When A Duke Says I Do

When a Duke Says I DoMiss Elsie Stanhope was destined to be married to a duke as a contact was drawn up years ago. Elisa will honor the agreement but wanted to just once live a little and find love. She will soon being finding that exact thing in an apprentice painter Alexander.

When A Duke Says I Do is a novel by the author Jane Goodger. Alright now I don’t know if I was just in a mood not to read or what but I found that this was not really pulling me to read the story. I knew right away who Alexander really was so there was no mystery to who he really was.  There was his story that was interesting as Goodger did provide an interesting and tragic background for Alex who had to survive through it. The character of Elisa was a little too silly for me and even Alexander at times. Their love was blown up on the pages and it was at times a little too cute.

I was happy that they did eventually have a happy ending but I couldn’t say I was totally invested in this book. I will still try another novel by Jane Goodger so I am not just judging my experience from one of her books.

To Catch a Countess

After revisiting the second book to the Douglas Trilogy series I was quick to start turning the pages of the third and final book, To Catch a Countess, of the series.

Victoria Douglas is looking forward to be the wife of Alexander once she gets over her embarrassment with being the last to know. But that is not the only thing Victoria is thriving to accomplish as a reading problem has created her to be self conscious and thought to be stupid. She will strive to become smarter to please her husband but soon will find that she is not the only one who wants to please him. Victoria will fight the love she carries but will only fall on deaf ears.

Alexander Emerson wanted to redeem himself for what his family had done to the Douglas’s. He agreed to a betrothal with Victoria but soon found that she was not one to sit and take orders. Alexander knew he would tame her and did as he seduced her again and again. But life is all not easy especially as Alexander found he loved his wife and obstacles kept pushing them apart making him act rashly.

First all I want it stated that I was very much entranced with the story Patricia Grasso wrote. She has a way to tell a story and to interweave those tormenting scenes of love that you don’t want to read but can’t get enough of especially of the young heroine Victoria. I loved Victoria’s character she was something different and Grasso really played out her innocence in the book which was sweet. So saying all that I was shocked how much cruelty laid in these pages. Alexander for me is the most despicable character so far of Grasso’s hero’s and is almost villain like. He hurts her with every action and every word all because he is too prideful to listen to her. Grasso has often had Aunt Roxie say to her nieces to watch what a man does not what he says, well in this case it seems that our hero doesn’t care if he hurts the woman he loves.

What I didn’t understand was how the family acted at times as no one really defended Victoria until the very end. The fiery tendencies the sisters had were almost gone since their marriages. I didn’t like how meek they were almost. Finally at the end it does improve.

Grasso does write a happy ending but waits until the very end. I appreciated that Grasso didn’t make him the villain he seemed to be portraying, but honestly at the end of the book I hoped that Victoria would make Alexander suffer. She does but really she took him back rather quickly.

Nevertheless as I stated I really liked this book and will be venturing on to Patricia Grasso’s next set of books with the Karanov.

Taming an Impossible Rogue

Lady Camille Pryce made a decision to runaway not walk down the aisle  She could not live with a man who had not bothered to say one word to her in her twenty one years of life. Camille found hope in a gaming club where she worked and for over a year she was happy but now her heart is in trouble as she meets a man. That is before she finds out that this man is her fiancees cousin and he has been sent to retrieve her.

Keating Blackwood did not like his cousin but for ten thousand pounds he would do as he asked. Keating needed the money but when he meets with Camille and interacts he is finding this more difficult than expected. But Keating had a mission and that was to provide for the woman he ruined and his son, no woman would stop him even if he was falling for her.

Taming an Impossible Rogue was a fantastic sequel to the series Scandalous Brides. After reading the first book of the series I knew now what to expect. I liked the characters of Camille and Keating as everything they said was honest. There was no lying that hurt each other at least that was true except for feelings they felt for one another.

The book was a very quick read and of course I only hoped for the perfect outcome but Suzanne Enoch keeps you biting your nails until the very end. There will be a twist that you didn’t see coming and only will be revealed at the end when all is about to be given up. There is definite satisfaction for the annoying fiancee Fenton that readers will laugh. Another character is the Duke of Greaves or Adam will be playing more of a part and will have his story told next.

Revenge at Bella Terra

Eli Di Lucca is the oldest siblings and has to face his demons of his past. Not only is his childhood past haunting him the failure of his families business is troubling. Loosing the money hit him where it hurt but now there is a chance to get it back. It would only cost him a wife.

Chloe Robinson is a new author with her first book published. It was only last year did she meet her father and since then he has been trying to get her married to the men he keeps throwing at her. Chloe will not know that Eli has been made an offer. Chloe doesn’t like to have her life manipulated but Eli will disarm her and love will follow but not before revenge.

