Bound to Submit

Kenna Sloane has been dealing with her own personal demons and she needs a way out. Kenna will take a chance and step back into her old world with the Blasphemy club. She knows that Griffin will be the man to help her.

Griffin Hudson had lost the love of his life, he just had not known it at the time. Now with her back Griffin will do all that he could to keep her.

Bound to Submit is the first book to the series Blasphemy by Laura Kaye. I really enjoyed this book. I got my first look into this Blasphemy club with Hard to Serve which was a cross over story from Hard Ink series. I thought that Laura Kaye did a fantastic job on getting to that emotional drive in the characters. I am not always a fan of the dom/sub play but Laura Kaye really can write it well.

Throughout the story Kenna is battling with survivors guilt. I truly felt her struggles through the book and the triumph that happens towards the end. Kenna’s character was a strong woman who has lost who she was. She was brave enough to try and find that woman again. Her interaction with Griffin was intense and it helped break down a few barriers she was holding on to. Griffin’s character was a Master in the club and he knew that he had made a mistake five years ago. I liked that he owned up to that mistake and that he treated Kenna with the same care and love he had before. Of course his love was all about bondage but that was what Kenna wanted and needed.

I am reading the second book next.

The Healing

Taking a break from the romance novels my book club got us to read a book from Jonathan O’Dell who wrote The Healing. We read this a month ago but I found myself thinking how to write this post.

The concept of the story is about the life and workings that goes on on a plantation. The story is primarily around Granada who was a little slave girl. She was almost as a pet to the master’s wife. Granada grew up in the world of the white class but could never find a place that was hers. At twelve she is sent from the house as an assistant to a medicine woman. Life will only be more complicated to this little girl as she tries to find where she belongs.

The story itself was good, it was certainly different from what I have read before and O’Dell gives a very good detail on the time back then. He wrote very enriched characters especially Polly who was the medicine woman. The part I was not a fan of at times was Granada who rebelled against her own but that is because she thinks the white woman is her friend and will still protect her. Throughout the story she has the same outlook as she did as a little girl. She does grow and understand but for me you don’t really connect at times with Granada.

What I did find interesting was the twist at the end of the story which gave it a true ending. O’Dell writes in an insightful way which will have you enjoying the book. With most of my books I tend to stay more towards the female authors, so this was a nice change. I usually navigate towards female authors as most romance authors are woman so its always nice to read from other authors you wouldn’t have normally gone to.

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell Hamilton

For a long time I saw these novels in the hands of my mother.  I usually made fun of her reading them because of the provocative covers and the titles.  Of course I was a teenager that was my job.  When I turned twenty I decided to finally see why my mother liked this author.  From a whole of the entire series of Anita Blake I can tell you that it is very sexual and a lot of sex.  There is plot but a lot of sex.  Very steamy.

Guilty Pleasures is the first book where Hamilton introduces Anita Blake.  She is a bad ass vampire killer but only when the courts appoint it.  She is called the Executioner.  The unique thing about Anita is that she also raises the dead.  She is human but a little off.  Not completely human.

When I first read it I thought this was interesting but in reality I found it a little boring.  I guess I wanted something more right at the beginning to really make an impact.

Now I decided to pick up the book once more to read through the pages.  I thought a good four years would perhaps change my attitude from the first book.  And really it did.  I have liked Hamilton’s writing.  I think she is able to express the scenes very well and the dialogue is intriguing to read about.

I like how Anita’s character doesn’t want to do with anything of the supernatural but she is pulled into it.  She is a typical woman that can do extraordinary things.

From the very last book to the beginning I also liked to see how her attitude and methods completely reversed.  The first book gives you that insight to how her character is and what steps are being taken to change her.

I guess you would say the first book is a darker side of Anita.  It is raw and untamed because in a way she is pure of sexual desire to the most part.  In the book there is that hint of sexual want but Anita pulls it off with not wanting anything to do with it.

I think that is great when you know how the series progressed.  Guilty Pleasures delivers on characters and plot not just sexual desires.

Reading Guilty Pleasures at this time might be a problem because I am reading this book back in the height of vampire books and movies.  Everywhere you turn it is vampires.  But with Hamilton’s work with vampires I find myself enjoying her work.  This an adult book that is not all teen drama. Of course there is drama but it is more sophisticated and the characters have humor which is entertaining.  Her characters feel real even with the vampires and shifters in the scene.

Now, since I have read all of her books I know that they progress from a lot of plot to a lot of sex, group, multiple partners, anything goes.  Not that this is a bad thing but sometimes there is too much.

I guess this is why I wanted to revisit Anita back in the beginning when she was not completely involved in fact she tried to stay away from the vampire world.

Guilty Pleasures brings fun and drama to the vampire world that is darker.