Highlander for the Holidays

highlander for the holidaysJessie Pringle had survived a brutal attack and came out of the attack with scars on the outside of her body and inside. Jessie moved to Maine to start a new life where she was not the victim. She will meet a man, Ian MacKeage, who attracts her and has her taking the next step. Though before she starts a new life there are questions that Jessie will start to ask about her tragic night as her memory lapse started to clear up.

Highlander for the Holidays is the eighth book to the series Pine Creek Highlanders series by Janet Chapman. I really liked this book which has finished up the series. I thought there was a little more mystery to the book especially with the tragic past which Jessie survived.

Jessie’s character intrigued me when I found out that she had a rescue dog. I wanted to know what had happened and why the dog was there to help her. I also wanted to make sure that she found her happiness with Ian with her going through so much and for her find out what really happened that night. Now Ian’s character I was confused for just a moment. For one moment thought he was the original Ian that was introduced in the first book. Well obviously that didn’t make sense as he would be an older man. This Ian was the son of Sadie and Morgan which is written into the story. I really liked Ian. He was a little laid back but very protective of Jessie especially when he finds out about her past. I liked that Ian was like his father and telling Jessie that scars did not matter. His kindness will have you cheering for him and Jessie to be happy.

The villain I had to say was predictable for me. I only guessed one person and I was right. There were many clues about the person that had murdered Jessie’s husband and had injured Jessie in the process.

I thought that Chapman gave a great ending for Jessie and Ian that followed well for Pine Creek Highlanders series.

Wedding the Highlander

Wedding the highlanderLibby Hart was running away from a shocking discovery. She healed two people but it was not from her skills as a doctor. She healed them with power that she never knew she had. Libby needed to get away and finds herself in Maine and letting herself live a different life with a man who was not from her time.

Michael MacBain had loved twice and was not in the mood to love another woman but his eight year old thinks differently. Michael will be setup with Libby and Michael can not be angry as he has immediate attraction towards this woman.

Wedding the Highlander is the third book to Janet Chapman’s series Pine Creek Highlanders. I have been enjoying this series so far and the third book is another fun book to read from Chapman. There is some humor and supernatural with the magic. I liked that the character Libby was a little different as well. She had a gift of healing which had her fleeing as it freaked her out. She doesn’t really embrace the powers but she will grateful for these powers later. I liked the character of Michael as he has become less serious. His heart has healed from Mary’s death and he was ready to find love again, with the help of his son. Though there is still that highlander attitude they all have but Michael wasn’t as pushy as some of the others. I liked that he didn’t really push Libby as he gave her time, at least some time.

This book jumped eight years later which meant that Mary’s and Michael’s child, Robbie, was not a baby anymore but a young man. He was very opinionated but his heart was always in the right place. Now from the description of the fourth book, I jumped ahead and looked at the summary of the book, I noticed that the character was Robbie MacBain. I am definitely interested in reading about Robbie who has become a man and how he turned out.

Now back to the third book there was a little more of magic mentioned. First with Libby and then there was always the priest who really was nothing but mischief. He is a character that really seems on the side but he was the sole reason the highlanders were even in the modern world.

I am reading the fourth book next, which is Tempting the Highlander.

Charming the Highlander

Charming the highlanderGrace Sutter was coming home to spread her sisters ashes and to give her sisters baby to the baby’s father. She will come into trouble when the plane she rides in crashes. She will be saved by a stranger who was another passenger, Greylan.

Greylen MacKeage was adjusting to his new life for the last four years all the while searching for the woman that would be his destiny. He will find that woman in Grace Stutter. He will want her the moment they meet and he will have to fight hard to win her hand.

Charming the Highlander is the first book to Pine Creek Highlander series by Janet Chapman. I thought this was a good book. The plot to me felt light and when reading the book I flew through the pages. This series has eight book which I have checked out from my library. I have decided to try out this series which was a long time coming. I have already read one book from this series but it’s been a while. I don’t exactly remember the plot but do remember that it was a series I wanted to read from the beginning.

