Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire

Crouching Tiger Forbidden VampireRussell’s main goal was revenge. Since turning into a vampire he had wanted to kill Master Han who had held him prisoner for thirty nine years. Russell will be getting unwanted help from a weretiger, Jia.

Jia was a princess weretiger whose quest was to get revenge. She needed to kill Master Han who had butchered her family. She will find the chance with the vampire, Russell, who will not be happy with her tagging along.

Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire is the sixteenth and final book of the series Love at Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks. Over the years I have enjoyed the series and think overall this was a great vampire series. The sixteenth book was a great finish to the series.

The character of Russell I wasn’t sure about. You knew a little about him but it was only little pieces and within this last book you get to know his character a lot more. I found him to be very honorable and a good man though lonely. He finds some fire when he is with Jia whom I loved. Jia was a great weretiger. She was a little naive in life but fierce with her conviction of justice for her family. These two were destined to not be together but Sparks will make sure that another vampire and wereanimal will find happiness together.

The surprise of Master Han threw me. I did not figure out the mystery of Master Han until the secret was revealed. I liked that Sparks had Russell keep to his path of revenge even though there was a twist that made him rethink everything.

Sparks has the ending wrapping up everything for all of the characters which will have you smile and know that all your favorite characters are having their happy ending.

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)

How to Seduce a Vampire without really tryingVampire Zoltan Czakvar has lived for eight hundred years and never found out the truth of the day his mother was killed. He wanted the answers which will lead him to a group of secretive woman who are no ordinary woman.

Neona has lived for over a thousand years. She has lived in her home where her job was to protect the Living Water and to continue their female line. Their secrets will be in danger when Zoltan enters into her life.

How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying) is the fifteenth book to the series Love at Stake by Kerrelyn Sparks. I found myself really enjoying the book. I thought it was fast paced and it held true to the style which Sparks has been writing.

The character of Zoltan was like many of the vampires within the series but I was drawn to his compassion especially when he was dealing with Neona. What I also liked about his character was his ability to talk to animals, which is part of the big secret. It all made sense once you knew the facts about these women. Now Neona was an amazon warrior but she was not as strong as her fellow warriors. She did not push aside her pain of losing her sister which made her weak. I thought her power was interesting. She was a healer but she felt all the pain as she healed the other person.

I liked the mystery which was taking place within the book. There were several mystery’s, one was what happened to Zoltan all those years ago and the other was what were the woman hiding. Those secrets pulled you into the story and those secrets wouldn’t stay hidden forever as Sparks will make a big reveal.

There was a lot of action which happened in the book and there was a lot of interaction with the other vampires and these warriors. I liked that Emma was in the book and she got a nice surprise towards the end which made me smile. Another surprise was what happened to Zoltan which personally I didn’t see coming.

I am reading the sixteenth book which will conclude the series.

Vampires Gone Wild

Vampires Gone WildVampires Gone Wild is a collection of several books. I picked this collection mainly for Kerrelyn Sparks as it was another story from the series Love at Stake.

So Kerrelyn Sparks story, V is for Vampwoman, was fast and entertaining. Since reading about Roman’s harem from the beginning I wondered if any of these ladies would become more, not just living in their past. I got more with this one. Pamela was the Victorian vampire. She seemed helpless in the past but wanted to do something about that. I liked that she was really trying to help in a crazy way by becoming Vampwoman. Her superhero identity brings humor to the book. Then there was Mikhail the other main character who has been part of the series for a while. I liked him and was happy that he got his happy ending. Now with all short stories I did feel that more could be written about these characters but Sparks gets to the point and tells us a humor and action filled story.

I only have two more books to read from Kerrelyn Sparks which will finish up the series as it is officially done.

Now back to this collection. Since I had the book I figured I would try out the other three authors and their short stories. There was A Forever Love by Pamela Palmer, First Dates are Hell by Amanda Arista, and Blood and Water by Kim Falconer. I thought all three were interesting and of course filled with many vampires that are deadly and in need of love. Though my favorite of the collection was from Kerrelyn Sparks.

