Vampire Valentine

Bitten By Cupid

Vampire Valentine is a novella in the series Argeneau Family. This novella is part of a collection called Bitten By Cupid. I will be honest and say that I didn’t read the other two novellas as I just wanted to read the one from Lynsay Sands.

This novella falls around the fifteenth book which is when Stephanie plays matchmaker. Well this book is all about getting Stephanie to Port Henry where she will have to stay for awhile. Tiny and Mirabeau have to make sure that Stephanie arrives safe. I liked this novella. It was of course short but too the point and I liked that it was with Tiny who had worked side by side with Marguerite when she was investigating.

So Tiny’s character was a big guy, very much the opposite of his name. He was smart and quiet but when it comes to his lifemate he will be very sensual like all the others. Tiny was adorable and I liked that he was getting his happy ending as well. Mirabeau’s story was interesting with what she had endured in her past. I liked that she had become an enforcer to help. I also liked that she lightened up when Tiny was around.

There was not much danger that was involved in this novella, in fact there was none at all, but I was okay with that as I liked the story because of the characters.

The Lady is a Vamp

After catching up to the whole series it wasn’t long until another book had been added to this ever growing Argeneau Family. The Lady is a Vamp is the seventeenth book.

Jeanne Louise Argeneau works for her family in research and development and likes her work but lately things have been off. Her taste of food is leaving her which depresses her and now she is being kidnapped. It doesn’t take Jeanne long to figure out why this man would do it. Jeanne will though finding herself helping especially as she find that this man is her lifemate. She will construct a plan to keep them a family but nothing ever goes as planned.

Paul Jones is in need of help from a vampire. As he works for them its easy to find one but has to choose the right one. He struggles with his kidnapping of Jeanne but ultimately its his daughter who needs this. Paul will grab Jeanne for his daughter but he will soon find that he wants her for more.

The Lady is a Vamp for me had me thinking about the first book of the series as a person is kidnapped and needs that particular person for help. Of course this time roles are reversed. As usual I start Lynsay Sands book and end up loving it as her characters are witty and quirky like most of her plots. It reads very quickly and there is a heartwarming side to the book especially with the little girl and her situation.

Now Lynsay Sands will have a happy ending like all the others but she throws in a twist at the end having you yelling at the book. You will want to throw the book down but the upside is you are greeted to a little family reunion and the situation will definitely make you laugh at what they do.

I was certainly happy that Jeanne Louise finally got her own book as she was talked about but there was something I didn’t understand. Justin who has been in the series has never found a lifemate for himself. In this book he can’t read the little girl, thought it was due to her tumor but afterwards could he? It would be interesting if she were to be his lifemate but that part was just unclear. I suppose I will just have to wait and find out.

Under a Vampire Moon

Christian Notte is still new to having a mother but loves every moment even the times when she is setting him up. She will find his life mate and Christian is overwhelmed but will have to play it cool especially as Carolyn will think him to favor the same sex thanks to his family. Their plan was from the heart but there will be difficulty playing the role.

Carolyn Connor is done with men. Having been deceived from her ex husband the last place she wanted to go was a place where all couples seemed to go for their honeymoon. Everyone was happy and it depressed Carolyn to no end and then she saw Christian but with him being twenty years younger she didn’t dare to step into that one. That is of course until he asks for her help. Carolyn will play the role but she is finding hard to remember that this is fake.

Under a Vampire Moon was a pleasant surprise. I have come to really like this series. Some books better than others (mostly the earlier ones) but with this one I was excited as Christian is Marguerite and Julius’s son.  As normal the book was funny to read with the characters and quick plot.

There were no real bad guys in this one at least in the sense of immortals. The villain was more of the human side.

In this book Sands will give us more characters from the band. I have a feeling that they will be playing into the series at some point as Sands seems to be far from over with this family.

So I closed the book and thought finally I had caught up with this vampire family until I saw Sands has the seventeenth book already now out. This is an ever growing series and one I think I will stick around until the end.

Hungry For You

Calen Valens who is part of the Argeneau family is done looking for a lifemate. After two thousand years he knows he will never have one. Then Alex is thrust into his sight and sparks fly. A lifemate but it gets tricky for Calen as he starts out lying to his mate. Calen will work beside Alex to help her in every step which includes saving her life as accidents find their way to her.

Alexandra ‘Alex’ Willan is a cook on edge of a nervous break down as nothing is going right with her preparation of her second restaurant. To make matters worse her cook was tempted away from her. Now Alex has to find a new chef but luck gives her a break when Calen comes her way. Of course things are never that easy. Calen is not who he said he was but still her heart is racing every time they touch. She wants to ignore the feelings but it gets harder and harder to do.

Hungry For You another book from the Argeneau Family series number fourteenth written by Lynsay Sands.

I liked that Sands gave all the Willan girls their chance to find their own immortals so they could still be a family. Alex was a fun character as she was always stressed and Calen was stern but in a comical way.

The book had minimum lies and betrayal which I liked. It wasn’t about the ultimate bad guy they are chasing but one that you don’t exactly think as one which left you guessing. Technically I had a feeling I knew who the bad guy was but it was not for the reason that was found out at the end.