The second book Revenge at Bella Terra was fantastic. Christina Dodd brings mystery, betrayal and heartache all the while a romance was building even if it was based on a lie. As I read on I found myself thinking of the other series of hers with the Fortune Hunters. There is something in the way the brothers are portrayed that they remind me of the ones in the other series. I guess it is they are all strong noble men with a tortured life (tortured emotional, no killing) due to their family.

Throughout the book I loved and hated Eli. He was the eldest and the one that was responsible and took it serious but you knew that once he made the deal with her father it would come back to haunt him later on. Dodd makes sure it does.

Now Chloe was a very enchanting character as she drew upon her innocence. But she was strong in her convictions. I liked that she didn’t back down and become weak when trouble started.

From the first book I noticed the family is very old world Italian and I liked that it was about the family and protecting each other. It was humorous with Chloe’s father (another Italian) and the contract he made, he was very old school Italian and just wanted his daughter to have security and protection, and of course grandchildren.

As a Dodd fan I was definitely pleased with Revenge at Bella Terra and can’t wait for Noah’s turn.

Go With The Devil Or Stay Away

Drifting from one series to another from one author can get sometimes confusing but I guess I am lucky that each series from Lynsay Sands is completely different (Highlanders, Vampires and Regency). I got the first book surprisingly from the series Devil of the Highlands, the book itself is also called, Devil of the Highlands.

Evelinde did not know what to do. She was set to be married to the Devil of Donnachaidh. If she denied her stepmother she would punish her but Evelinde wondered if the Devil was so bad especially after they kissed. Evelinde knew she was going to go with the Devil himself but what she did not expect was the man beneath the name.

Cullen, Laird of Donnachaidh is known as the Devil. He bears the name well but those who know him best understand the man underneath. He does not speak much but his actions show the true man inside. Cullen is happy with the choice of brides but what confounds him is how to make his wife happy. He wants her to trust him but she wants him to open up. They will bump heads but danger will be around the corner and another accident could happen.

Starting the book I was completely immersed into the stories dialogue right away and intrigued about the Devil himself, Cullen. I liked how Sands made him a man of action and not much on talking. But what was even a better transition was how the character Evelinde was able to make him want to change.

Evelinde from the first page was your strong heroine who you wanted to cheer on and have her find happiness away from her stepmother. You wouldn’t think it was in the arms of the devil.

The banter between the two was fun and I liked that Cullen was a good man. It was nice not reading about a laird who was angry all the time. Sands keeps the story light with the few accidents which happen in the book and you will find out the truth about those accidents that made Cullen the Devil to some.

I am interested in reading the next book of the series, Taming of the Highland Bride, where Evelinde’s brother will be fighting his way to win the heart of a Scottish woman who he is betrothed.

Call It Destiny by Jayne Ann Krentz

Looking through some of the books I found that I still have not read a few of Krentz’s books so I picked up Call it Destiny.  The book is one of her older ones but still amazingly good to read.

“Heather Strand is a successful businesswoman, and is looking for a marriage.  Ready to assume control of her family’s Tuscon resort, she wanted one man at her side, Jake Cavender.  It was a calculated deal, pure and simple, one that would be profitable for both.  Nothing stood in the way of their successful partnership.

Except betrayal.  Now she’s leveraging an impromptu buyout, leaving her groom standing at the alter.  Heather is not a woman willing to relinquish the upper hand, especially  to a man who’s getting under her skin and awakening in her something she lost long ago.  A man who wants her on his terms.”

The book was excellent in the simple fact that it was well written and had well thought out characters.  I especially loved the two main ones, Heather and Jake.  They are complete opposites and perfect for each other even if they do not see it.

Heather is a wild child but toned it down until she came back home.  I found it strange that she was going into a business deal marriage but then she finds out that all it not what it was thought to be.  Jake and her father are holding back information that makes Heather resort to her impulses.

Jake is a cool, calculated man that is very good with the business.  He wanted Heather working beside him and in his bed.  When she leaves the wedding he does not sit ideally by and wait for her.  No he goes and finds her.  He needs to be with her.

Once the two reach the point of going to bed together Heather knows that she loves him but needs more time and Jake lets her go to the cabin where something will be waiting for Heather.  This something is Rick Monroe her once boyfriend and he wants something of Heather.

And when danger strikes Jake will be there for Heather but will that be enough for her to really give in to marriage?

This was a very entertaining book to read with Heathers continual changes of moods.  But the romance behind it is wonderful.  It is a modern take of a romance novel and enjoyable to read.