A Very Vampy Christmas

A Very Vampy ChristmasMaggie O’Brien has loved Don Orlando but was crushed to find out he was a womanizer which made working with him difficult. Though Maggie will soon find out that Don Orlando was hiding a secret that will change things between them.

A Very Vampy Christmas is a novella that is after the second book of the series written by Kerrelyn Sparks. When I was starting the series I did not realize this novella was part of it, though I did realize that Maggie and Pierce (Don) were mentioned in the third and fourth book. I guess I just never thought to look for a novella which told their story. Well that being said I enjoyed this novella. I thought it was a good addition to the series.

What I liked about the story was that Don Orlando was more than he appeared which made me like his character a lot more. As a womanizer who was a little over the top he was not a favorite of my characters but then you find out he has amnesia. You will learn just what kind of man he was and you will like him better. Now I know that the amnesia idea is done a lot but I thought with how Kerrlyn Sparks wrote the amnesia plot and how it came to be was well done. It was different which made it entertaining.

So as I said this was a novella and it was a very fast read. I felt like I was flying through the pages. I wished that Sparks wrote this into a novel instead of novella so the plot could be embellished. Though with how she wrote it the novella covered all the plot points and made it fun to read.

I am continuing with more books from Kerrelyn Sparks which will finish up the series Love at Stake. I only have three books left to read.

The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo

The Vampire with The Dragon TattooA few years ago Dougal Kincaid lost his hand in battle and now he has a new hand that is controlled by his mind. Dougal finds it is hard to handle especially as he is distracted with the new scientist who he knew as his first love three hundred years ago.

Leah Chin is a brilliant doctor who will learn very soon that vampires are real. She will be drawn towards Dougal at the first sight of him and doesn’t understand it. She will be drawn into danger as she follows her heart. Leah will find out more when the enemy gets too close.

The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo is the fourteenth book to Kerrelyn Sparks series Love At Stake. I have started this series a while ago and got hooked on these quirky characters. Lately Sparks has been leading her characters down the path that is a little darker. It is not just happy/quirky characters finding love which gives the book a little more.

I was intrigued from the start with the idea of past life of Leah Chin. I was wondering if it was true and if it was would she remember. The drive to know what was to happen was one thing that kept me going. Another was of course the instant draw that Dougal had which pulled you into the book. I wanted to know more about him and his tattoo that was not anything normal.

The enemy, Master Han, is actually pretty vicious. It was interesting how Sparks used the scenes between himself and Leah to change the book and the fate once again for Dougal. The misery wouldn’t last too long for him as the ending will eventually give him and Leah a second and third chance for happiness that was ripped away from them.

The fifteenth book will not come out till April so its going to be a wait but I will definitely be back to read the next one.

Wild About You

Wild About YouHoward Barr has some trouble ahead from the newly matchmaking vampire, Shanna when she learns who his celebrity crush is, but there is more. Howard will find out the man he thought was dead is very much alive. He will find a new way to seek his revenge on the man that destroyed his life.

Elsa Bjornberg and her crew travel the world fixing up houses for their tv show. She loves her work but at times hates her nickname. She wants to be cherished and not just be with one of the guys. She will soon meet a man that makes her feel small in Howard but there will be more to this man.

Kerrelyn Sparks newest book, Wild About You, in number thirteen to the Love at Stake series. With every book you are brought back into this world of vampires and were-animals. These books can be read on their own but its best to start at the beginning as you will get to know the character much better, like Howard. He was there since the beginning and over time in the books he was more or less overlooked until the twelfth book. In Wild About You Sparks brings in something new with guardians and magic which have not been really talked about. I thought it was a great add and gave something more for Howard and Elsa. Now Elsa was an fantastic character. I loved her description by Sparks. She is the ultimate amazon woman but with unknown power. Sparks does a good job at explaining about the guardians and the legend. There is also a twist involved which ties the whole story and legend together. Now lets not forget about the bad guys which is really Rhett and his minions. After the last book I had a feeling he wasn’t done. Sparks explains the feud for Howard and Rhett well never explaining the whole thing at once, she breaks it down slowly.

