even more. The secret was what I thought but how it was revealed was well done.

How To Marry a Duke is the first novel of Vicky Dreiling. I am looking forward to Julianne’s turn of love with the next rogue Hawk.