Big Shot

Wes Sinclair was adamant about winning the bet which he won fair and square. When he won he got Natalie to be his slave for two weeks. He will find ways to drive Natalie crazy but she will turn the tables on him until they both give in to desire.

Natalie Prescott was determined to win the bet she made with Wes but in the end she will lose, though things will quickly change between them. Natalie will find herself losing the bet but getting much closer to Wes.

Big Shot is the first book to the series Book Boyfriend by Carly Phillips. I really enjoyed this light and steamy read from Carly Phillips. Its a book that you can just sit down and read and enjoy the banter between Wes and Natalie.

Wes was an egotistical male but you could not help and like him. I wanted him to take a chance and just be honest with Natalie but it is hard to cross that boundary. I was cheering for him especially when he showed his gentler side, he was a true romantic at least when it came to Natalie. Natalie was a determined woman who wanted to do all that she could, she wanted to be the best. Like Wes, I wanted Natalie to open up to him about her feelings and tell him once and for all how she felt. Although I did like that she was not waiting for him, she was doing what she could with her life.

I really liked the cross over with the Dirty Sexy series. It was fun to read about the Kincaid brothers. It actually makes me want to reread their stories.

I am reading Faking It next.

Lover at Last

Lover at LastQhuinn had thought he always wanted a female to mate with and to have a young, but it was difficult when he had feelings for his best friend. His feelings were getting more powerful especially when he realized that those feelings had turned to love. Qhuinn was going to take a chance and show Blay how he truly felt.

Lover at Last is the eleventh book to the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. So I liked the book because it was with Blay and Qhuinn and their struggle with being together. What I found distracting was all the other stories that were being told. This is nothing new to the series but there are times I wish that the the books were a little more focused in on one story per book. I wanted more with Blay and Qhuinn especially as the last several books had been leading up to this moment. Though the book was good.

I liked Qhuinn’s character. He was a good warrior but he couldn’t win the inner struggle that he had inside him. Qhuinn loved Blay but it was too late as Blay found someone to be with. Though we know that Ward wouldn’t let that happen especially as Blay truly loved Qhuinn and only him. Now Blay’s character was always quiet and steady. He loved Qhuinn for many years and your heart broke for him. I was okay with Saxton being with Blay because I knew that it would not be forever. Blay becomes a little cold in the book but it was understandable as he was trying to distance himself from Qhuinn. So the whole distancing from each other will not work obviously which will bring a happy ending. This was an ending I really liked. It was sweet and a little corny but I couldn’t help but like it.

Alright so one of the stories in the book that I didn’t mind was when Layala was around and how her pregnancy was progressing and the problems that occurred. I wanted everything to be right with Layala and not so she and Qhuinn could have a happy ending together, because that wasn’t going to happen, but so she can have someone to truly love. Though with how the story is going with Layala I am guessing that she wouldn’t be alone, there will be another in her life and that will not be with Qhuinn. At least that is a guess with the direction Ward seems to be going towards.

I am reading the twelfth book next.

Three Nights with a Scoundrel

Three Nights with a ScoundrelJulian Bellamy needed to find his best friends murderer while trying to make sure the woman he loves finds security in a marriage for her station in society. Julian knew that he was not the man for her. He had too many secrets and would never be of her station but he will find himself spending more time with Lily and falling harder for her.

Lily Chatwick had barely survived her twin brothers death but knew that if Julian would fall to his death she would not. She wanted to have Julian stop looking for her brothers murder and she knew the only way was ask him to help her find a potential husband, even thought the only husband she wanted was Julian.

Three Nights with a Scoundrel is the third and final book from Tessa Dare’s series Stud Club. This was a very good finish to the series and it wrapped up everything that needed to be said. Julian was a surprise to me with who he was and his childhood, not to mention what he was doing to make money. You felt for him and you wanted him to find happiness with Lily as he loved her without a doubt. Lily was a surprise as well as at how she was being deaf. It was part of her and she learned how to handle social situations without too much of a problem. I loved how Julian protected Lily but didn’t do it because he thought she was weak, he had a connection with deafness from his past. Now even though Julian was persistent with keeping his distance with Lily they do have a happy ending. The epilogue wrapped it up for all the main characters with a look into the future and how their families were growing.

It is interesting as the mystery does finally come to an end with who killed Leo and it is definitely wasn’t what I thought was going to happen. I liked the surprise of who Leo was in love with and what really happened that night which I really did not see coming. I liked that Dare’s novel left you guessing and actually surprised me with the events that happened.

An Invitation to Sin

An Invitation to SinCaroline Witfeld wants to be an artist and she is close to her dream. Caroline will only need to find a model of an aristocrat and then comes Zachary. She will get him to pose for the portrait but she will find that is not all she will be wanting from Zachary.

Zachary Griffin was with his aunt because of his older brother. Zachary’s new goal was to join the army but that soon changes when he meets the Witfeld girls, well Caroline Witfeld. Zachary will want seduction with Caroline and succeed but he has to convince her that he will not stop her from her own dream.