Wild About You was another well done, fun, quirky and passion filled novel from Kerrelyn Sparks leaving me to wonder who is going to be next in the series?

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Phineas McKinney has been a vampire, the good kind, for the last several years. He has helped in battle and become part of the team. His name the Love Doctor has earned him a reputation and one he now wants to forget. He wants to find actual love and not just one night stands. Phineas wants one woman from the first time he saw her but she is not one of them and she has no love for them.

Brynley Jones is a werewolf princess and was screaming to leave and now she is free, but her wolf is wanting something more. Brynley lust after Phineas even though he is a vampire and now she will get her chance when there is a problem near her home. She and Phineas will fight together and fight against each other until Brynley lets herself go, but all will not be well when she comes home as it will not be a happy reunion.

I have been following the Love at Stake series for some time now and have to saw I really love how Kerrelyn Sparks creates her characters to flow in and out of the stories. Wanted: Dead or Alive was fantastic for twelfth book in the series. I loved this book. Of course there were things that I hated like the father of Bryn. He is a horrible character that doesn’t really care for his daughter on the outside or at least shows little regard for her. If he is in the series anymore I hope that he gets put down a peg or two.

Sparks will keep the series interesting as there will be two big twist that I did not see coming which only adds to the ever growing series.

Try this book out if you like vampires, shapeshifters and werewolves. I do recommend that of course you start from the beginning to become drawn into the characters and immersed into the plot.

Below are the ones I have already read and loved every page. Check out the series and see if its one for you.

1. How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire

2. Vamps and the City

3. Be Still My Vampire Heart

4. The Undead Next Door

5. All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire

6. Secret Life of a Vampire

7. Forbidden Nights with a Vampire

8. The Vampire and the Virgin

9. Eat Prey Love

10. Vampire Mine

11. Sexiest Vampire Alive

The First Daughter and A Vampire

Love at Stake is a series that keeps going and I love it. Kerrelyn Sparks keeps this series going with new characters and old ones still very present. The eleventh book to the series is Sexiest Vampire Alive.

Gregori Holstein is a relatively young vampire and completely bottle fed which amuses most of his fellow vampires. Of course now that habit is what will help the vampires create an alliance with the President of the United States, there is just one catch. Gregori will have to play babysitter to the eldest daughter as they go on a dangerous mission. Gregori is willing to help as it will help their cause but feelings of desire make it difficult to stay on task.

Abigail Tucker or known as Abby is the eldest daughter of the President. She stayed out of the limelight by choice as she did not like the attention but then there was her mother. Her mother became too sick and Abby knew it was in her power to find a cure. Abby’s life is dedicated to help her mother and now with the help of a vampire she will be that much closer. The only thing Abby didn’t think would happen is the desire she feels as Gregori gazes upon her.

As I had started the series Gregori was just a funny young vampire who was amusing to read about. As the series progressed you started to like him more and more. Soon I had hoped he would have his own book and now Sparks delivers.

The character of Gregori was perfect. There was enough humor to love him and even though he had done something unethical to Abby you still wanted to love him. Abby’s character was a spitfire once she was able to let go. I loved how Sparks gave her to be the level headed one. It made the book amusing to read as she let her guard down and got caught up in the vampire life.

Now Sexiest Vampire Alive is not filled with only an amusing plot or characters, no, Sparks gives betrayal and heartache within the pages. Gregori betrays Abby in order to help the vampires that will have you screaming no! don’t do it! You knew that there would be trouble once he had done it, and of course it comes at the right moment at the end, but Sparks will not end it with tragedy. There will be a happy ending as with all of her stories.

