A Buckhorn Bachelor

A Buckhorn BachelorAdam Sommerville was not looking for love, he had been happy with his bachelor status. He liked dating but he will start to look towards Isabella, the librarian, and wonder if he wanted more with her.

Isabella Presley had wanted Adam for years but she knew that she never had a chance with him. Then she takes a chance to ask him advice on getting men and she will find his whole attention on her.

A Buckhorn Bachelor is the eighth book of the series Buckhorn Brothers by Lori Foster. I really liked reading this novella. It has been fun reading about the next generation, and of course there was the occasional appearance of an original brother.

Adam was a player but he wasn’t one who went about it the wrong way. He was a kind man who wasn’t ready for commitment, though he was great with kids. I liked that he took a chance and got to know Isabella. Isabella was a character with her southern drawl and outrageous lust for Adam. She was playing a game due to Amber’s insistence but I did like that she would stand up and do what she wanted. She knew her own mind but she had to take a chance.

Now there is a character, Amber, who had been playing matchmaker. I like Amber but I felt a little annoyed by her matchmaking skills. I think she was a little too pushy with Adam and Isabella. Though I am interested in reading Amber’s story who will be with Noel. It will be interesting to read as I would bet Noel will turn the tables on Amber and her matchmaking skills.

Looking for Trouble

Looking for TroubleSophie Heyer had lived with scandal since she was a child when her mother had disappeared with another man. She had lived with the rumors and made sure to play the part of the good girl so no one compared her to her mother but then she will meet Alex.

Alex Bishop was back at his brothers request. He did not want to be back in Jackson but he gave in. Alex will ride into town and find that nothing had changed except that his mother had become crazier and that he was lusting after a librarian.

Looking For Trouble is the second book to the series Girls Night Out by Victoria Dahl. I liked the book. It was full of passion and lust with some heartbreaking moments.

The character of Sophie was one who was sweet and shy but there was another side to her. She was also wild and wanted more. I liked that she found it with Alex. Now although their scenes were definitely steamy I wasn’t thrilled with the way that Sophie wanted to be treated in bed. There were only a few lines that I thought weren’t necessary but overall they were steamy scenes. So then there is Alex who is the big bad biker boy. He is rough and doesn’t want any attachments. He found the perfect partner with Sophie but you know that real feelings will bloom between them.

Rose Bishop’s character was unbalanced. I know in the end there was a reason for her recent behavior but even before that she was crazy. I felt bad for her at least to a point. She should have gotten help and not neglected her children or spread the rumors around town that made Sophie’s life very hard.

Also for those who read Jackson Hole series you will notice Shane and Merry’s character from Too Hot to Handle. Shane is the brother of Alex.

I am reading the third book next which is with Isabella who is friends with Sophie and Lauren.

Tempted Again

Tempted AgainMarissa Bennett has had some problems over the past months with a new divorce and coming back home. She is working as a librarian which is something she loves along with helping out kids. She will be troubled once again when the man whom she loved and left her is in her hometown.

Connor Doyle is the Sheriff of the town and takes his job seriously along with helping out teens who are troubled. He will not appreciate when the new librarian starts to help out in his program. It didn’t help that he had a past with Marissa but in order to help the teens they had to work together.

Tempted Again is the third book from the series West Investigations by Cathie Linz. I have to say that I wasn’t blown away by this book. This was my first introduction to the author, so I was looking forward to finding a new author to start reading. I think I will still try another book just to see if my opinion changes.

Marissa was a woman down on her luck and one that held a grudge. I guess I was annoyed by her character for holding that grudge on Connor for so long. I get that it was traumatic in that time but she had to let it go. Then again I can understand holding a grudge because I am like that as well at times. Connor was kind of cocky at times but overall good guy who liked to give Marissa a hard time. It was a second time for them to get it right which they will in the end.

I did end up liking the teens who were in the program that Connor and Marissa had run together. I thought the teens brought something more to this story. They were the reason for Connor and Marissa to work side by side which let them be together.

There were parts of the book that I did like but overall I just wasn’t into the book. I think it was because the characters weren’t making me want to read about them. As I said above I will try Cathie Linz again, but perhaps go to a different series or one of her many novels.

Summer Nights

Summer NightsShane Stryker was back in his home town with a goal to build his own stables on his own land as he raised racehorses. Shane had another goal and that was to stay away from wild woman who were dangerous for him. That’s why he was going to stay far away from Annabelle but not everything is that easy.

Annabelle Weiss had no idea why Shane wanted to avoid her. She wasn’t someone that turned men heads or flirted outrageously  she was just the town librarian trying to raise money for a bookmobile.

Susan Mallery is still a new author for me as I have only read one of her books and that was a year ago. I picked up once again a random book, Summer Nights, from the series Fool’s Gold which is the eighth book and almost in the middle of the series. I had picked up another book finding out it was the ninth one. After reading Summer Nights I think I will be wanting to find more to the series. The story right away sucks you in with the likable characters and their troubled past. It is heartwarming and you hope for a happy ending.

