The Duke in my Bed

The Duke in My BedBray Drakestone was part of a club that were reckless. One night one of the club members, Nathanial, dies and Bray makes a promise on Nathanial’s death bed that he would marry Nathanial’s sister. Bray made the promise to ease the mind of Nathanial, never did he think to actually marry the girl. Though two years later it seemed that Bray would have to follow through, but Miss Louisa Prim would not have him.

Miss Louisa Prim was heartbroken when her brother had died in an accident. She was even more furious when she was promised off to one of the men there that night. Louisa waits to hear from the Duke but it takes him two years to come to them. Louisa will not have him especially as she had to care for her sisters.

The Duke in My Bed is the first book to the series The Heir’s Club of Scoundrels Trilogy by Amelia Grey. I really liked this book. I thought it was fast paced, had some humor, and of course passion. I think what pulled me into the story was Louisa and her sisters.

Louisa’s character was the strong willed sister who did what she had to for her sisters. She protected them, loved them, and wanted them to make something of themselves. I loved that Louisa declined Bray’s proposal, well it really wasn’t a great proposal to begin with. Now I did find that Louisa was a little too quick to judge Bray. She already had her mind made up when it had come to Bray and she only really saw the faults in him. That will obviously change. Bray’s character was a carefree gentleman who had no thought to settling down. Bray doesn’t do a good job with Louisa and her sisters, but only at first. He does try and help out which showed that he was changing and for the better. It wasn’t like he was really bad, just inexperienced when it came to family.

I am reading the second book to the series next.

Where Dreams Begin

Where Dreams BeginZachary Bronson has risen from a poor man to a wealthy one but he needs an aristocratic wife to set his place into society. He needs a place in society to help his sister find a suitable husband. He will first have to learn about society which is where Lady Holly Taylor will help due to his negotiating.

Lady Holly Taylor has come out of mourning but she still misses her husband. She will however start to feel things towards a man whom would be inappropriate for her to associate with.

Where Dreams Begin is another standalone novel from Lisa Kleypas. I liked the book. There are sometimes books that just tell a story about the characters and this one was definitely one of them.

Holly missed her husband still after three years since his death which showed that Holly truly loved her husband. That was good but it stopped her from living again. She will find a life once again with being close to Zach and helping him and his family. It was like she woke up from the coma she had been in. Now Zach was not a gentleman in the traditional way of England’s gentleman. I liked that about him. He was definitely rough around the edges and even with the polishing that Holly was doing the man he was could not be hidden. There is an attraction on both sides but both are unwilling to take that step since they knew it would not lead them anywhere. Though that only last so long.

I thought the ending was well done. It looked to be like a happy ending right up to the last couple pages, but then something tragic happened and it was a close call for the couple to be happy. Kleypas does not disappoint us with writing a unhappy ending, Holly and Zach will find that happiness which I was waiting for since the beginning of the book.

Romancing Lady Stone

Romancing Lady StoneLady Cecilia Evangeline Stone is in search of her son who is getting married in a few days. She wouldn’t be there to congratulate her son but to stop the wedding as he was going to marry an actress who was too old for him. Cecilia will have problems along the way in Russia but will be rescued by Mr. Levin.

Konstantin Alexie Levin was on the way to London to collect money that was being given to him. It would be a fresh start but before he could leave he will stop to help a woman. The attraction is instant for Konstantin and he will want nothing more to be with this woman but she will be an aristocrat.

Romancing Lady Stone is a novella to the series School of Gallantry by Delilah Marvelle. Well its been a couple years since I had found my first book by Marvella. The books I have read by this author haven’t been amazing that is until I read this book. I really liked this novella. Maybe it was because it was shorter and more to the point, I am not sure. Well I am sure that I liked the characters of Cecilia and Konstantin. They were a mismatch from the start and with her being a little older it would never do in society. Then there was Konstantin who was a former criminal. I liked him and even though he was 10 years younger than Cecilia he had a maturity that kept up with her. He was good for her as well in a way of letting her spread her wings. I liked that it was a romance that would beat the odds and win because it will, it just might take a little convincing between the both of them with the help of destiny.

I liked Cecilia’s character as she was a mother and was older but in life she hadn’t really lived and Konstantin brings that out in her especially the sexual side. Out of all the books I have read by Marvelle the one spot she always will write well are those intense love scenes. I guess for myself I just couldn’t get into the characters or the plot that was forming in the books. I really didn’t have a problem with the novella and I really did enjoy it.

So since I liked this novella I will have to try out this series School of Gallantry to find out if it is like this novella. That will be coming later as my pile of books hasn’t had the chance to decrease as I keep adding to the pile.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days

How to Lose a Duke in Ten DaysStuart, Duke of Margrave, had a brush with death and knows he needs to come back home to his wife. He wants to make his marriage real but he will have to convince Edie. That will be a hard task as his wife will resist him but when he gives her a wager that will either keep them together or split them up forever. All he will need to do is convince his wife to kiss him.

Edie, Duchess of Margrave, has lived five years without her husband as he was off in Africa. The situation was perfect for Edie but that will all change when Stuart will come home. Edie needs to run away as her husband has set out to seduce her and want her in his life which is the one thing she can’t do. With the wager in place Edie will have ten days to stay away from her husband as a kiss is the only way she will lose. But with every day she spends with him she is healed more and more.

How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days is the second book to the series American Heiress in London by Laura Lee Guhrke. I loved this book and love this author. Really with every book that I get of Guhrke I fall into a nice rhythm where sit down and just read the book enjoying every page.

This is a book full of charm and flows very easily as the story was just a really good one to read. Edie and Stuart were doomed from the start when they walked into the relationship. Edie wasn’t ready for what Stuart might have wanted and Stuart was not ready for more at least at this time. Then five years happen and even though Edie is still broken she is opened for more, she just didn’t know it. Stuart came home because of a brush with death which had him thinking. He wanted more out of life which meant his wife. I liked that he only had 10 days to convince Edie to kiss him, to give him a chance.

