Pursuing Lord Pascal

pursuing-lord-pascalAmy, Lady Mowbray was not really ready for society but she made a pact with her two friends. Amy will do her best and will be surprised when the man she had a crush on since she was a teenager had taken an interest in her, and as a member of the Dashing Widows she was going to take a chance with Lord Pascal.

Gervaise Dacre, Lord Pascal needed to marry a wealthy heiress but none of them were interesting him. Then Pascal spots a woman he needed to know. Pascal will pursue Amy relentlessly and will find himself falling for her.

Pursuing Lord Pascal is the fourth book to the series Dashing Widows by Anna Campbell. I liked this novella. I thought it was a good continuation to a series that I thought was finished. In the third book Campbell finished with the three original friends but in the fourth one, three more friends are introduced and are determined to do the same as the the widows before them.

Amy was a sensible young woman in my opinion and was very smart. I liked that she was not afraid to explore her own interest which was with farming. Amy was also cautious with her heart which helps when there will be trouble coming her way. When that trouble comes I was happy to read that she wasn’t too scared to just talk about the problem. Pascal was a rake and in trouble financially. I liked him though he had to mature some which Amy will make sure that he does.

I am looking forward to reading about the other two friends.

The Seduction of Lord Stone

The Seduction of Lord StoneCaroline, Lady Beaumont was a widow just coming out of mourning and she wanted to live her life. Caroline was on the hunt for a lover. All she wanted was a fling, nothing serious which was why she didn’t want anything with Silas. She knew that with Silas she could fall in love.

Silas Nash, Viscount Stone, has been in love with Caroline since his sister brought her to tea. He wanted to make her his wife but he had to convince her to take a chance on marriage again.

The Seduction of Lord Stone is the first book to the series Dashing Widows by Anna Campbell. I liked this novella. I thought it was a good start to a series which most likely will be a trilogy. Three woman who are all widows. Two of them hated being married to their spouses and one had found love and loss when he died. They are all realizing that they have to live again and it will be Caroline first.

I liked Caroline’s character. She was a woman who was lively then became almost a shell of herself because she stopped being happy for ten years. She is going to live again and find a lover. I liked that she was finding that courage to live again but I thought she was hurting herself with not trying to find real love especially with Silas. Silas’s character was a man who found love at first sight. I liked that he was Caroline’s friend but he needed to step up to get her attention. Don’t worry it will happen and it will get steamy when they find that passion.

So as said above in this novella there are two friends of Caroline and you know that their stories will be told. I am looking forward to when those books will be out, especially with Helena and West.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing A Rake

Lady Calpurnia Hartwell or known as Callie has been put on the shelf knowing that she will never find that love, never find a husband. Seeing her sister find love will make her want more and Callie will do something about it this time.

Gabriel St. John, Marquess of Ralston is in a bind when he meets his sister he never knew about. Gabriel will want the best for his new sister and that requires a proper companion to steer her in the right direction. That woman comes to him in the middle of the night in the form of Lady Calpurnia.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeAs Rules of Scoundrels series is not out with another book I wanted one more from the author so I looked to another series. Love By Numbers looks to be a trilogy and Sarah MacLeans first book Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake. I really love how MacLean can weave a tale that has you wanting more. This story was well done and something I couldn’t wait to finish. It was also charming and funny especially with how Callie’s mission was to complete her list. I liked that Callie was becoming a reformed spinster with how daring she soon became. Now Gabriel was a man you did not want to tangle with with his icy glares. He softened at the right moments especially when facing with Callie. He almost became a reformed rake with Callie around as she kept him on her toes. He was a man who did what he liked but found it baffling in a woman like Callie but needless to say he kept up with her. I liked their interaction throughout the book as it was playful and passion filled. They kept you going throughout the book waiting to find out what would happen next from Callie’s list. I thought the product of the list was clever and made you want to cheer for Callie’s success all the more, in love and finding the new Callie.

