Married to the Boss

Married to the BossR. J. Maitland was the President of Maitland Maternity and will have to fight for his business when a baby is abandoned at the doorstep of the clinic. The news will claim the baby is his and he will have to do damage control. His solution is to marry his secretary, Dana Dillinger, and have a marriage of convenience, except that she doesn’t want that type of marriage.

Married to the Boss is the fifth book to the series Maitland Maternity series which is a collection of authors writing in this series. I thought that this book was a good quick read. Though I pretty much always enjoy reading Lori Foster’s books.

So I have been unloading some of my paperback books, I still have quite a lot, and buying some favorite books and putting them on my kindle. I have found that keeping all my paperbacks is getting way to crowded for my small room. Well getting rid of a lot of my books led me in search of several books I am looking for to complete the particular series I am searching for. I decided to go to Half Price Books and found this book for only one dollar and I knew I couldn’t pass that deal up. I had not read the book previous but as I have said, I like Lori Foster’s books so I figured I would like this book.

Alright now the character of RJ was someone I liked. He was a good man that was trying to help those in need. Though he might not have been the brightest when it came to seeing what was or should I say who was right in front of him, Dana. There was a ruthlessness about him as well which he clearly had gotten from his adoptive mother. Dana’s character was a woman who was dedicated to her job and her boss. Dana was in love with her boss and when she found that she would get the chance to marry him she knew it could not be a marriage of convenience. I liked that she was sort of blackmailing RJ into a real marriage. Although it wasn’t a real blackmailing situation as RJ wanted to go to bed with her as well.

There was one negative, well I wouldn’t say it was a negative, but answers were not given to some of the problems that happened in the book. I am assuming that will be handled by other authors who continue on with the series. The book I felt was a story that was already being told, and it was since it was the fifth book to the series. There were characters in this book that I had no idea who they were and from how they were written you knew they already had their story or was going to. Although, I can’t say I was confused by these characters. I just wanted to know their story going into this story. Married to the Boss is one that you can read on its own regardless of the other books to the series.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days

How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysStuart, Duke of Margrave, had a brush with death and knows he needs to come back home to his wife. He wants to make his marriage real but he will have to convince Edie. That will be a hard task as his wife will resist him but when he gives her a wager that will either keep them together or split them up forever. All he will need to do is convince his wife to kiss him.

Edie, Duchess of Margrave, has lived five years without her husband as he was off in Africa. The situation was perfect for Edie but that will all change when Stuart will come home. Edie needs to run away as her husband has set out to seduce her and want her in his life which is the one thing she can’t do. With the wager in place Edie will have ten days to stay away from her husband as a kiss is the only way she will lose. But with every day she spends with him she is healed more and more.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days is the second book to the series American Heiress in London by Laura Lee Guhrke. I loved this book and love this author. Really with every book that I get of Guhrke I fall into a nice rhythm where sit down and just read the book enjoying every page.

This is a book full of charm and flows very easily as the story was just a really good one to read. Edie and Stuart were doomed from the start when they walked into the relationship. Edie wasn’t ready for what Stuart might have wanted and Stuart was not ready for more at least at this time. Then five years happen and even though Edie is still broken she is opened for more, she just didn’t know it. Stuart came home because of a brush with death which had him thinking. He wanted more out of life which meant his wife. I liked that he only had 10 days to convince Edie to kiss him, to give him a chance.

Now even though there were characters that I loved there was a darker part to the book with what happened to Edie. With what happened to her I knew it was bad and pretty much knew what it would be but it was not confirmed until about half way through the book. How Stuart handled this new situation was the right way of doing things. I hated that her character went through this trauma but she grows stronger through the book and once she opens up it gets easier. Now the villain gets what he deserves and I was happy with the outcome as it gives Edie a piece of mind.

A Convenient Bride

A Convenient BrideLord Richard Ellerby was in desperate need to find his sister who disappeared. He will be taken back when a young woman asks him to marry her and will soon find that this woman is the daughter of his friend. He will send her packing but find that will not be the end.

