Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes

Twenty-Eight and a Half WishesRose Gardner worked at the DMV in her hometown which found her an odd ball. It was not the way that she dressed but because she had visions. One morning at the DMV Rose will see a man and suddenly a vision will come to her which will show her death. Rose will be frantic especially when her world starts to spin apart with several murders and secrets being uncovered.

Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes is the first book to the series Rose Gardner Mystery by Denise Grover Swank. I liked this book. It was a free book on amazon. I had to get it since I had really loved the Wedding Pact series. This book was strange but with how Denise Grover Swank writes you are drawn in. Granted there was a couple situations that were very predictable but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the book.

Rose’s character was considered odd because she had visions. I liked that about Rose because that made her different, unique. I liked Rose also because she was naive and sheltered which meant she was eager to experience life. She went for it when creating the list. What I didn’t always like was that she was too naive especially when it came to her new neighbor Joe. She does get smart and starts to ask questions but she is not that assertive when it comes to walking away.

There was some secrets that are uncovered which explain a lot of the animosity that was between Rose and her mother. One character that drove me crazy was Joe. He was a predictable character and one that made me what to slap him. He was a good guy, then a annoying guy, and finally kind of villain like towards Rose. I looked ahead in the series and Joe sounds like he is going to be disappointing.

So I am torn. I want to read more but I don’t always like series that is written around one character. I am also not a lover of love triangles that are more than three books. The love triangle gets boring and I just want the character to make a decision, which is why I like them in romances because when the book ends its usually finished. At least this series is done. Of course that didn’t stop the author from continuing with Rose, just in another series. I will see if I’ll continue on in the series.

Love Gone Wild

Love Gone WildMarissa Vanderson is a sheltered wealthy heiress that had a tragic past but she has had enough being protected. She wanted to live her life and experience things. She will enlist the help of a bartender, Dane Sinclair, but she will soon find out that there might be dangers out there that she wasn’t expecting.

Love Gone Wild is a novel by Michele Bardsley. This was a hard book to write a quick summary because there are many parts to it. For me I thought the story was humorous and wacky at times with the situation that comes up. At times the story was a little too silly for me but overall I liked it, just didn’t love it.

From how I wrote the summary it could be considered that Marissa was just a pampered heiress but she wasn’t allowed out of the protection of her parents because her brother had been kidnapped and her older sister killed all when she was a child. That part threw me when I started the book because the cover pretty much looks like a normal contemporary romance novel. Well there is certainly romance that Marissa tries to make happen between Dane and herself. Dane feels this romance but he doesn’t want to be with Marissa because she was a heiress like his ex-wife. That fight will only last so long for Dane.

Well Marissa has a list that she wants to cross off before her birthday which was a list her older sister had helped create. Dane is helping Marissa cross things off that list. Now that sounded fine but then the plot changes from Marissa to a serial killer and then to a US Marshall and another woman who is following Marissa. Needless to say the plot gets wacky as I said above. Though don’t worry because all these plots will interconnect in a surprising way.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing A Rake

Lady Calpurnia Hartwell or known as Callie has been put on the shelf knowing that she will never find that love, never find a husband. Seeing her sister find love will make her want more and Callie will do something about it this time.

Gabriel St. John, Marquess of Ralston is in a bind when he meets his sister he never knew about. Gabriel will want the best for his new sister and that requires a proper companion to steer her in the right direction. That woman comes to him in the middle of the night in the form of Lady Calpurnia.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a RakeAs Rules of Scoundrels series is not out with another book I wanted one more from the author so I looked to another series. Love By Numbers looks to be a trilogy and Sarah MacLeans first book Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake. I really love how MacLean can weave a tale that has you wanting more. This story was well done and something I couldn’t wait to finish. It was also charming and funny especially with how Callie’s mission was to complete her list. I liked that Callie was becoming a reformed spinster with how daring she soon became. Now Gabriel was a man you did not want to tangle with with his icy glares. He softened at the right moments especially when facing with Callie. He almost became a reformed rake with Callie around as she kept him on her toes. He was a man who did what he liked but found it baffling in a woman like Callie but needless to say he kept up with her. I liked their interaction throughout the book as it was playful and passion filled. They kept you going throughout the book waiting to find out what would happen next from Callie’s list. I thought the product of the list was clever and made you want to cheer for Callie’s success all the more, in love and finding the new Callie.

In the book there is a mention of the Duke of Leighton who is mentioned in A Rogue By Any Other Name. It was interesting to read about him as he was the one that jilted Penelope and it looks like it will be for Gabriel’s new half sister if I am not mistaken. I am taking a break from Sarah MacLean for the moment but by no means am I done with the author.

The Sunday List of Dreams by Kris Radish

A 58 year old woman, three grown children, an ex husband, retirement, and now her house is talking to her.

Connie is having her own problems with all the things that are happening to her or rather that are not happening.  For the longest time she has made list which have been dreams of hers but those were always but to the side.  Now on the verge of retirement Connie decides to do something, with the help of a talking house and her best friend Fannie, Connie discovers what has been lost; her oldest daughter.  Jessica keeps herself distant and Connie has been hurt by it but as she cleans will she finally understand what job her daughter is doing.  Jessica is the part owner of a sex shop.  At first Connie is shocked then she decides to take a trip to see her daughter.

Going to New York is the best thing that Connie will set out doing, next to recreating herself and finding that daughter that has been lost to her.

I liked this book and its crazy plot of the sex toy shop but it was all cute to read.  A little strange at first I will give you.  If you like those light hearted, a little comedy, a mother daughter adventure then this book will be for you.  It will tug at your heart a little and make you want to follow your dreams.