Earls Just Want to Have Fun

Earls Just Want to Have FunMarlowe was one of the best thieves in London. Though Marlowe will soon discover that she might not be who she was, she might be a lady. A Bow Street Runner and an Earl will take her and prepare her to meet her possible parents. Marlowe will be scared to step into this strange new world of well dressed ladies and gentleman but more scared that she was not the little girl and she was to be sent back to the gutters.

Earls Just Want to Have Fun is the first book to the series Covent Gardens Cubs by Shana Galen. I have not read anything from Galen before and if her books are like this I will definitely be trying them. I really liked this book. It was very entertaining to read. A kidnapping story is in noway original but with how Galen wrote the story and her characters she made me want to continue the story.

Marlowe’s character was interesting. She was the perfect thief but due to some memories she wondered if her past was not how she was told. I liked that Marlowe will try to be more as she knows the life she leads will get her killed. Max’s character, who was the Earl, was a little stuck up but as you got to know him better throughout the book he is not that stuck up. After that I did like him and thought he was doing his best to help while trying not to be attracted to Marlowe which of course he found difficult.

The villain is clearly Satin who is the leader of thieves. He is ruthless and vindictive, and he was the reason Marlowe became who she was. I liked how Galen deals with Satin at the end.

So, there are two more book in the series which will feature Max’s siblings. One is already out while the other is coming in March.

A Pirate for Christmas

A Pirate for ChristmasBess Farrar was the vicar’s daughter and was used to helping the villagers in the small town. She will find herself with a problem when the new earl comes to their town as he was not writing her any reply’s to her letters. Bess will take it upon herself and meet the new earl only to be shocked at the instant attraction to him.

Lord Channing, Rory, just inherited his brothers earldom. He liked his life as a captain but knew that his life had to change. Rory will do his duty and take over. He will find that the task will not be such a hardship especially when he meets Bess.

A Pirate for Christmas is a novella from Anna Campbell. I really liked this novella. I thought that it was a fun Christmas story filled with lust, love, and some humor.

The character of Bess was a strong woman as she helped everyone in the village, but there is a sensual side to Bess. That side was not know to her until she meets Rory. When it comes to Rory she is unsure, although she has no need to be unsure of Rory’s feelings. So then there is the character of Rory who was a man that was not used to the privileged life. I liked that about him because he was not stuck up and had a good sense of humor. He was also very sensual when it comes to Bess.

This lust which is really love between the characters was sweet throughout the book. Its funny that with the books that I have read from Campbell the scenes are very steamy, but this was almost PG rated between them. That was not a problem for me. I liked that in this novella a romance builds.

So, I decided to keep going with Anna Campbell’s books and I will be reading The Seduction of Lord Stone next.

Twice Tempted by a Rogue

Twice Tempted by a RogueRhys St Maur was going back home that he had left fourteen years ago. Before he gets there he will see a familiar face in Merry, the young stable master’s daughter, and she had grown into a beauty. Rhys will want her for his wife and he will pursue relentlessly, but he will have to get over his demons and be careful as accidents start happening around him.

Meredith Maddox was the proprietor of the inn. She took over ownership six years ago and works hard to make it worthy of any quality traveling through their village. Meredith will soon see a man she knew long ago and will find herself still drawn to him. She will want him in her bed but is wary of more.

Twice Tempted by a Rogue is the second book to the Stud Club by Tessa Dare. Reading Dare’s novels I can get lost in them with the characters and plot. I loved Rhys as he was a rough man who looked the part but he was kind despite all that he had been through. Now of course there is a temper and he would use that in a fight. Dare writes Rhys a sad background story for his childhood and life as a young man. You felt sorry for this man and wanted him to find happiness finally. I liked Meredith as she was a hard working woman holding down an establishment and working to better the inn with finer things. I thought it was almost comical that the roles of woman and man were reversed when it came to Meredith and Rhys. Meredith wanted to bed Rhys and let it be the end of things while Rhys was wanting marriage before they took that step even though he had plenty of lust towards her.

More facts are revealed with the death of Leo and Dare is giving more clues to what happened that night. There was also the accidents that were happening with Rhys. The accidents started as warning but the last one was meant to kill. It was thought to be one man as he had issued enough threats but of course it wasn’t him. I was surprised by the culprit but it made sense why the person did it.

The last book is next in my pile with Julian Bellamy and it sounds like a murderer might be after him.

To Seduce a Sinner

To Seduce a sinnerMelisande Fleming has loved Lord Vale for six years but he has never noticed her. Now is her chance to be married to the man. Melisande though will be getting more in this marriage than she thought as her husband will be trying to uncover secrets.

Lord Vale has been jilted by a couple fiances now but he will be pleasantly surprised with Melisande. He will find everything he wants in a wife but he will be reluctant to share all his secrets with her.

To Seduce a Sinner is the second book to Legend of the Four Soldiers by Elizabeth Hoyt. I started with the first book and really was able to drive right into the story. The same can be said for the second book but I will say I liked the first one a little better.