In the book there is a mention of the Duke of Leighton who is mentioned in A Rogue By Any Other Name. It was interesting to read about him as he was the one that jilted Penelope and it looks like it will be for Gabriel’s new half sister if I am not mistaken. I am taking a break from Sarah MacLean for the moment but by no means am I done with the author.

Wicked Nights with a Lover

Finishing up the series Penwich School for Virtuous Girls was with Sophie Jordan’s last book Wicked Nights with a Lover.

Marguerite Laurent feels like she has been kicked in the gut. She is to die within a year if the fortune teller is right. Marguerite plans to travel and find that passion she longs to have with a lover. She doesn’t expect to be kidnapped and forced to wed by Ash. But with heated kisses she will find herself wanting more even though she knows it will not last.

Ash Courtland has been deceived by his partner now he wants revenge. He is going to abduct his partners daughter and marry her. Ash is caught off guard when he finds himself with Marguerite. Ash will soon find that the beauty is getting into his heart as she keeps him on his toes as she runs from him.

While reading this book I noticed that the name Marguerite was familiar. She is the half sister to Grier and Cleo who are in another series Forgotten Princesses.

Marguerite is fun to read about as she wants to now live life to the fullest but on her terms. She is strong and you hope that the fortune teller is wrong. Ash is corrupt but with Marguerite he will find what he has been missing. I like that he reforms but he still has his rakish ways.

Sophie Jordan doesn’t disappoint as this story is as well sizzling with all the passion the two characters carry on throughout the book. What was a little strange was in the book went a little paranormal especially in the end. Technically it was there in the book with the fortune teller but Jordan will give a little twist that will have you more on the paranormal side. Nevertheless the ending of the series was really very good and enjoyable.

Giving A Lesson On Love For A Second Chance

From the first page I was quickly immersed into the story, The Rake, and could not put the book down if I had even wanted too. Suzanne Enoch will steal your breath away with her wit and story dialogue through the entire book.

Lady Georgiana Halley was not an innocent as six years that was taken by a man she thought she loved. That love left as she found the act was because of a wager. Georgiana though will come back with advenges and take her revenge on Dare as she will seduce him, break his heart, and teach him a valuable lesson.

Viscount Dare wanted Georgiana but after he wronged her it was hard to be in the same room as they always fought. But fate gave him a chance to try again and it seems this time she was willing with some seduction. Dare will get to Georgiana but things turn as seduction is not the only thing on this mind.

The Rake is the first of the trilogy series Lessons in Love. I loved how Enoch created the three friends who are out to get the three of the worst rakes in London. The story plot was humorous and entertaining which will keep the reader involved all through the entire book.

I love Georgiana’s character she is feisty and fights tooth and nail to stay indifferent. The passion between her and Dare sizzled the pages and their playful and angry banter spiced up the pages.

Dare was fantastic as a rake but what made him great was his family and how he had changed. His family was out of the norm and funny to read about. I hope that Enoch gives more to the family in another story they deserve to be talked about. And if she did already I guess I will find out as this is my first book I have read from her.

I liked the underlying issue which was trust on Georgiana’s part and it was refreshing to read she did not abandon everything that meant something just to be with Dare again. She had a mission even as she was swayed.

I am looking forward to continuing the series Lesson in Love and finding out more stories from Enoch.

Seduction by Amanda Quick

Seduction was the last thing Sophy wanted but that is what she will be getting when she is arranged to marry Julian the Earl of Ravenwood. She had been in love with him since she was eighteen but her motives are to first find her sisters lover who abandon her after ruining her but Julian will have a lot to say about the fact that his wife will not do anything dangerous.

The playfulness of Seduction was fun to read. Julian’s character gave the book edge with his own roughness which lead the reader to want him to find a happy ending with his wife this time.

Sophy was an absolute delight to read. She was not your average female. She read and wanted her own rights in the marriage which she demands and gets to a point. But her bravery is what drives Sophy as she is looking for her sisters lover and trying to have Julian find love with her. Her strength has the reader cheering for her.

Seduction is wonderful to read with blackmail, murder, ex-mistress, the ton, a wives duty and love.