Lady Brenna Harrington needed a husband and fast as she had no desire to marry the man her brother had chosen. She will get her chance when she propositions a highway man to marry her, only she will make a mistake as this man was no commoner.

A Convenient Bride is the fourth book to the School of Brides series by Cheryl Ann Smith. This story seemed to be a clash of the headstrong characters. Both Brenna and Richard are unwilling to bend to others and will push each other through the story. There is also a certain attraction that is followed between them but they do not act upon it without holding back their true feelings.

The plot is kept simple with the act of married life and what comes from the relationship and those around them. There are betrayals laced through the pages of the story to keep it going. The villain is not who you expect which will leave you surprised.

Looking over the entire book I thought this story was more or less one that I have read before but the story was still enjoyable to read nevertheless. I am interested in reading the fifth book when it comes out.

The Seduction of His Wife

The Seduction of His Wife-ClareEmma Hallaway has been married for twelve years but it is a marriage of convenience. Now her husband is back and right in time for a secret she has held from him to possible come out and ruin her.

Richard Mansfield, Earl of Asbury, is on the run from someone who wants him dead, it leads him back home to his wife. He had not seen his wife since the wedding night and now she has him speechless with her looks and how she has turned from shy to bold.

Going into the book The Seduction of His Wife I remember reading Tiffany Clare early last year. I had found to like her with her surprise writing. This book has the similar element to it along with the other two Hallaway sisters that are sisters to Abby who was in The Secret Desires to a Governess. I was excited to read about the other two sisters as I had only read about the aftermath of Abby in her own story.

In the book Tiffany Clare is really telling several stories. The main one of course is of Emma and Richard who were always at ends with each other except in the bedroom. The other story is with Grace, the other sister, and her own love affair. I enjoyed the different stories as it kept you going, there were no slow parts and many steamy scenes. There were at times when I felt once again the story was in the process of being told, like with the relationship between Waverly and the two Hallaway sisters or the Duke and Emma. There were things missing but it was very enjoyable and you could follow the story nevertheless.

Lord of Darkness

Lord of DarknessLady Margaret Reading has come back to her husband she married of two years to get the one thing she desires, a baby. Losing her love and her unborn baby was devastating for Megs but now she is ready to have that happiness again, she just didn’t expect to find it with her husband.

Godric St John is a man who works well in the dark, he thrives on it. He is shaken with the arrival of his wife especially as his first encounter with her, she is  trying to kill him, as she sees him as the ghost and not her husband. Godric will go along with the intrusion and will find himself leaving the dark little by little.

First off I love this series. The Maiden Lane series is one of the best regency romance ones out there, at least for me. The series stays away from the glamour of the balls and society and stays in the dark shadows of the slums of London. Now I had wanted to start Lord of Darkness a couple nights ago but there was another book I had to finish as it was due, but once that was finished I quickly jumped into Elizabeth Hoyt’s world.

Now having read the series in a row the fourth book explained who the ghost was but there was a surprise as he was not the only one. Godric also plays the ghost in the series which was fantastic as it let the series continue with the mystery of the ghost. I liked that you learned more of an origin of the ghost at least from Godric’s perspective. He was a really well drawn out character and Hoyt describes him well and his past. He was mourning for the life he used to have and was living in the past. Megs was his salvation.

At the end of the fourth book I wasn’t sure if I would like Megs but in the first few pages I found I loved her character. She was sweet, energetic, determined and above all good for Godric. Hoyt weaves their story very well that you will cheer for them to have that happy ending.

The mystery of the lassie snatchers was well written as it integrated with Roger’s murder two years ago. You couldn’t place the murderer right away as Hoyt gives you several possibilities.

Now what I didn’t expect was there are more ghost than Winter and Godric. I should have guessed as the idea of the ghost had been around for years. This is a great way to keep the story alive and fresh with more possibilities.

The next story is coming out in October which is a while away but this series is certainly worth the wait. You are given a few pages to Duke of Midnight at the end of the fifth book. I was thrilled to find out that it was going to be with Artemis which wasn’t hard to guess as she was featured more in this book. From reading small parts with her in them I found myself wanting to know more especially with her twin brother, and of course the new ghost who will be interacting with her. My guess is of course the Duke Penelope is after as Hoyt showed him talking cruelly about Aretmis.

