Dash of Peril

Dash of PerilLieutenant Margaret “Margo” Peterson was working undercover to stop an abduction ring who were taking girls and abusing them while they recorded the encounter. Margo was sickened by this and wanted it to be stopped. She knows that she is getting closer when she is being threatened personally by these thugs.

Dashiel “Dash” Riske was helping out Margo with undercover work but things will get dicey when she is being threatened. Dash will do all that he can to protect her and help stop these men and he will find himself in direct contact with these thugs.

Dash of Peril is the fourth book to the series Love Undercover by Lori Foster. From the moment I picked it up I knew that I would like it because Lori Foster had written it. She is one of my go to authors and one I can count on for a good book. She didn’t disappoint me with this book.

So these characters are pretty much complete opposites in pretty much everything but with that sexual tension that Foster writes so well they are wanting each other whenever they are near. Margo is a woman who is used to be in charge and has to be tough as nails. I liked that she stayed defiant especially to her family who didn’t treat her right. They were too harsh on her and showed no real love. Now Dash had that growing up and was given what he wanted. But Dash is now in a tough situation by wanting to protect Margo and stepping back for her to take charge as it is her job and her preference. He lets her be who she was and was not intimidated by her strength of character.

So the villains are known certainly in the book and Foster gives us a good plot that makes us wonder what they will be doing next to get to Margo. Now there will be another villain who is in the background. I didn’t see this person coming and I liked that as he made Margo’s life a little more difficult they were brought to justice along with the other villains.

It seems that the series is over and I thought Foster wrapped it up nicely. Now to me Cannon seemed like a character who had more to tell with his own story especially when she brings in the SBC fighters whom he will be joining with. I liked the reference to the SBC Fighters series. Once I finished up this novel I looked on her website and found this series is over but Cannon will be staring in his own series called No Limits which is also the title of the book. Well needless to say I will be reading that book.

Getting Rowdy

Getting RowdyRowdy Yates had everything he needed in the bar but he could not get the bartender. He always asked but was rejected. Things change and soon she wouldn’t be saying no but Rowdy will find that Avery is hiding things.

Avery Mullins has wanted Rowdy since she saw him but she has taken a step back and denied him. Her life was too complicated to add another but soon she will find that will be unavoidable as her past catches up.

Getting Rowdy is the third book from the series Love Undercover by Lori Foster. So I had said before that I liked Rowdy and I still do but from the first scene in the book where he was with yet another woman, not Avery, it kept getting hard to warm up to him. You wanted him to stop messing around with other girls. He is a player through and through but it is nice when he turns all his attention to Avery. Avery I wanted to know more about her. You knew that she was running but from what or from who. Then clues start to show up and the danger is starting to be revealed. There is also the heat between her and Rowdy which does not extinguish anytime soon. There is non-stop attraction, desire and yes eventually sex that gets down right steamy but with Rowdy involved there was no doubt.

It was interesting to learn more and more about Rowdy and Avery’s past. It was not all laid out for you to know. Their background left the reader with a new understanding of their characters and Foster did a good job keeping them consistent.

The villain was pretty obvious from the start but there was a surprise villain that also took part. The motives were clear but it was pretty clear the other villain lost their mind. A happy ending does come into play with all three couples and now with the little boy Marcus who is in the group.

I had said that I was waiting for the book to come out thinking I was finishing the series. Now Dash will have his own story which I really can’t wait to read especially with Margaret who is not exactly the straight laced Lieutenant she displays. I am now wondering if Cannon will have his own story afterwards. I really liked his part with protecting Avery and being another tough guy who could hold his own. Well whatever the case I can’t wait to read the next book coming in March, Dash of Peril.

Bare It All

Bare it AllAlice Appleton has been through a lot which has changed her making her cautious. She has developed the ability to see if a person is good or bad for the most part. She will take a chance and open herself up to possibilities with new friends and Reese but danger is not far from her.

Detective Reese Bareden has taken it upon himself to get to know his neighbor who his dog seems to like. Reese is thrown by this woman especially with her shooting the men after Pepper and Logan. Reese will find out much more as he keeps her close with danger rushing around them.

Bare It All is the second book from Lori Foster’s series Love Undercover. I had stopped after the first book because I wanted to wait for the next two to come out and finish the series. I had thought there was only three but it turns out at least another is coming in March of 2014 with Dash.

So anyways the second book to Foster’s series was unbelievably good just like the first one, which of course I read again since I wanted to remember Pepper and Logan’s story. I liked that I did since the second book took place the next day. You could still read this book on its own because the story does remind you of what has happened but since I had the chance to read it all together I took it.

There is action, mystery, love and sexy scenes all wrapped in one package with Bare It All. I could not get enough of Reese who was all about taking a stand and doing what was right to protect the woman he was starting to love. His dog was a great addition which held Reese and Alice together well at the very first initial meeting. Now Alice was a woman who was damaged but she was doing all she could to redeem herself for what happened to her. Alice was first mentioned in the series Edge of Honor. I remembered her name but I had thought she was Trace’s sister or Dare’s. I had gotten that fact screwed up but Foster reminds the reader what happened in her past with more detail.

Our villain is very much like the man that had taken Alice beforehand. He is a vile man that will not have a happy ending. I liked that Foster keeps the plot strong with the compelling storyline that I sat and devoured. It was a longer book reaching past 400 pages but it is worth reading without a doubt. I could not get enough of this book.

Now once again all six main characters are talked about in the book. Reese and Alice of course are featured but everyone else are still a vital part of the plot. Rowdy really surprised me with his caring of Alice. He is a character that I want to have his happy ending that is once he stops messing around with all the other women but anyway I am really excited about reading Rowdy and Avery’s story. Getting Rowdy is next in my pile of books to read. I really want to know more about Avery and what she is running from.