CompelledWhen Raphael was released from Mathilda’s magical cuffs, Cyn made a promise to Nick that she would help find them. Cyn will be confused about Nick as everything she knew about him had been a lie, but a promise was a promise. Cyn, Raphael and Nick will search together to find the magical cuffs which will lead them to a dangerous collector.

Compelled is a novella, number 10.5, to the series Vampires in America by D.B Reynolds. This one took a turn and was focused more on magic with Nick as a sorcerer, which was interesting. I liked this one, did not love it, but certainly liked it.

I suppose I am biased because I don’t want someone coming in between Cyn and Raphael. Nick was very flirty with Cyn and I was happy that she was in no way reciprocating those flirts. Cyn’s heart belongs to Raphael. I was happy to read that he really did not want to get back with Cyn since they were really never together but he was lonely. Nick’s character does get better towards the end of the novella. He is still sarcastic but he is changed as he was determined to change.¬† I will admit the story with his warriors was interesting, this also brings in four more stories that D.B. Reynolds will be writing. There are two of those stories already written for two of the warriors. I do hope that Nick will find his own person to love especially if he has been alone for thousands of years and I would like to know more about Nick and his powers. Also the war between sorcerers and vampires.

The collector was the dangerous element of the book. He was a interesting bad guy but it was a very short scene as it was a novella. What irked me was that Cyn has not learned to go into the dangerous places. She had caution a couple books ago but in this novella she was back to being reckless with no back up.

I am reading Lucifer next.


DeceptionRaphael and Cyn must face a dangerous situation when someone from Raphael’s past kidnaps him while he is in Hawaii. An enemy from Europe has descended and wants Raphael’s territory.

Deception is the ninth book to the series Vampires in Americas by D. B. Reynolds. I really loved this book. It was intense with Raphael’s kidnapping and how Cyn and the team find a way to save him.

Cyn’s character is once again a bad ass. With every book she is getting more and more blood thirsty. I don’t want her to appear so invincible but I do love the kick ass attitude. She is a woman who would do whatever she needed to protect her mate. I loved that Raphael and Cyn have a connection as that helps them talk to each other in their dreams, which was helpful.

The villain, Mathilda was pretty viscous but really only in the cunning way. She was a woman who liked to get her way and when she didn’t get her way she had a temper tantrum. Mathilda’s way of capturing Raphael was underhanded as she using a lot of vampires and magic. The magic aspect was interesting which it sounds like there will be more with Nick’s character. I had liked Nick in the first book because he was just a guy but I don’t want him causing problems. I just really hope that a love triangle doesn’t happen with Cyn, Raphael and Nick. It is not needed.

I am reading Christian next.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildWhen I heard that Harry Potter was being continued I was hesitant to buy the book. I had loved Harry Potter and I really didn’t want more because I was satisfied with what I had. But as an avid reader of Harry Potter I had to read the book, the curiosity was driving me crazy. So I was given¬†Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and let me say that I actually liked it. There were some issues I had with it but overall I thought it was really good. What threw me was the format. When I had gotten the book it didn’t occur to me it would be in play form, I guess I was just not thinking. Well once I got over that bit of news I went straight to reading the story.

The story starts right off where the seventh book ends which is nineteen years later. Harry and his friends are at the train station and they are dropping off their children to go to Hogwarts. Albus (Harry and Ginny’s child) will be the main character along with Scorpious (Draco’s child) and it will be telling their story once they are at Hogwarts. I wouldn’t go into great detail so not to spoil it. All I will say is those boys will be changing a lot of things and there will be consequences.

Now there are some out there that didn’t like the book and that’s fine as we all have our own opinions and likes and dislikes. This book is not like the other books because it is not a book but a play. It is written in dialogue and scene direction so there are no places for the characters thoughts, but honestly it didn’t bother me. I thought that the characters stayed true to who they were in the books. I also liked that you got to know more about what was happening in the characters life, where they ended up in life. And of course there were some good twist that were very entertaining to read.

The Sandman Series

The Sandman Volume 1So I haven’t posted anything for a while now because I have been on the task to read an entire graphic novel collection, which has 12 volumes, and these are not small comics. The majority of the volumes are 200 hundred pages worth. The graphic novel series I decided to try was the Sandman. This series had been recommended to me awhile ago and I had decided now was the time to try it out. I was told specifically to start at the beginning of the series with volume one, The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes. This series is written by Neil Gaiman.

Well the story is basically about this man who wants immortality and decides to imprison Death. Though something went wrong and they captured Death’s brother. Dream was captured for a human’s lifespan but then will find a way to get out of the prison. Now that was just the first volume. Things will continue with the character Dream and Death. There were will many stories that will interconnect and many of them are definitely weird.