For those who haven’t read this series I recommend it and try to start in the beginning with Wicked Intentions where it all started.


Blog BooksTeresa, Dowager Marchioness of Darnet is on the search for husband number four as she finds herself in a bind with a blackmailer. She searches for the right groom and found Owen to be perfect as he would not be able to function like normal men. Teresa though will be surprised that this marriage will not be like the others.

Captain Owen Purchase or now known as Viscount Rothbury found himself amused at the prospect of Teresa as a radical but even more so his bride. Owen will accept even though it was amusing his desire for her was building. There will be trouble brewing in the back ground that Owen will have to help Teresa with which test their relationship and find out who trust one another.

I have reached the fifth book of the series (only reading now three of them out of six) and I am loving this series still. I think Nicola Cornick wrote well when doing these books as each character so far has been well described and plotted out. All her themes are similar as it correlates to the title of the series Scandalous Women of the Ton. Each woman is scandalous in their own way but keeps most of themselves hidden. Teresa follows that similar guideline but in the public view she is brazen. There is a lot of depth to her character that I loved. Also her being part of the radicals was fun to read. Now Tersa holds a secret about her past which has damaged her. Cornick slowly uncovers it with little clues along the way. You can guess what happened through the clues but not how it happened exactly. Owen is a novelty. He was a Captain now he is a Lord. Owen stays true to his character as the knight in shinning armor which I loved. I knew though there would be a problem when he married Teresa as the topic of Joanna popped up. As he was in love with her beforehand it would break Teresa to know that. It is predictable and Cornick does it well. She made me dislike Joanna, who I loved in the first book, for a little as she seemed greedy for wanting Owen to still love her. It was an odd part in the book but it was settled and all would be okay once again.

As always there were side stories going on with the novels and the characters who surprised me were Emma and Tom. Emma was part of the radical which surprised me as her strength had grown. She was not the pampered little girl anymore but one with a voice. I liked her better for it. Tom was also a surprise. Now knowing some the the back story with Tom (a villain in the past who has reformed) I am a little sad at what happens to him, its understandable as he is the villain but I was starting to like him a little. Most likely his fate is sealed at the end of this book but I can’t help but wonder if Cornick will give a twist in the sixth/last book of the series. Either way I am excited to finish the rest of the series (second, third and sixth book) as this author has got me hooked.

Wicked in Your Arms

Grier Hadley is the illegitimate daughter of Jack Hadley and for three years she has now lived with her biological father. Jack wants her married along with her sister Cleo. Grier wants that as well. Marriage to a respectable gentleman would give her a home and a future. Grier though will find herself in the Prince’s eyesight. She finds him annoying but his eyes and his touch sends shivers down her spine. She knows that she can never be queen but to feel passion Grier will make a choice.

Prince Sevastian Maksimi is in need of a wife of good standing and a large dowry. There is no love required as he is only finding a bride to make his grandfather who is sick happy. Sevestain will find one who makes his blood boil but she is not one for marriage because of her illegitimate status. Sevestain though will try to convince her to become his mistress and will succeed but feelings will start to get in the way.

Loved this story. Wicked in Your Arms was a story that pulled me in at the very beginning and only got better. This is the first book to the series Forgotten Princesses from Sophie Jordan.

She engrosses you into the story until the very end. Now the plot of a Prince coming to love a woman of lower status is not the most likely thing to happen but that is why this is a romance novel. I really liked that Jordan made Grier to be strong in her own way and practical. She wasn’t going to throw caution to the wind with a man who offered to make her his mistress, at least not right away. Sevastian is your average prince but throughout the story he changes and his own feelings come to the forefront and you see a new prince altogether.

Jordan keeps the characters interesting as through the majority of the book there are nothing but kisses, teasing and fighting feelings to entice the reader to keep going. Also there is a hidden villain. You have the normal society who are cruel to those weaker or with a scandal attached to their name but there will be a villain you don’t see coming. Well if I thought about it yes you could have guessed but I was very much into the story.

