Duke of Desire

Lady Iris Jordan had been taken mistakenly. She will be rescued but at the time she had not known that the Duke of Dyemore was trying to rescue her. She will have to stay with him until the Lords of Chaos stop looking for her.

Duke of Dyemore, Raphael, is a cynical man who was trying to help someone in danger, someone that had intrigued him. By saving Iris he set his life and hers in jeopardy.

Duke of Desire is the twelfth book to the series Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I liked the book as I always enjoy Elizabeth Hoyt’s Maiden Lane series but I will say this is not my favorite. The series is veering off from the Ghost which I really loved. Although the Lord of Chaos has been intriguing but with this book it is really going into the detail of these men and its a little disturbing.

The character of Iris was a little boring in the previous book but she came alive in this book. I liked that she was a fighter and brave. Raphael’s character is someone who has been damaged a long time ago. Iris will help try and heal him but it will be tough. Raphael will get a revenge of sorts to help stop the group that hurt him.

Now, I have two novellas to read next from the series.

Duke of Pleasure

duke-of-pleasureHugh Fitzroy, the Duke of Kyle was on a mission to stop the Lords of Chaos. He will find help from a boy from St. Giles, Alf. Though Hugh will realize quickly that Alf is more than he appears, specifically that Alf is a girl.

Alf has disguised herself as a boy for as long as she could remember. It was easier to get around St. Giles as a boy. But Alf had another secret, she was also the Ghost of St. Giles. Alf will find herself helping Hugh and that interaction will lead her to have feelings for him.

Duke of Pleasure is the eleventh book to the series Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really loved this book. It has been interesting learning about these vile Lords of Chaos and I loved that the Ghost of St. Giles was a woman.

Hugh’s character to me seemed a little too stuck up in the other books but as I got to know his character I found he was a brave man and committed to his task. Also, that he loved his sons, he just might not be able to show it. Actually Hugh has a problem expressing his feelings no matter what which is evident with how he acts with Alf. Though when push comes to shove Hugh will get it right. Alf’s character was intriguing. She was the one who got the information and she fought to protect those around her. I liked that even when she had to dress up as a lady the real woman was still there and not lost in all the glitz of the ball.

I liked the mystery of the Lords of Chaos. They are the evil guys and they need to be stopped. It looks like they will be here to stay as they will be in the next story. I am wondering who will be the person to stop the group.

I can’t wait to read Duke of Desire which will come out in October of 2017.

Once Upon a Moonlit Night

Once Upon a Moonlit NightHippolyta Royle was having a very bad night as she was running away from a duke who was blackmailing her so he could marry her. Hippolyta will find help from a man in a carriage even though he doesn’t believe her story.

Matthew Mortimer was on his way to his family home when his carriage was stopped. He will find a young woman who claimed to be an heiress. Matthew doesn’t believe the woman but he will help her anyways, then he finds out she was telling the truth.

Once Upon a Moonlit Night is number 10.5 in the series Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really loved this novella. I loved that Hoyt starts off Hippolyta’s story right where the tenth book ended her part in story.

Hippolyta’s character was privileged but she wasn’t stuck up. She was a kind girl who was just trying to survive in this new environment. I thought she was a little too soft spoken at times but that was just because she was shy. She became more talkative about her life with Matthew which was what she had been hiding from everyone. By being brave and talking about herself gives her the strength to stand up to those who would look down upon her. Matthew’s character was a man who worked and now he had inherited an earldom which he wasn’t looking forward to having. He was determined to make things work, he was also a kind man as well as passionate. I liked that he showed that compassionate side and helped Hippolyta even though he had no obligation.

I am really looking forward to the eleventh book which I will be reading next.

Duke of Sin

Duke of SinValentine Napier, the Duke of Montgomery dealt in secrets and blackmailing anyone he wanted. Though Val will find his latest scheme is being stopped by his housekeeper, who suddenly caught his attention.

Bridget Crumb was on a mission to find out what Val was blackmailing a person in Bridget’s life. She was desperate to find the objects but she will get sidetracked when Val makes his presence known in her life.

Duke of Sin is the tenth book of the series Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really loved this book. I had been waiting to read this book as I was fascinated with Val and how evil he was, and he really was evil in the book.

