Blue Moon by Laurell Hamilton

The eighth book of the Anita Blake series was an intense book to read.  Hamilton brings Anita to a knew danger and level of power she doesn’t know how to handle.

In this book, Blue Moon, Anita is out in a new terriotry helping her once fiance Richard get out of jail for attempted rape.  She knows he didn’t do it but with going down there they are getting into a hole new heap of trouble.

I have to say that this book did not lack for any action, and that is action in the fighting sense.  Werewolves, men, witches, vampires, and Anita all were battling it out.  Hamilton is very descriptive in these parts and leaves you with knowing what is going on in the fight.

Another thing she is doing well is the relationships that Anita seems to be acquiring.  It is not to say that it is all sexual because it is not.  The relationships go between the pack and pard.  She is the leader in both of these which is unsual for a human but she is defying reality.  Which I like because it is interesting to see Anita’s powers grow.

Anita is gaining powers between Richard and Jean Claude.  She is able to heal with concentrating on sexual desire.  I find it funny that she cannot conjure that up for these wereanimals.  Later on in the books that is not a big problem.

Anita is changing as a human and she is a little less with every act.  But that does not stop Richard from finally beginning with her.  At first I was yay! they finally got there but after I thought he was still an ass for what he puts her through.  Not always my favorite character.

In Blue Moon it is the last one where there is not a lot of plot with the police which I miss but the plot does continue on.  With Richard’s problem you are pulled in and it keeps flowing even when you think that it is going a little slow.  Through the story you wanted to know what was going to happen, which I knew but it still had me entranced.

Blue Moon is a good story in Hamilton’s series but it is now going towards the darker side of desire and sex which Anita will start to be aligning herself with as the series continues.