Cleo Hadley will be next to marry to abide her fathers wishes in Lessons From a Scandalous Bride.

Pregnancy and Passion

So I decided I would venture on to another series by Maya Banks. Seeing that all four books of the series were available to check out I grabbed them. As they were all fairly short novels (under two hundred pages) they would be pretty quick to read.

Enticed By His Forgotten Lover

Amnesia was a hard thing to swallow for Bryony Morgan. The father of her child had walked away at least that’s what she thought. Then he gives her the story he was in a plane accident and lost those weeks. Bryony wanted to forgive him but there was a part of her that feared he wouldn’t remember or love her anymore. She was going to help him remember.

Rafael de Luca was a hard man and it killed him not to remember weeks of his life but he had to move on that was until he came upon a pregnant lover. He knew she was not his type but the passion they shared proved his body remembered her. Rafael will learn to love but then his memory will come back proving that he was not the knight in shinning armor Bryony painted him to be.

Wanted By His Lost Love

Ryan Beardsley knew betrayal as he looked into his fiance eyes hearing lies about his brother. Ryan felt hurt, lost to know she slept with his little brother. Dumping her quickly he cut the ties that held them together. Now months later Ryan is concerned that she had not cashed the check he gave her. He went in search only to find out that she was pregnant. Instead of throwing insults Ryan wanted a second chance no matter whose baby it was.

Kelly Christian felt the betrayal of her fiance not believing her. She needed his most when she was assaulted but he believed in the worst. Heartbroken Kelly ran. Now months later becoming bigger than a house with her pregnancy Kelly sees Ryan. He is controlling her life now giving her orders to keep healthy. Kelly wants to believe he wants another chance but as he still doesn’t believe her she can’t let him back in all the way.

Tempted By Her Innocent Kiss

Devon Carter was on a verge of a big deal there was only one catch. He had to marry the mans daughter to get the contract. Devon didn’t want too but he agreed. Sooner than later he found himself married to a very vibrant woman but that will crash when the truth will rear its ugly head. Devon will soon find himself missing her energy as it is replaced with a boring woman.

Ashley Copeland loves life. Loves chaos and now loves her husband but it all falls apart on her wedding night. She finds she was bought and paid for by her father. She was a business deal. She doesn’t want a divorce as she loves Devon. She wants his love in return. Her plan is to change to get him to love her. But the change destroys the person she was and leaves her heartbroken and pregnant.

Undone By Her Tender Touch

Pippa Laingley wanted sex for the night. She got and lots of it from Cameron but there was a problem. With the tear of a condom all her plans changed and not for the better. She soon finds out that having a baby is the last thing Cameron wanted. Pippa knows to cut him out of their lives but it is hard when you are in love with the man.

Cameron Hollingsworth had lost his family and didn’t want it to happen again. He thought pushing Pippa away would work but he couldn’t stay away. He kept helping her bringing her closer but he could not open up his heart to her. It was only when he thought he lost her did he realize what he let slip through his fingers. He had to fight back to gain her trust and love.

The series Pregnancy & Passion certainly holds up to the category of romance novels in the Harlequin family. All the stories had romance mixed with sex and of course betrayal that will tug at your heart strings. The series started with a bang in the first book and stayed that way all the way into the last book of the series.

I found that the themes through all of the books was find the right woman, screw up and figure it out hoping its not too late. That was the formula for all the stories but nevertheless I was engaged in each story as they were all a little different. I liked the amnesia mixed into the story of the first book. The assault on Kelly in the second story will break your heart but you will feel triumph with what Ryan does. While Banks gave us a marriage of convenience in the third book which is never a good idea but will find its way of working out. The last book I liked that Banks gave Cam the problems of trust. It was he who had to be healed.

Banks will make each of the woman strong in their own way. A woman who could leave the man they loved to safe themselves and their babies. They all had backbone and the men all had to pay for their behavior but not with money. They had to get on their knees to beg for forgiveness.

Pregnancy & Passion is a fun, engaging and fast paced series to read.