Val’s character was a villain. There was a lot a bad in this man as he was blackmailing anyone and everyone but I found myself discovering the good as well. He wouldn’t necessarily be a hero at first glance, but it was there. I would say he was a white knight but his armor was tarnished. He shows his good side with how he protects his sister and how he helps those around him, well helps them in his own way. I really loved the interaction between him and Bridget. He was showing her how he was a horrible man but as he was around her, he kept letting his guard down little by little. Now Bridget’s character was interesting. She really took her job as a housekeeper seriously. She made sure everyone who was supposed to do their jobs got them done. Though there was more to Bridget and that intrigued me. I liked the secret she carried and how it played later on in the book. I also really liked that she was strong enough to want to love Val, to care for him when very few had done so before her.

I am reading Once Upon a Moonlit Night next which is a novella with the character Hippolyta Royle who was in this novel. I read the summary and it sounds like it takes place where her story had ended in the novel and I am looking forward to reading her story.

Sweetest Scoundrel

Sweetest ScoundrelMiss Eve Dinwoody is the bastard sister of Duke of Montgomery. She loved her blackmailing brother but disliked what he did to others. She will soon find herself in charge of her brothers money for Harte’s Folly. Eve could handle the bookkeeping but could not handle the owner, Asa.

Asa Makepeace aka Mr. Harte had been working at the theater since he was seventeen years. Asa had worked hard to make sure his theater was a success and he was close to the new opening, only one problem stood in his way, Eve Dinwoody. Asa knew he could not charm her like his other women, Asa would have to work hard to have Eve trust him.

Sweetest Scoundrel is the ninth book to the Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really loved this book. I was happy to have Hoyt going back to the family that started the series, the Makepeace’s.

Asa’s character was a man who followed a path he knew that his family didn’t want. He was passionate and good at his job. I really liked him though in the beginning I did think that Asa was an ass to Eve. Though Eve was being cold to him as well. They each had their own reasons for being how they were and it was interesting how Hoyt wrote their back stories, especially Eve’s. You knew that something terrible had happened to her especially with her reaction to certain things that happened at the theater. The truth will be revealed and its pretty bad but things do get better for Eve especially when Asa starts helping. Eve’s character was shy and scared. She cared for those who were close but she was too scared to really take a step out of her own shadow. She will be able to take that step thanks to Asa.

The villain was unknown until close to the end when Hoyt revealed the truth. I felt that with the villain things moved very quickly at the end. I wouldn’t have minded a little more but in the end I got what I wanted with what happened to the villain.

The next book to the Maiden Lane comes out this May. This one will be with Val, the Duke of Montgomery and with Mrs. Crumb. I have a feeling this one will have a lot of secrets and some twist as these are not exactly honest characters. I can’t wait to read their story.

Dearest Rogue

Dearest RogueLady Phoebe Batten needed to live her life but her brother the Duke of Wakefield kept her from the life she wanted because she was blind. Phoebe would not let her brother stop her from going out, though she would be followed by her ever present bodyguard, Captain James Trevillion.

Captain James Trevillion job was to protect Lady Phoebe from danger. Until recently it was just to make sure she did not get hurt from falling down, now she is in real danger from kidnappers. James will do anything to protect her from the danger.

Dearest Rogue is the eighth book to the series Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. Absolutely loved this book, is definitely one of my favorites from Hoyt.

I had been hoping that Phoebe would get her story since she had first been mentioned in the second book. I wasn’t sure if she would since she was going blind but I am happy that Hoyt wrote the story. Phoebe’s character is full of longing. She wants to explore and be normal but her eyesight has faded. I like that she does not give up, though its hard with her brother who is keeping her too protected. Throughout the book Phoebe will get braver and learn to really fight for what she wanted. Now James has been around in the book for quite sometime as a man of law. He gets injured which has him going from the law to bodyguard of Phoebe’s. I didn’t really know if I liked James because you didn’t really know him but in this book you get to know the man and there is much more to him. I found his past interesting and liked that you got to read a different side to him.

The danger for Phoebe was the kidnapping, and there were several. It was James’s job to protect her from this danger. So the person behind Phoebe’s kidnapping was not acknowledged until close to the very end but there was a twist at the end with the danger that surrounded Phoebe.

