Rock Solid

Connor Prescott wanted more when it came to relationships but he seemed to be unable to forget the one who had gotten away. He had been with her almost three years ago and only knew her first name. Then by chance he will get a call from her three years later and she will give him unexpected news.

Rock Solid is the fourth book to the series Book Boyfriend by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. I liked this novel. Like the others it was fun, fast and steamy but I will say that out of all the books I would have to rank this one my least favorite. I suppose I just wasn’t pulled into the story as much but again it was well written and I was happy with the ending.

Connor for me was lovable like all the other guys, he was someone you wanted in your corner and he was sweet. The mystery woman, Katie, was heartbroken when she met Connor. She just wanted a one night stand. I did like that this was not a story of her holding on to a secret because she did not trust him. She was holding on to her secret because she honestly could not find Connor.

Overall this Book Boyfriend series was worth reading.

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters

Kelly Murphy is a tulip farmer with her father who she is very close to since her mother had left thirteen years ago. Her sister had left them three years after their mom. Then after ten years away her sister Olivia will walk through the door hoping to reconnect with her family.

Secrets of the Tulip Sisters is a novel by Susan Mallery. I haven’t read anything from Susan Mallery in awhile but I was given a free copy of this book and thought to try it out. I was blown away with this book, I really loved it. I was hooked right away and felt for the characters as if they were old friends.

The life of these Murphy sisters is very complicated especially with the secrets they are holding from each other. I wouldn’t go into the secrets they are holding back from each other but they are secrets that will hurt each other. I loved that even though the sisters were at odds half the time they were still sisters, there was still love there. The other story that is being told other than Kelly and Olivia is Helen, who is Kelly’s friend. Her story was engaging as well and its all connected to the Murphy family.

What drove me crazy was the mom who flew back into their lives. I wouldn’t go too much into the situation but let it be said that she is a truly selfish person. Then there is the father. I really liked him but he frustrated me as he didn’t stand up to his ex-wife. Though by the end I was back to really liking his character again.

This was a really engaging and enjoyable novel.

Whose’s seeing double?

Having a twin is great. Having a twin and not knowing for twenty six years not so great. Cara Summers will entertain you with her series Wrong Bed: Again and Again. Cara starts the series with Twin Seduction.

Jordan Ware just lost her mother to a hit and run. It is all confusing as she now will have to help run the business she has been working in but there is a new person in her life, her twin sister. Separated at birth Jordan never knew about Maddie and neither did she know about Jordan. With the twins reunited they must follow their mothers instructions and switch lives for three weeks. Jordan will venture to Santa Fe and Maddie to New York.Jordan will be quite lonely on the ranch until she meets up with the rancher Cash Landry.

Cash wants to check on Maddie and see how she is surviving the storm but things esculate and finds her on the couch. Feelings start out of now where as he views a new Maddie. That night changes everything for Cash but he will find himself with another woman, Jordan.

The two are sexually driven and have chemistry something he never had with Maddie or even wanted. Together they come together but not just in the sheets as now Jordan and Maddie are being subjected to threats on their lives.

Doing this in a short novel was a great idea. Summers keeps you involved in the characters, Jordan and Cash, lives while giving little insight of what is happening on Maddie’s end. In Twin Temptation¬†you will get Maddie’s story.

Every character was intriguing and pulled you into the story further. You found out about what happened between their parents and its sad that neither got to know each other’s parent but Summers reigns it in for a happy ending.

The story itself was light with sexual desire but a sense of danger which added to the plot to keep you going. You wanted to find out what else could happen to Jordan and Cash. And who is behind all this trouble.

I am interested in reading the sequel to this series to see what Maddie goes through as Summer’s gives little preview throughout the book.

Get tempted and pick up Twin Seduction.