Now Melisande and Vale’s story was very good and well written. I liked that you saw a different side of Vale than just the man that always had a smile on his face no matter what. Vale was on the secretive side and it was interesting to find out more on this battle. I liked Melisande who had two sides of her as well, in fact both of them were on the secretive side. Melisande was secretive because of indiscretion which resulted in a betrayal. She was not the same after that but she found that love could still happen only that she had to guard her heart. Together they make it work once all is put out in the open.

So it appears that the villain from the first book is not the ultimate traitor or at least the story is not yet over. There is some danger that arises but it will not be over. I’m assuming that Hoyt will be taking the mystery of the battle to the fourth and final book of the series so hopefully we will be able to get some concrete answers on what happened.

To Beguile a Beast is next with Sir Alistair Munroe and Helen Fitzwilliam.

No Longer a Gentleman

No Longer a GentlemanGrey Sommers, Lord Wyndham, has been trapped in a cell for ten years in France. He will be rescued and brought back to England to live a life he was born to. Grey will have troubles adjusting but will have help from Cassie.

Cassie is known by many names. She gave up the one she had long ago as her family was killed. Cassie will go on dangerous missions and Grey’s was no exception but she will be finding her become closer to the man even though she knows they have no future.

No Longer A Gentleman is the fourth book to Lost Lords series by Mary Jo Putney. As this was my first book from the author I thought this was a good introduction to the author and her writing. I really enjoyed the book. At first it was a little slow but that was due to building up the background and all that had happened to Grey to have him come to his circumstance.

Grey’s character was someone you warmed to right away. Although he wasn’t the smartest ten years ago he grew into something more and his life would never be the same. I liked that Cassie was the one to free him from the cage and was his future. Cassie was unique with the disguises that helped her throughout France. It was interesting as her past came back and gave her something more in life.

The enemy was definitely Durbad, the French lord, who really disliked Grey. He was only in the beginning and end of the book which made sense as he was in France while Grey left for England. Durbad does come back right at the end to try to finish what he started.

I am intrigued to continue the book and find out more on the Lost Lords series.

Don’t Get Kidnapped

Finishing up the third book I was able to find the last part of the series, The Barefoot Princess, the second book of Christina Dodd’s series. I was excited to see what would happen with Amy, the youngest sister.

Princess Amy is on her own after leaving her sister two years ago. Her mission was to help solve the injustice of the isle of Summerwind. With the help of an elderly spinster Amy kidnapped the Lord who was personable responsible for the people’s livelihood. Amy was all ready with her plan but she didn’t expect to find Jermyn to be handsome.

Jermyn Edmondson never thought he would be kidnapped but here he was shackled to a manacle. He is enraged but strangely he finds this Amy to be enticing. His goal is to flee but he finds himself wanting to help Amy and at the same time lure his Uncle into a trap.

This was a story in started a little slow as you were finding out what was going to happen and then Jermyn gets kidnapped. You are drawn to what Amy is doing and her reasons. You want the two immediately together as they are nothing but fire when put together.

Amy is spontaneous and stubborn as a younger sister has to be. It was funny how Amy actually kidnapped Jermyn to help those who needed her help. I like how she also compliments Jermyn’s own traits of suspension and being stubborn as well.

You easily hate the Uncle and I like how the misery of Jermyn’s trust plays throughout the book and of course will play at the ending especially.

Reading these books out of order you already know what was to happen with Amy and Jermyn but I found that I liked knowing how things were going to end. I also didn’t mind finding out the details of what happened.

The Lost Princesses series was a fun trilogy from Christina Dodd and one that concentrates on strong female leads.

A Governess and a Captain

Picking up Seducing the Governess was a quick read as I wanted to find out about Captain Gavin Briggs and how the story started with the separated sisters, which I found out in the book Brazen from Margo Maguire. Reading books out of order is habit for me as I just pick up books from the racks randomly. But nevertheless I looked forward to reading Seducing the Governess and I was not disappointed.

Mercy Franklin or as she will later find out is Lilly Hayes is a poor girl who had been lied to for all of her life. She knew nothing of her past only what she was discovering from her adoptive mother’s diary. Mercy soon discovered life on her own was hard but she knew she could get through. She applied for a governess job and found one quickly. Mercy found to love her charge but the Uncle unnerved her.

Nash, Lord Ashby, was nothing but a Captain but with his brothers deaths Nash became a lord. He knew nothing of it only how to command his men and now he had a young niece to take care of. Nash got a governess but was distressed at how much he found her to be appealing. He knew nothing should happen with her as he needed a wealthy heiress to help restore his lands. But Mercy was the only one he had eyes for and the only one who saw him for who he was.

Reading Seducing the Governess after Brazen gave an insight on how the characters were developed and how the story would go along. Maguire does a good job at giving the reader ample time to cheer on Mercy and Nash as they know they can’t be together but are nevertheless drawn to each other.

The young charge, Emmy, and the house of soldiers kept the story light in the plot even though there was a curse that seemed to lay at Ashby’s door as his two brothers had been in accidents. I liked how Maguire gives suspect but does not come right out and says what his brothers had done to incur these accidents. She left your imagination to build with the subtle hints.

Seducing the Governess was a fantastic book to Margo Maguire’s collection of novels.