Love at Stake series is a quirky, fun take on vampires living in the modern world and trying to get by. The next book will be all about the Dr. Phang and for those who have read the series you know what I mean. For those who haven’t it is another very new vampire who is part of Roman’s team.

Vampire Mine

Almost immediately after finishing the ninth book of the series Love at Stake I went and got Vampire Mine . Though I couldn’t read it until I was finished with the ones due beforehand needless to say I made sure to read the other books quickly.

Connor Buchanan has been a vampire for almost five hundred years and is a hard man. With his past he keeps himself closed off and only doing his job but when he finds a woman in pain Connor can’t deny helping her. When he finds out that she is an angel he knows that she is forbidden, but sparks are going to fly between them.

Marielle was a banished angel as she could not help but disobey the heavenly fathers commands. She never did anything bad just listened to the pleas of the humans. But now she is banished. Marielle’s goal is to get back into heaven but knows it is almost impossible. Then she meets Connor who has saved her and she knows that if she can heal him she could get a place back in heaven. The question she will have to ask herself is does she want to?

After the book was finished there were a lot of things that had finished for the vampires, enemies destroyed, loved ones will face death, new vampires, past revealed, and new enemies. This book was one you will want to read but I do recommend to start at the beginning so you can really get into the characters of this series.

The characters of Marielle and Connor worked perfectly. I liked how Sparks intertwined Marielle to have made an impact in the lives of selected characters from the series. The fact that she was an angel banished from heaven gave the book a different spin from just vampires and shifters. And the choice/burden she had to go through gave the book a lot of depth.

Connor’s story I had been waiting for and you are not disappointed as you finally know what had happened to Connor. You will end up feeling for the vampire and want him to be healed and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

The series is a fun one to get into and keeps things light with the quirky writing which Sparks gives. You are drawn into the story and want to continue, and by the way she is going the series can keep going.

The next book is going to be all about Gregori in Sexiest Vampire Alive.

Eat Prey Love

Waiting for books from authors is sometimes hard to do. I had taken a break from Kerrelyn Sparks as I had finished all her books from the series after The Vampire and the Virgin. Now she has a few more out and I was excited to read all about Carlos in Eat Prey Love.

Carlos Panterra is a were-panther who is looking for his mate. His goal is to find one to help with the children he has acquired. A problem occurs when Carlos finds the woman he wants, she is perfect for him expect she doesn’t grow claws. Carlos will fight that attraction for the perfect mate but it will be hard as he can’t get her out of his mind and she is not taking any hints.

Caitlyn Whelan is human but unique. Animals come to her willing and any language she can pick up but what scares her most is seeing a sister who she thought forgot all about her. Caitlyn was ready to hold resentment for Shanna but soon finds out why they were separated. Anger for her dad comes quickly but soon her mind is taken over by a man she wants to get to know, Carlos. According to everyone he is forbidden but Caitlyn likes to live on the wild side.

Eat Prey Love is the ninth book of the series Love at Stake. I have to say this series is one you can just keep reading. I like how Sparks keeps adding in new characters either as guards, vampires or were-animals who will play a future role in the series.

Before reading the ninth book I went back and read the first eight books once again to get back into the series. When Carlos is introduced you love his spirit and I was excited now that he had his own book. Carlos’s character is sensual with a witty sense of humor. The banter between Caitlyn and Carlos was like an old married couple.

Caitlyn was a good addition to the book. I am interested if their brother will make an appearance in the series later on. Caitlyn was unique with her own powers which were fitting when it came to her being with Carlos.

The adventure in the book kept going from beginning to the end. I found it fun to read about the previous vampires and their love interest being happy and the children of Shanna’s and Roman’s were a nice addition to hear about.

I can’t wait to pick up Vampire Mine. Finally Connor will have his chance!