Alright first thought about the graphic novel series was that I liked but it did not start out like that. I will say the beginning I felt lost and confused with the story. I was like that with the other book that I read from Gaiman which was Stardust. I had liked the book, but I liked the movie better, though it definitely was strange. He is not an author I would run to read but every now and then try I would try another book. Well back to the graphic novel, so I was able to get into the stories and follow along through all the dialogue, and there were some stories that I really liked. Some stories were more on the gruesome side which surprised me.

I found that with reading the graphic novel series the illustrations reminded me of the old comics which I read when I was a kid, and that made sense as the majority of the stories were published in the 90’s.

So overall I thought that the Sandman series was worth reading and Neil Gaiman created a strong fantasy world where many strange things happened.

Only With a Highlander

Only with a HighlanderWinter MacKeage was special according to the priest and had a destiny that would save everyone. Winter was unaware of this destiny and will be shocked to find out that the enemy that was after them was closer than she thought.

Only With a Highlander is the fifth book to the series Pine Creek Highlander by Janet Chapman. I have liked this series since the start but I really liked this book, more than Robbie’s story. I guess its because Winter was talked about since the first book and I was curious to read how her character would be.

I liked Winter. She had a peaceful way of her but very connected with nature. That kind of way about her is in reflection to her destiny and what she really is. I liked that Winter was special but I liked it more that there were choices. That came about towards the end by a loved one which gave Winter that chance and happy ending. Matt is the other main character in the book and he was more than he appeared to be. There is a struggle between villain and hero and he will choose one side.

The magic keeps growing more and more within the series. It takes a bigger part to this book since it is Winter who will be coming into her powers which had been proclaimed since the beginning of the series. I liked the increase of powers and the strange things that followed.

Well there are several surprises with how certain things turned out. Some of them I liked, some I didn’t at least right away. The one I liked the most was one character who was also not from this present day. They are a surprise at the end which shows that Matt and Winter can have what they want.

When I had read the sixth book of the series I had thought it was over. Well there are two more to the series which look to be finishing up the series. I will be first reread the sixth book and move on to the last two books of the series.

Wedding the Highlander

Wedding the highlanderLibby Hart was running away from a shocking discovery. She healed two people but it was not from her skills as a doctor. She healed them with power that she never knew she had. Libby needed to get away and finds herself in Maine and letting herself live a different life with a man who was not from her time.

Michael MacBain had loved twice and was not in the mood to love another woman but his eight year old thinks differently. Michael will be setup with Libby and Michael can not be angry as he has immediate attraction towards this woman.

Wedding the Highlander is the third book to Janet Chapman’s series Pine Creek Highlanders. I have been enjoying this series so far and the third book is another fun book to read from Chapman. There is some humor and supernatural with the magic. I liked that the character Libby was a little different as well. She had a gift of healing which had her fleeing as it freaked her out. She doesn’t really embrace the powers but she will grateful for these powers later. I liked the character of Michael as he has become less serious. His heart has healed from Mary’s death and he was ready to find love again, with the help of his son. Though there is still that highlander attitude they all have but Michael wasn’t as pushy as some of the others. I liked that he didn’t really push Libby as he gave her time, at least some time.

This book jumped eight years later which meant that Mary’s and Michael’s child, Robbie, was not a baby anymore but a young man. He was very opinionated but his heart was always in the right place. Now from the description of the fourth book, I jumped ahead and looked at the summary of the book, I noticed that the character was Robbie MacBain. I am definitely interested in reading about Robbie who has become a man and how he turned out.

Now back to the third book there was a little more of magic mentioned. First with Libby and then there was always the priest who really was nothing but mischief. He is a character that really seems on the side but he was the sole reason the highlanders were even in the modern world.

I am reading the fourth book next, which is Tempting the Highlander.

Loving the Highlander

Loving the highlanderSadie Quill was on a mission to find a legendary gold mine which had been her father’s quest. She will stumble upon a naked man in a valley and could not help but stop and stare. She will be chased off by the man and is shocked when they come face to face again.

Morgan MacKeage wanted Sadie but to protect his valley was too important to let a woman get involved. He will not hold out for long as he helps Sadie with her task and he will find himself falling in love. But there is danger as they search for the legendary gold mine.

Loving the Highlander is the second book to the series Pine Creek Highlanders by Janet Chapman. I liked this book, it was another good book from this series.