Well I had previously said that the character Duke of Montgomery had intrigued me, he still does but he is definitely more villain than I had thought. I will be interested in reading his story, if he has one which I hope because I would wager he is not quite the villain that he portrays especially when you can see he loves his sister.

So mentioning his sister, Eve, she will be in the ninth book of the series which comes out later this year. In this book Eve was not a villain but she certainly played a part that put others in danger. Can’t wait to read her story.

Darling Beast

Darling BeastApollo Greaves, Viscount Kilbourne, has been convicted of murdering three of his friends four years ago. With the help of his now brother-in-law he escaped but he was still not free to take his place in society. He will have to find the murderer and will be helped by some unexpected allies. Though he will be distracted when an actress, Lily, captured his attention.

Lily Stump was a famous actress and playwright even though no one knew that fact. Lily, her son and a servant named Maude were temporarily living at Harte’s Folly while it was being restored. There will be one problem that happens which is finding a mute man in the gardens who is not who she thinks.

Darling Beast is the seventh book to the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt. I had bought this book awhile ago but had not gotten the chance to read the book until now. Usually the books I buy take a while to read because I am always checking out books from my library. Well I picked it up now because I also have the eighth book from the series. Alright so Darling Beast was a book that I really liked.

I was excited to read Apollo’s story because of his sister Artemis. I had really liked her character in the sixth book and her interaction with her brother. I wanted to know what had happened three years ago as you knew that Apollo was not the murderer. It was interesting with Apollo as he could not talk, he only could write down his words. I felt for the first half of the book there was a gentler side to Apollo especially as he interacted with Lily’s child. There is a dangerous side to Apollo but only when he is protecting those he loves. Now Lily is a confident actress who knows what she has to do in life. She protects those that she loves. When she interacts with Apollo I really liked them together especially when it started out with him just being a gardener. That let Lily really get to know the man and not the title or the scandal that was part of his life.

The mystery of the murderer was prevalent in the book as that was a major part of the plot. The question of who was the real murderer had stumped me, which I liked. I waiting for the big reveal. There is another little surprise that is with Lily and her past. I knew the mystery but only a small part of it.

I found that Hoyt was writing in some recurring names and new names that I know will most likely be given their own story. I figure that Miss Royal will have her own story and possibly Duke Montgomery who is an intriguing character.

I am excited to read the eighth book next which is with Phoebe, the sister of Duke Wakefield.

Duke of Midnight

Duke of MidnightArtemis Greaves was a companion to her cousin but what occupied her thoughts was her twin brother who was locked up. She will find herself distracted by a certain duke who will be more than he lets on to the public. She will use the knowledge to free her brother but will get more than she bargained for.

Duke of Wakefield, Maximus Batten, was looking for a wife that would fit his title. He finds the perfect one but it is her cousin that has his attention even as she is blackmailing him. Maximus will fight the blackmail but will soon get sucked into helping Artemis while trying to find his parent’s killer.

Duke of Midnight is the sixth book to the Maiden Lane series from Elizabeth Hoyt. I placed my request back in October and finally got it. I had several books to read first before I could even crack open the pages of this novel, but once I got to it I knew I would not be able to put it down and I was right. Personally for me this series gets better and better but I have to say this one was my favorite. I sat down and read until the very last page taking no breaks. I wanted to find out what would become Maximus’s act of revenge and how would his story with Artemis be written.

The characters of Artemis and Maximus were made for each other but his need to do his honor held him back. He sought out another, Penelope. She really wasn’t a bad person but not that smart either. It did look like Penelope was to be the wife for a good part of the book but Hoyt would never let that happen for Artemis and Maximus were truly meant to be together.  There was something sensual and raw about them together. There was no holding back with what they wanted sexually and they filled a void in each others lives that was enduring.

The whole mystery of Maximus’s past kept the novel going without a doubt as there were a lot of little clues that led you closer and closer to the truth. The other ghost played a small part at the end which I loved. I liked how Apollo was brought into the story and look forward to learning more about him and what happened that night of the murder he was accused of. One clue was an emerald which was leading you down a path that I had thought was the killer but was completely mislead.

