Married to the Boss

Married to the BossR. J. Maitland was the President of Maitland Maternity and will have to fight for his business when a baby is abandoned at the doorstep of the clinic. The news will claim the baby is his and he will have to do damage control. His solution is to marry his secretary, Dana Dillinger, and have a marriage of convenience, except that she doesn’t want that type of marriage.

Married to the Boss is the fifth book to the series Maitland Maternity series which is a collection of authors writing in this series. I thought that this book was a good quick read. Though I pretty much always enjoy reading Lori Foster’s books.

So I have been unloading some of my paperback books, I still have quite a lot, and buying some favorite books and putting them on my kindle. I have found that keeping all my paperbacks is getting way to crowded for my small room. Well getting rid of a lot of my books led me in search of several books I am looking for to complete the particular series I am searching for. I decided to go to Half Price Books and found this book for only one dollar and I knew I couldn’t pass that deal up. I had not read the book previous but as I have said, I like Lori Foster’s books so I figured I would like this book.

Alright now the character of RJ was someone I liked. He was a good man that was trying to help those in need. Though he might not have been the brightest when it came to seeing what was or should I say who was right in front of him, Dana. There was a ruthlessness about him as well which he clearly had gotten from his adoptive mother. Dana’s character was a woman who was dedicated to her job and her boss. Dana was in love with her boss and when she found that she would get the chance to marry him she knew it could not be a marriage of convenience. I liked that she was sort of blackmailing RJ into a real marriage. Although it wasn’t a real blackmailing situation as RJ wanted to go to bed with her as well.

There was one negative, well I wouldn’t say it was a negative, but answers were not given to some of the problems that happened in the book. I am assuming that will be handled by other authors who continue on with the series. The book I felt was a story that was already being told, and it was since it was the fifth book to the series. There were characters in this book that I had no idea who they were and from how they were written you knew they already had their story or was going to. Although, I can’t say I was confused by these characters. I just wanted to know their story going into this story. Married to the Boss is one that you can read on its own regardless of the other books to the series.