Hungry For You to me was a happier go lucky story as it was cute and fun to read.

Born To Bite

Lucky thirteen book goes to Armand the man who has had the worst luck when it comes to wives.

Armand Argeneau has loved one woman but unfortuantly she met an untimely death after their son was born. Armand had not been lucky to find another lifemate but married two more times as a pregnancy occurred and soon after another untimely death. Armand has kept himself locked up away from his family to avoid anymore deaths. Now he is faced with another lifemate and accidents start up again as the investigation if brought forward.

Eshe d’Aureus is an enforcer and is good at her job. She had the chance at a lifemate and spent many years with each other. Now he is gone and Eshe was surprised to find herself connecting with another. The problem was he was someone she was investigating. Eshe made it her duty to prove that Armand had nothing to do with the murders. She will search for her answer but the closer she gets the closer she is to her own death as accidents keep coming her way.

I found myself really liking the characters of Eshe and Armand in Born To Bite. It seemed simple how they connected as they each already had a lifemate. I loved Eshe’s brazen and carefree attitude but wouldn’t take any b.s. Then Armand with his simple ways and his quiet passion until of course it is released by his lifemate.

Lynsay Sands wrote this story well when it came time for suspense in the book. I had a feeling I knew the person doing the attacking but it did not make sense with the rest of the woman who were killed. Of course nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Sands will weave in several twists within the story only to give a conclusion to the person behind the murders, Nicholas his freedom and Armand some peace.

I found that after this book I am drawing closer to the end of the series well at least the end of what Sands has written and available for the public. But I wonder when Justin Bricker will have his shoot at a lifemate. I like his character and can’t help but want him to find that happiness that is surrounding everyone else.

Now the next book, Hungry For You, will star Alexandra Willan who is  Sam’s sister and maybe we will have Sam making the decision to change once her sisters have now found their lifemates.

The Renegade Hunter

Nicholas Argeneau is on the run for fifty years now for murdering an innocent woman. As an ex rogue hunter he is good at getting away but when an innocent woman is trouble he helps and this time he finds his own trouble. The woman he saves is his lifemate and this time he doesn’t want her to die so he will keep away but when he does things keep going from bad to worse. Nicholas has to stick close to Jo for her own safety.

Josephine ‘Jo’ Willan was stunned to be attacked at her sisters party only to be next kissing her hero and wanting more from him. Jo is soon thrust into troubles regarding the immortals and finds all about them. She wants a life with Nicholas and will fight to save him from himself if necessary.

So going back to reading the series I found myself once back into the immortals. For some reason it disappeared in the eleventh book but its back with the twelfth, The Renegade Hunter. Lynsay Sands gives Nicholas a chance to clear his name and join his family once again.

I like that Nicholas was a tortured immortal but did right by those who needed help. You knew that something was wrong about him killing an innocent and Sands will explain but not all the way. There will be a cliff hanger leading us into the next book to find out why his stepmothers were killed, why Annie was killed or for him to be executed.

I was happy to read that Jo was Sam’s sister. Not remembering their last name I was surprised to read the book. I was excited to see Sands was going to bring the sisters into the series so Sam would be able to keep her family. The party at the beginning was humorous with Sam’s attempt at matchmaking for her sisters.

Now I will admit before this book and The Immortal Hunter I didn’t remember reading about Nicholas which is why I wish the book had a family tree. The ones before had them. Its hard to keep track of all the Argeneau family.

Can’t wait for Armand’s chance at finding a wife that doesn’t meet a tragic end.

Vampires Are Forever

It seems to be I am getting caught up in the Argeneau Family series by Lynsay Sands as I have now read the eighth book, Vampires Are Forever.

Inez Urso works for the Argeneau business and is now promoted to vice president. Inez likes her job but is annoyed when she has to wake up at 5 am to pick up Thomas Argeneau. But trouble doesn’t start until Inez takes on the task of helping him locate Marguerite. She will soon discover that Thomas’s allegery to the sun is the least of her worries.

Thomas Argeneau has one thing on his mind finding Marguerite. The added burden of Inez was not something Thomas was looking forward to even if he liked how she looked or liked her yelling in another language. Of course when Thomas finds out Inez is more special to him, his lifemate, he must keep her safe. It is hard to do when Inez keeps getting her memory wiped from an unknown immortal. Together they will try to find the immortal only to find more danger.

I liked that this book focused on finding Marguerite who seemed to be missing the entire time which is leading up to her story which is the next one in the series. Now of course the story is really focused on the two main characters Inez and Thomas. I liked how Sands created Inez to be afraid and apprehensive of Thomas when she found out the truth. It was humorous to read as she started to accept who immortals were.

Thomas I liked as a character as he wasn’t so moody as the rest of the family and he had a hidden talent, music. Of course he was moody about his music and what others would think of it.

Sands created this book to be a little more action in the fighting sense. There was more violence especially when it came to what happens to Inez. At the end of the book you are left with a cliffhanger which will hopefully be found out in the next book with Marguerite at the center of attention.