I liked Sadie’s character. She wasn’t the small petite woman but one that was six feet tall and had some scars which came when she had survived a fire. Because of those traits she thought herself not as beautiful. Morgan will see through the scars and see her beauty, which I loved. I liked that Sadie was on a quest to find the legendary gold mine which was something her father had been looking for before he had died. Morgan was one of the highlanders that had traveled through time. I liked his character but he was a little annoying at times with how he handled situations. He was from a different time so it was understandable but he had some time to adjust. He doesn’t really change when he meets Sadie but he becomes a man who is determined to keep the woman he loves safe and by his side.

Magic in the book is very present especially towards the end. I liked how Chapman changed one of the characters towards the end which gave them an unexpected surprise. The surprise I liked as it gave the characters a chance to find that happiness.

I am reading the third book next.

Practical Magic

practical magicFor two hundred years the Owens women have been talked about and their unusual powers that are part of them. It had been said that any Owens woman who falls in love will only be with that man until he meets an untimely death. It will take Gillian and Sally to break the spell that had been with their family for two hundred years.

Practical Magic is a novel by Alice Hoffman. It surprised me that I had not reviewed this book before. I have read this book many times and have loved it since the first time I read it. I have liked stories with witches since I was little which has lead me to enjoy paranormal romances.

Sally and Gillian are sisters and enemies at times which I find it true to a lot of siblings. I know at times that was how it went with mine. Well I never thought of my younger brother as an enemy but he knew how to push my buttons and I did the same to him. There were times in the book that I didn’t like Gillian but underneath it all she is a good woman and good sister. Sally was always the good sister, anyone could see that, but there were times when she was a little controlling of the situation. She needed to protect everyone which wasn’t a bad thing.

The spell aspect was throughout the book. I liked how Hoffman wrote the Owens using their powers. It wasn’t always spells but more with how the Owens were feeling. Their emotions took over and caused some effect to objects or to those around them.

Now I will say that I had watched the movie first because I didn’t know that there was a book at that time. When my mom told me that there was a book she insisted that I borrow her copy. The movie and book are obviously very similar but there are differences. In the book the daughters of Sally are older than in the movie. I enjoyed that more as you got to see them grow up some and read about the difficulties they encountered being part of the Owens, just like their mom and aunt. In the book you also got to know more about Sally and Gillian. In the movie you get to know the characters but the book expands on the details.

I think that both movie and book are well done, and enjoyable to read and watch over and over at least for me.

Sleeping with the Entity

Sleeping with the EntityDaniella Delaney wanted to make cupcakes and make her store successful but one man was making it very difficult, Nick St. George. He did not make her feel welcomed and wanted her gone. Daniella had no idea why but she was here to stay and determined to dislike him. That was difficult as she was finding him irresistible.

Nick St. George did not want any more humans in his town but it seemed that Daniella wasn’t going to budge. He was shocked that his usual techniques did not work which made her a mystery to him. Nick was determined to find out about this woman and the trouble that seemed to follow her.

Sleeping with the Entity is the first book to the series Entity by Cat Devon. I liked the book. It was kind of quirky with kind of being a little absurd but in a good way because you liked the characters.

This story is set in Chicago all around vampires and a cupcake baker. Daniella is a determined woman with a very sunny disposition especially when it comes to her cupcakes. I liked that when facing Nick she doesn’t fall over him even though she finds him very appealing. I loved the fact that Nick who was a pretty powerful vampire could not use his powers to compel Daniella to do what he wanted. They are kind of like adversaries in a way but obviously they get over that problem as they will be heating up the pages.

The supernatural aspect is a little strange. There are obviously vampires but Daniella is not just a normal human and Devon will explain more as the story goes on. That plays into a part with the bad guy as Daniella was to be a prize worth having.

Based on this first book I will be back to revisit Cat Devon’s series.


StardustTristran Thorn desires the woman he loves, Victoria but she does not share those feelings. He goes on a journey over the Wall to prove his love and bring back the fallen star they both had witnessed. Tristran will travel over the Wall but will discover much more on his journey to the fallen star.

Stardust is a novel written by Neil Gaiman. When first hearing this title it was when the movie premiered. I saw the movie in the theater and soon after it came to DVD I bought it. The movie was in my opinion fun with a good amount of humor and adventure. I was told about the book from my cousin and then I happened to find it at a book sale. I figured since I loved the movie I would most likely love the book.

So I tried the book and it was good. I was thrown by the added facts that the movie definitely did not include from the book. Tristran had a sister and a mother (stepmother). At the end Victoria wasn’t as bad and the ending for Yvaine and Tristran was a little different. Those are to just name a few, but with the difference this was still a good fantasy genre book that was inventive and fun to read.