Joy by Jayne Ann Krentz

I was searching again and came across the book Joy by Jayne Ann Krentz.  This is an early book of hers and I went to pick it up.  I love her writing and style of characters.  This is a wonderful romance novel with mystery built within the plot.

The Plot of Joy:

“Virginia Middlebrook and A.C. Ryerson had both been burned in painful marriages.  Neither had any desire to relive the past-they’d take things slow.  A Caribbean trip seemed like the perfect way to test the waters of a new relationship…until A.C. wins a breathtaking emerald bracelet with a mysterious past.  Suddenly their days-and nights-become a reckless roller coaster of adventure, desire…and deadly peril.”

I loved this book with the mystery of the bracelet and the simplicity and complex of the characters.  A.C. Ryerson was involved with Debby the younger sister but he knew that nothing would happen.  He winds up meeting the older sister and knew at that moment this was going to be the woman for him.  I loved that he switched from one sister to another.

Joy had intrigue and suspense with a wonderful romance story.

A Garden Folly by Candice Hern

Marriage for a fortune was all Catherine Forsythe could think about since her father left her sister and herself destined to be penniless.  But as luck would have it Catherine and Susannah are going to have the chance to find eligible bachelors of fortune, but perhaps there would be more for the girls.

Aunt Hetty’s old school girl friend who has been the duchess for some time has invited Hetty and her two nieces for a month long house party.  Hetty was delighted at this for her nieces and herself with renewing her old friendship.  Catherine and Susannah are beyond excited.  Both girls are very pretty but Susannah the youngest was the fairer one of the sisters and naive in the world.  Catherine is going to take it upon herself with the help of her Aunt and MacDugel to find the most wealthy of the men for the two of them.  This house party had to secure one of them a husband of fortune if not both.

The Duchess “Isabella” has her one and only son Stephen who detest these house parties and has long since left before they started.  His fear is that his mother would try to set him up with a young woman ready to be wed.  Stephen wanted the woman to love him and not his title, but once they knew that he was a Duke all their interest was upon that fact.

Catherine and Susannah make it to the house party and immediately Catherine went to work on her strategy for snagging a man.  Of course Catherine made time for the gardens which she loved.  There she was literally be run over by a man who happens to fall on her.  Catherine thinks that this man is the head gardener but instead it is really the Duke himself.  Through their interaction Catherine finds herself telling him things and feeling things for him but he is only a gardener and she can not wed him.  Even though those feelings are becoming stronger every time she sees him.

Stephen finds he loves to spend time with Catherine but is crushed when he finds that she is a fortune hunter.  He can’t believe he was wrong about her but his feelings are making him act crazy.  Is she just the fortune hunter or is there something else that drives her need?

“A Garden Folly” by Candice Hern was a wonderful romance to read with mystery, secret identity, and finding love in the midst of everything.