Now even though there were characters that I loved there was a darker part to the book with what happened to Edie. With what happened to her I knew it was bad and pretty much knew what it would be but it was not confirmed until about half way through the book. How Stuart handled this new situation was the right way of doing things. I hated that her character went through this trauma but she grows stronger through the book and once she opens up it gets easier. Now the villain gets what he deserves and I was happy with the outcome as it gives Edie a piece of mind.

Sunrise with a Notorious Lord

Sunrise with a Notorious LordChristopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright, or known as Vane does not want to be married by anyone who his mother wants. Vane will be curious about the one woman, Isabel, who seems to be able to resist him.

Miss Isabel Thorne was in London to give her sister a season. She will be torn to help her sister find a husband as the man their patron wanted for Delia was the man Isabel wanted.

Sunrise with a Notorious Lord is the fourth book to Lords of Vice by Alexandra Hawkins. I had picked up Hawkins book on a whim and found it pretty good. I wasn’t blown away in the beginning but started to like it more as the story went on and you found out more with these characters.

Vane is a man who wants to do his own thing and doesn’t like his mother interfering which I thought was amusing at times. I liked that the rake in him was starting to reform as the idea of Isabel at his side did not have him running away. Isabel’s mission was to take care of her family. I liked that she finally got something of herself. Though they are a long way from a happy ending as there are secrets Isabel has and will sabotage the budding relationship. I am happy to say that the sabotage doesn’t interfere too much with the happy ending. I thought the sabotage was done well and felt bad for Vane and Isabel but because of that they were able to get to know each other.

I felt there was more to this story that I was missing. It wasn’t anything that disrupted from the books story, it was more like the background of Vane and his friends. I wanted to know more about how this group came together and more about his friends.

I have no love loss for Delia, Isabel’s sister. First the girl is too immature and was caught more than once kissing Isabel’s almost betrothed and seems to be kissing another that Isabel truly wants. From all of that I was inclined to dislike her but then in the story she seems to be okay and a decent person. I guess her character confused me, but I would say overall I wasn’t a fan of Delia.

Thanks to the intrigue of these friends who formed the group of Lords of Vice I will be looking out for the beginning books of Alexandra Hawkins series.

When the Marquess Met His Match

When the Marquess Met His MatchLady Belinda Featherstone is an American matchmaker making her living in London where she had been married almost a decade before. She vowed to help those who were heiress find the right match and not go through what she had to endure. Belinda will find herself challenged when the Marquess of Trubridge was in need of her service of matchmaking. Being challenged will not be the only thing that she feels especially with those stolen moments with him.

Nicholas, Marquess of Trubridge, need a wealthy heiress to help get his business started. He will go to a renowned matchmaker who was the widow his his friend. He will be shocked to find that the woman he had seen a decade ago had changed into a more beautiful woman. He will want the woman but knew that he needs an heiress. Although that does not stop his lust towards her or those few moments he takes in her arms.

When the Marquess Met His Match is the first book to the series American Heiress in London. Laura Lee Guhrke is a brand new author to me and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. There was some wit between the characters and light humor along with of course that passion that is between Nicholas and Belinda.

Belinda was a determined matchmaker who will finally meet her match with Nicholas. She dislikes him on sight because he reminds her of deceased husband. She will find that she is wrong in her assumption and find him a much better man. Now Nicholas was carefree but he had a serious side and wanted to do right with his business. It was sweet that he had feelings for her a decade ago but he didn’t try to seduce her then. Now she was fair game being a widow. Fireworks will spark between the two when they go against each other in words and in passion.

As this was a book that I really did enjoy I will be out to find more on the author like Edie’s story, the second book to this series, and other books from Laura Lee Guhrke.


ScandalousLady Gabriella Banning knew she would be in trouble if anyone found out but to give her sister a chance to find a husband she would have to pretend their half brother was not killed. To her surprise she will find someone portraying her brother as they arrive in London.

Marcus, Earl of Wickham, was dead but for Nick’s purpose Marcus had to be alive. He would portray the Earl but find it hard to do his job with these three “sisters” staying in London, but he had to find the murderer.

Scandalous is the first book to Karen Robards series Banning Sisters. This was an instant intrigue for me with the very first couple pages of the book because right away you found out that the Earl was shot and killed, and someone was watching this happen who was coming to help the Earl. So instantly there is mystery and I wanted to know what would happen next. I have only read two other books from her but they are written in present day. You can rely on her for instant intrigue, mystery and suspense, she writes it well.

Gabriella was the sister that took the burden on herself with all that is going on and how to give her sisters a good upbringing. I loved her strength throughout the entire book. I was intrigued to find out about what happened with her leg that now she has a limp. You do find out and are horrified by the man who did this to her and how her father did not care. Then there was the false Wickman who you found out was Nick but much later on in the book. He was actually more cruel than I thought he would be. He gets better with how he acts especially around Gabriella with the lust they share. I liked that he was a mystery in the book and don’t really know tons about him. Now the interaction between them was good and bad. They were pushing each others buttons then drawing in their lust for each other. Gabriella kept him at bay most of the time because she could not trust him or even now his real name.

The villain is unknown throughout most of the book. There is a bad person that pops back into Gabriella’s life and you learn more about him as the story goes on. I was surprised by the the murderer I will say. It makes sense as they were a pretty horrible person.

The ending Robards gives was fantastic. You are left with one more surprise that breaks Gabriella’s heart but will be mended because the twist will be leaving her a happy ending. The next two books are all about the other two sisters, Claire first then Beth. I will be reading Claire’s story next.