Annabelle’s character was sweet and insecure thanks to how she thought the world viewed her. I liked that she did nothing to get Shane to watch her. I loved that in the part with her ex she was able to become stronger. Then there was Shane who was broken from his own marriage. Trust was not something to come easily and it was almost laughable that he screwed up every way with Annabelle. The ending though will have you loving Shane for finally getting it right.

I loved the town. I thought it was hilarious as they shunned Shane who hurt (emotionally) Annabelle. All the women banded together and got their husbands involved so they would not sell Shane anything. I guess this is what comes from a small town.

Through the story you find out about the Stryker’s past with a half sister and then there is Charlie, a female fireman who will be in the ninth book. I am looking forward to reading about her because of her very tragic past. I am looking for a happy ending for her character.

Killer Librarian

Karen Nash thought her life was going well but just as she was ready to go on to a trip to London with her boyfriend he dumps her. Karen determines to forget him and enjoy her trip regardless. She wasn’t prepared to find her ex boyfriend on a trip to London with a new woman half her age. Karen starts to plot murder and with one too many pints at the local pub in London she will tell a stranger how she hoped Dave would meet his maker. No sooner than the next morning a body shows up dead in suspicious circumstances and Karen starts to wonder if Dave would be safe from the stranger who seemed to be following Dave and his new girlfriend

Killer LibrarianKiller Librarian is the debut novel written by Mary Lou Kirwin. Mystery novels are infrequent in my life as they really aren’t a genre I get interested in. This modern day mystery novel was quirky and a breath of fresh of air. I read this book at lightening speed as you are pulled into the story very fast with the absurd plot and characters, but absurd in the best way. I liked how the plot was placed in London for the majority of the story and that our heroine was in her midlife crisis. Normally most of the heroines I read are in their twenties and early thirties, so it was a nice change. I also loved that she was a librarian. She had random facts she would give almost blowing her cover of lies she was weaving. Caldwell was a unique character as he was very quiet. I half expected him change as this was a cover but it was how his character is developed. I liked that this was also not a romance novel. There is romance weaved within but it wouldn’t have fit the plot Kirwin had developed.

Now as this is Mary Lou Kirwin’s first book and only book published at this moment I wouldn’t be revisiting the author for a while but I look forward to the next book she will get published.

An Unsuitable Bride

An Unsuitable BrideAlexandra Douglas was on her own along with her sister and was set out to take back what belonged to them which had been denied because of her father’s untimely death. Alex would go back to her family home and disguise herself as an elderly librarian. She would sell the books and take what was hers. The plan would be perfect if it wasn’t for Perry Sullivan.

Peregrine “Perry” Sullivan was visiting his friend Marcus  when he came upon the librarian. Instantly Perry knew that all was not as it seemed. The librarian had a quick wit to her and was hiding something. Perry made it is mission to find out what she was hiding and it didn’t take long as he found her without her disguise. Perry took it upon himself to help Alex and to uncover why she was acting this way.

An Unsuitable Bride is the third and final book of the series Blackwater Brides by Jane Feather. I though the idea of the concept was fascinating. It is not often that a man orders his nephews to find unsuitable brides in order to get their fortune.  I really liked Alexandra’s character as she was a determined woman and did everything she could to survive and to protect her sister. Perry was a very mild character with always a smile on his face. At times you thought he could be almost a simpleton but then another side shows. He has a mind and there is anger when he wants it.

The villain in this book comes from the family which Alexandra belongs to.  There was nothing diabolical about the family only that they were greedy and suspicious. There was though a happy and sad ending for the book. The ending came with a twist which was surprising but it suited the book and gave a finish to the series.

Finding a Librarian

Since I love the library a book which has the word librarian in the title I had to try the book. Karina Bliss is a really fun storyteller. Reading the book, What the Librarian Did will keep you entertained and enchanted with the characters. And of course thrilled with the sexual tension which Rachel and Devin portray.

Rachel Robinson is a fantastic librarian and loves her work but there is something missing. But Rachel ignores the loneliness and throws herself into work until Devin Freedman comes her way.

Devin Freedman is out of his brothers band. After some many years on the road Devin is done and wants to get a job. He has to get back to school. Devin is surprised by the librarian as she instantly intrigues him but she is not his type. With a kid trying to be his friend Devin will find things he was missing and the librarian will be one of those things. But the librarian is hiding something and he is going to find out.

This was a quick romance tale which was fast and fun to read. Karina Bliss does storytelling very well. I liked that there were a few side stories which were being told so the reader became more invested in the story. You feel for each character and hope a positive outcome comes into the story.

As a quick fun novel readers will love to read Karina Bliss’s What the Librarian Did.