A Groom of One’s Own

A Groom of One's OwnSophie Harlow had been left at the alter which was heartbreaking. She moved on with her life and became a writer. She would write about all the society weddings but her recent job will be difficult when she starts to have feelings for the groom.

Duke of Hamilton and Brandon was getting married to the perfect girl. She was beautiful, undemanding and was not in love with him. Brandon will find himself in trouble when his eyes drift longingly towards the writer who is doing the exclusive on his wedding.

A Groom of One’s Own is the first book to Maya Rodale by Writing Girls. I really enjoyed this book. Having already read the third book of the series I knew that I liked these woman and Rodale’s style of writing. Her writing is fun and she brings some humor to these characters with the situation they were getting themselves into, especially at the end.

So Brandon was engaged to Clarissa but he wanted another, Sophie, and she wanted him as well. Then Clarissa wanted her prince but was stuck being engaged to Brandon. It sounded like a play but these characters are clever enough and driven by love so they will find a way. Now there will be a problem with some secrets which are on Clarissa side. These secrets are a problem which threatened everyone from finding happiness. I will say I was a little surprised by the secret but it made sense.

I thought all characters had a place in the book and liked them all, well except for Lady Richmond. She was a piece of work and you wanted her to back off and let Clarissa find her own happiness.

Now the romance was something I loved in this book. It was a forbidden romance but I liked that even though the romance was forbidden no one was being really hurt because Brandon loved Sophie and Clarissa loved the prince.

I am reading the second book next.

A Summer to Remember

As I have now read the last book of the Bedwyn Family series I wanted to read more. Rummaging through the books from my parents house I found A Summer to Remember. At the time I did not know it was connected to the Bedwyn Family series which I was happy to discover. A Summer to Remember is the second book to the series.

Kit Butler is a confirmed bachelor but is now the heir and knows that he has to marry, but he doesn’t want to marry the woman he used to love. The woman who gave him up for his brother. Kit will find a woman to help him in Lauren.

Lauren Edgeworth has been left at the alter a year by the man she loved but was not in love with. It hurts that she knows that they are blissfully happy and she knows that will never be her until she makes a deal with Kit. They will pretend to be betrothed and she will get an adventure for the summer instead of her dull life. Then she will break the engagement and leave but it wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds.

By not reading the first book I don’t know all that went on with Lauren’s heartache but you will definitely feel for her throughout this book. Mary Balogh creates Lauren’s character well with the wounded victim who now only wants adventure before she is able to be on her own and continue to be the perfect lady she is. I like that the dull lady was able to find adventure and to let loose with the rake. I am interested in reading the first book as I think even though Lauren gets hurt, just to see how her relationship with her ex-fiancee was dissolved. You of course know by reading the second one that love will come to Lauren and make her whole which is the perfect ending for a lover of romance.

Kit Butler was a perfect character as the rogue. You wanted the charade to be real and for him to tell her the truth as his feelings went from pretend to real. The past which Balogh intertwines within the story developed who the character of Kit was and it made the story that much more enjoyable.

I also liked the Bedwyn family in the story and look forward to reading more about them in the following books. As I have read the eighth book I already know about the eldest but I am interested in knowing about the rest of them and where they will find happiness.

Letting Go and Getting Wicked

Being left at the alter twice now has Gwen Maudsley rethinking what she is doing with her life. She is always the nice girl and now is going to be wicked. She wants to enjoy a certain passion as she will journey to Paris to find her brothers ring. She will not be alone in this adventure as a friendly face joins her who is like her brother but her feelings towards him are anything like a sibling.

Alexander Ramsey had taken it upon himself to help out Gwen because he promised her brother. Alex though is starting to see her change and doesn’t want it but that idea changes as Gwen starts include him on the plan. He is being seduced by Gwen and he fights it but the fight will only last a little while.

Meredith Duran will leave you wanting more as Gwen and Alex are discovering each other in Wicked Becomes You. I liked the concept of the plot. I thought it was interesting to read how the nice girl gets jilted twice and her solution is to become wicked and the opposite of her old self. I also liked how Alex resisted and played the way of a big brother but his feelings were anything but brotherly.

Duran gives a chance for Gwen’s character to grow and change in the ways which were needed and Wicked Becomes You is that journey.

Cozy up with The Perfect Blend

The Perfect Blend is a very good description for how Trish Perry writes. There are highs and lows which blend perfectly through out the book. Trish Perry is a new author I am trying and her story line is simple with simple characters but there is charm to the story.

Steph Vandergrift has been dumped and not just in a small town but by her fiancee who left her at the alter. Now with no place to live, no job Steph is panicking and needs help. She finds it in the form of Milly and her Tea Shop. With some help from the town Steph tries to get her live back but is in a bind when Kendall James sets eyes on her. What is worse is when Rick her ex-fiancee comes back to town and wants her back. Steph makes up her mind on whether to forgive or give a new love a chance.

Throughout the story Steph asks for gods assistance which is very little but this is not a religious book. Steph’s character is a scatterbrain on how she is dealing with her life but her quirky attitude will leave the reader loving Steph.

Trish Perry creates a sweet modern day romance novel.

Get A Clue by Jill Shalvis

Finding new authors is always an interesting process. You hope that one book will peak your interest. Get A Clue by Jill Shalvis certainly did. Her writing is fun, sexy, smart, wicked in a sense and just a lot of entertainment.

Breanne Mooreland was done with men. No more she wanted to shout. After her third engagement ended with her at the alter she did not want them. But finding a man in her honeymoon suite was an intriguing display of man.

Cooper Scott had to have time that is what they all said so he took time. Never did he expect to find a woman staring at him while he was in the shower.

Breanne and Cooper start off to an interesting start as they are stuck at the cabin with no way of leaving and to make things worse a man turns up dead. Cooper is off to work again while Breanne stays by his side. But who killed this man?

The characters in this story made the story. I love how they intertwined with the plot which was heated with sensual desire as murder and snow keeps everyone on edge. I think one of the best parts of the book is the humor which Jill Shalvis brings to the pages. You will laugh along with the tough cop and the feisty bride to be who was left at the alter and the rest of the staff which are hiding more than expected.

Get A Clue was actually a great romance and mystery that leaves you entertained from beginning to end.

Trapped! by Lori Foster

The Men to the Rescue series brings another hero to the cover with Ethan Winters.  Ethan Winters is another fireman who has been burned before but this time was a woman.  His ex fiancee ran off with his ex-best friend.  Rosie his ex-best friends sister is left behind as well.

Everything for Ethan has been going okay since then.  He has been dating anything with legs but he is baffled when he wakes up to Rosie beside him in bed.  Ethan didn’t remember anything happening, but he didn’t remember anything from last night.  He decided to get wasted while at the award ceremony and that was all that was remembered.

Rosie who is a real estate agent has been in love with Ethan and had plans of seducing him but she wants to make sure that Ethan is over the hurt of what Michelle did to him.

The two are put together and it doesn’t take Ethan long to understand his feelings for Rosie were not all that platonic.  Of course he still fought and Rosie edged him on.

In this book Harris, Buck and Riley are mentioned and Regina nicknamed Red.  These characters will be next to find love.  In the next book Riley will take his turn with a red head reporter.

This book was a very quick read being under two hundred pages but worth every page.  The men to the rescue are amazing men to read about.  They seem real along with the women that encounter them.