The second book to the Griffin Family series is An Invitation to Sin from Suzanne Enoch. This follows well from the first book of the series. It was enjoyable as the first and something you wanted to take your time reading. This time Zachary is the main character and he lives up to his name being carefree. He was one to jump around to different ideas but you wanted to love him as he was a good person. Caroline was fantastic with her dream of being an artist. She was sensible but had a hidden fire in her.

The family of Caroline really played into the story and gave the charm and laughter. There are seven girls in all and they are all silly and giggling girls looking for a husband. Caroline was really the only sensible one. The girls mobbed any suitor leaving the suitor terrified. They kept the story going.

Now Sebastian played the part of the big brother but he was cruel in how he handled the situation which left me annoyed. He kept Zachary and Caroline apart but he did redeem himself at the end leaving me liking him once again. I will say at the end of the book I did love how Zachary and Caroline were reconnected and how paint was involved with their reunion. It was sweet and funny with the passion that they had in the beginning and never lost.

The Sweetest Thing

The Southern Bell meets her match. Tara is back in Lucky Harbor for six months and avoiding Ford gets harder and harder to do. Finally they are pushed to the edge and stop denying what they have been longing to do since they were seventeen. Tara knows this is going to end bad for her as it did seventeen years ago but something is different with Ford this time. Tara and Ford will fight their true emotions but not desire that is until a couple road blocks are put in their path.

The second book, The Sweetest Thing, to the Lucky Harbor series was excellent. Like the first book from Jill Shalvis she goes there with the sexual desire and need of the characters. Ford and Tara will melt the words off the pages with their stares and scenes. I like also how Shalvis puts in the past to give the characters history in which they can connect with.

And of course a secret from their past shows up, their daughter a seventeen year old girl. I love her character and how she is really a lot like her parents. I also liked how Shalvis did not make having the baby a big tragedy to both characters. They were able to handle the situation and it wasn’t bad blood between them. If anything she pulled them closer together.

The added character of Logan, Tara’s ex husband, was comical. I liked how Tara did not really give him the time of day because she was not the same woman she was with him two years ago. Shalvis made it clear that Ford is the main man in Tara’s life and she kept it true throughout the book.

I can’t wait for Chloe and her turn at love with the bad boy sheriff in the third story of Lucky Harbor series.

The Stranger I Married

Sylvia Day creates a steamy novel in The Stranger I Married.

Lady Pelham and Gerald Faulkner, The Marquess of Grayson are two of the most talked about couple. Married in a rush they were never truly man and wife as their interest laid in others. Each kept their own lover and were content but then tragedy befalls on Grayson and he leaves his wife.

Four years later Grayson returns and is changed. He is not the once carefree lover. He wants his wife in every way and will see too it. No other women would do. Lady Grayson has been with several men since her husbands depart. It hurt her but she found comfort but never love. Lady Grayson would never love again and to do that she kept her lovers distant from her heart. But now her husband who came back will be her threat. He will now be the one that could knock down that barrier.

I wasn’t sure if I would like this story by Sylvia Day. She is a new author I am trying and the summary sounded interesting but I wasn’t compelled to read it. Once you open the book, get into a few of the pages you find yourself liking the characters of Isabel and Gerald. They have wit and a sense of ignorance at least Gerald does. But as four years past the temperment changes for Gerald and he is a man. I like how Day keeps him as the polar opposite of what he used to be. It make a nice contrast to the boy he was and now as the man.

Throughout the novel I cheered for the leading couple to get it together and become true people who loved each other. Day doesn’t disappoint but it takes a while to get there. The struggle of finding oneself was rewarding for the reader as the outcome makes this an enjoyable romance.

The sidelong characters were amusing with all the gossip and affairs which occured on the side. Day also makes sure the reader is enticed through the steamy scenes between husband and wife.

Overall this novel was really well written and would be worth finding more of her novels to read.

Joy by Jayne Ann Krentz

I was searching again and came across the book Joy by Jayne Ann Krentz.  This is an early book of hers and I went to pick it up.  I love her writing and style of characters.  This is a wonderful romance novel with mystery built within the plot.

The Plot of Joy:

“Virginia Middlebrook and A.C. Ryerson had both been burned in painful marriages.  Neither had any desire to relive the past-they’d take things slow.  A Caribbean trip seemed like the perfect way to test the waters of a new relationship…until A.C. wins a breathtaking emerald bracelet with a mysterious past.  Suddenly their days-and nights-become a reckless roller coaster of adventure, desire…and deadly peril.”

I loved this book with the mystery of the bracelet and the simplicity and complex of the characters.  A.C. Ryerson was involved with Debby the younger sister but he knew that nothing would happen.  He winds up meeting the older sister and knew at that moment this was going to be the woman for him.  I loved that he switched from one sister to another.

Joy had intrigue and suspense with a wonderful romance story.