With the tragedy that fell upon Maximus’s, his parents murder, and his valet reminded me of Batman and Alfred which was not a bad thing only an observation as I love the movies of Batman. So aside from the similarities I found this was an amazing book to read and I really can’t wait for the next one which I have no idea when that will be but it will be interesting as Asa looks to be the main character.

Lord of Darkness

Lord of DarknessLady Margaret Reading has come back to her husband she married of two years to get the one thing she desires, a baby. Losing her love and her unborn baby was devastating for Megs but now she is ready to have that happiness again, she just didn’t expect to find it with her husband.

Godric St John is a man who works well in the dark, he thrives on it. He is shaken with the arrival of his wife especially as his first encounter with her, she is  trying to kill him, as she sees him as the ghost and not her husband. Godric will go along with the intrusion and will find himself leaving the dark little by little.

First off I love this series. The Maiden Lane series is one of the best regency romance ones out there, at least for me. The series stays away from the glamour of the balls and society and stays in the dark shadows of the slums of London. Now I had wanted to start Lord of Darkness a couple nights ago but there was another book I had to finish as it was due, but once that was finished I quickly jumped into Elizabeth Hoyt’s world.

Now having read the series in a row the fourth book explained who the ghost was but there was a surprise as he was not the only one. Godric also plays the ghost in the series which was fantastic as it let the series continue with the mystery of the ghost. I liked that you learned more of an origin of the ghost at least from Godric’s perspective. He was a really well drawn out character and Hoyt describes him well and his past. He was mourning for the life he used to have and was living in the past. Megs was his salvation.

At the end of the fourth book I wasn’t sure if I would like Megs but in the first few pages I found I loved her character. She was sweet, energetic, determined and above all good for Godric. Hoyt weaves their story very well that you will cheer for them to have that happy ending.

The mystery of the lassie snatchers was well written as it integrated with Roger’s murder two years ago. You couldn’t place the murderer right away as Hoyt gives you several possibilities.

Now what I didn’t expect was there are more ghost than Winter and Godric. I should have guessed as the idea of the ghost had been around for years. This is a great way to keep the story alive and fresh with more possibilities.

The next story is coming out in October which is a while away but this series is certainly worth the wait. You are given a few pages to Duke of Midnight at the end of the fifth book. I was thrilled to find out that it was going to be with Artemis which wasn’t hard to guess as she was featured more in this book. From reading small parts with her in them I found myself wanting to know more especially with her twin brother, and of course the new ghost who will be interacting with her. My guess is of course the Duke Penelope is after as Hoyt showed him talking cruelly about Aretmis.

For those who haven’t read this series I recommend it and try to start in the beginning with Wicked Intentions where it all started.

Thief of Shadows

Thief of ShadowsWinters Makepeace has been hiding a secret from his family for nine years. Winters is the St. Giles Ghost. He protects those who can not in this area of crime but now Winter’s life is being thrown off its axis. He will meet a woman who has his heart beating faster and a bigger problem as his secret is no longer his own. He will have to protect the children, protect Isabel and then himself.

Lady Isabel Beckinhall is a wealthy widow with money to spend and plenty time on her hands. She starts to invest in the foundling house for children but then her attention diverts to the manger of the house, Winters. He is too quiet and not dignified for her taste but soon she starts to wonder about him. She is shocked to find that he is the Ghost who she saved and even more shocked to find that he was getting under her skin.

This Maiden Lane series keeps going strong with each book Elizabeth Hoyt writes. The fourth book Thief of Shadows was entertaining as the previous ones have been. The masked ghost of St. Giles is unmasked! Reading the series you had a feeling that Winters was going to be playing a bigger role. I liked Winters as our masked vigilantist for St. Giles. Winters it appeared had a split personality when it came to this series. For me it was a little strange with his control that threatened to burst his composure. He fought two sides of himself like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Then we have Isabel who was a feisty woman throughout the book that had backbone with her own faults.

In this story I have to say I wasn’t sure of the villain with any of the hints. I had a couple on my list but none were the correct villain. Now the next book to the series does not come out until the month of February in 2013 which is not too far away. Hoyt leaves us with a twist at the end with our next character that I did not see coming. I am interested in how Meg and Godric will get along in Hoyt’s fifth book Lord of Darkness.