Grace was a brilliant scientist but will have a tragedy hit her and throw her on a new path. I liked that Grace did not stop, she fought to do what was right. When she meets Greylan there is an immediate response that she has towards him and it only grows and gets pretty lustful. Greylan is a highlander from another time. He is old fashioned as that was the time he had grown up in, which can get a little overbearing when he wants something.

The magic aspect was interesting as it took these great warriors from their land to a modern day world. The magic really didn’t surround the book as I thought it would which was not a problem. I liked that these warriors were in present day and learning how to deal with the twenty first century.

I will be reading Loving the Highlander next.

Emilie by Cherie Claire

Upholding a household, refusing a proposal, dressing like a man and adventuring out to the bayou country to find her father were just a few things Emilie Gallant had to endure.

“Striking beautiful and stubbornly defiant, Emilie Gallant was used to fighting her own battles.  But when she arrived in bayou country hoping to track down her long-lost father, the spirited Acadian found herself struggling to safeguard her own heart.  As a child growing up in the Canadian village of Grand Pre, Emilie had worshipped Lorenz Landry.  Yet the Lorenz she meets on the banks of the Mississippi is not the boy she knew, but a ruggedly masculine stranger who fills her with longing.  Now, as they’re thrown together in treacherous territory, perilous days give way to sultry nights…and to a love that cannot be denied.”

As a romance novel I was immediately drawn to Emilie and Lorenz who were fighting love well only one, Emilie.  Emilie fought tooth and nail to not accept Lorenz’s proposal of marriage.  They have been friends since childhood and Emilie has been in love with him but would that be enough.  Emilie has been the head of her household as they were separated from their father.  She has been in charge of her family and has seen the hardship her mother had to endure without her husband at her side, she didn’t want to loose her own husband in Lorenz.  Though Emilie is attracted to Lorenz she can’t admit to it, she is afraid of being like her mother.  If something happened to him she would be alone and lose half of her soul.  And since Lorenz is impetuous, Emilie is afraid that he will be taken away like her father.  Lorenz finally understands Emilie behavior but he still must have her admit her love.

Through their struggle of coming together as a couple Emilie and Lorenz fought their way to Louisiana in hopes to find Emilie long lost father.  Befriending new friends they were able to get to thier destination only to be surprised by their own family had also journeyed the way with the help of their own suitors but disappointed as news of her father got back to them.  Supposedly he was finding his way back to their home town.  This was a disappointment for all of them since they have left there.  But they knew he would find them when he knew where they went.

I loved the book, the trials Emilie put herself through, the sisters relationships they built but I wished I knew for certain that the father did find his way home.  But in the romance way there is always a happy ending.

“The Stranger in Her Bed”

After putting the first book down in Janet Chapman’s Logger series I anticipated what would happen now with Ethan who at the end of the book was fired by the foreman who was a woman.

“Janet Chapman introduced the Knights, an ambitious logging family whose fortunes and hearts are tied to the rugged mountains of Maine.  Now, Ethan Knight is drawn into the family business…and deep into temptation.”

In this book Ethan will be the boss of the Loon Cove Lumber because no one in his family were able to do such.  The foreman who was hit by Ethan was a girl who had to leave at age eleven.  Anna who used to be Abby Fox has for the past eighteen years lived in Canda but when her grandfather is killed his will gives everything to her.  Anna inherites Fox Mill but no one in the town in supposed to know who she really is.

A love hate relationship starts to build between Ethan and Anna, more on the love side for Anna because he was her childhood crush.  Ethan was the boy who saved her those eighteen years ago.

This book is a great read bringing back all the characters in the first one and adding new ones.  Paul the womanaizer will be getting a surprise his previous girlfriend and will not be at all mad about it.  Grady is still the protective father.  Alex and Sarah very much in love with each other and their children.

But I think the thing that kept getting me to turn those pages were the fact that I wanted to know what happened to her those eighteen years.  I had many thoughts going through my head but all I kept thinking was “what happened in her past that was so tragic?”  Also “was Samuel murdered or was it just an accident?”

Luckily those questions were answered or I would have been a little angry.  Of course everything worked out in the end and left me smiling as I closed the book, which is always a nice feeling.