The Valentine

The ValentineBlair Hansen-Lowry was in love with her husband but insecurities were still present with Blair especially with Valentine’s Day tonight. She will want to do something with her husband but when his plane is delayed things will go from bad to worst.

Garrett Lowry wanted to get back to his wife for Valentine’s Day but luck was not on his side as his plane was delayed. He will fight hard to get to her for tonight especially as they had fought over the phone.

The Valentine is fourth book to the series The Wedding Pact by Denise Grover Swank. I loved this novella that continued Blair’s and Garrett’s story. Their story had been the most intense of the series with all the heartbreak that was between them and it had been the most compelling one to read. I liked that Swank continued their story, to show how their marriage was going, and it was anything but perfect. Though it was all them and to me that made the story fantastic to read.

I liked that Blair was softening up. She was still tough and insecure but she was in love and that showed. Of course Blair really is her own worst enemy, but I liked that Blair knew she overreacted right away. Garrett is the perfect husband. He loves Blair for who she is and he doesn’t want to change her. He does put his foot in the mouth but he always makes up for it.

There was a surprise at the end that had me cringing and hoping everything would come out fine. Thankfully that was the case because this couple had gone through so much. I wanted them to be happy and to be happy with each other.

I am really hoping for more on this series and hope that more will be written. I wouldn’t mind reading a story on Garrett’s sister or one on Blair’s assistant. So then I looked at the website and saw she had written the book Only You which is a start of another series that has Kevin (Meghan’s brother in the first book). I will definitely be checking out this book.

The Player

The PlayerBlair Hansen had loved one man who broke her heart and made her wary about trusting. Then five years later she found a man that she going to marry though he was someone she didn’t love as she didn’t believe in it. There will be a problem when the man she had loved shows up and he is determined to remind her of what they used to have.

Garrett Lowry knew he had screwed up five years ago and was making it up since then. When he sees Blair at a hotel he knew that had to take the chance and win her back. Though it will be hard as the woman he once loved was buried deep inside.

The Player is the second novel to the series The Wedding Pact by Denise Grover Swank. I really loved this book, it was a very well written story. Now I had loved the first one which in my opinion was much more lighthearted than the second book. The second book was more on betrayal and how trust was lost and how it had to be earned.

Blair was a woman who had been betrayed and has hardened her heart when it comes to love. She is considered cold but really that is just her exterior, she is afraid to express her feelings because she could be rejected. I found it sad for Blair that she was getting married to a man she doesn’t love but finds him stable, and someone who would not cheat. Personally I really disliked Neil from the start and much more at the end. I liked that Blair will find the strength to go with her heart again but it will not work out like the fairy tale story you want. So Garrett’s character was a good guy that made a mistake, though Blair had her part in that mistake. Then he makes a mistake which gives truth to her suspicions. I hated that Garrett goes that route but five years later he is certainly making up for that mistake. I like that he will try and do anything he could be get Blair back.

In the book there is a really well written twist that makes things much more difficult for Blair and Garrett to find that happy ending. As the reader I am yelling at the book for Blair to figure out the truth before it’s too late but it wouldn’t be that easy. Since Blair is insecure about relationships she will make a lot of bad mistakes before she figures out the truth behind it all.

I will be reading the third book next.


JusticeJessica Ford was finding it difficult to work in a new firm especially when she is starting to feel that something is wrong. Jess will have to watch her back and find herself coming face to face again with Mark Ryan who broke her heart. She will be reluctant when he inserts himself in her life to protect her but when the danger gets too dangerous she will be accepting.

Secret Service Agent Mark Ryan will have  a second chance to get into Jess’s life as he will make himself her protector when danger comes too close. Mark will have to find the murderer who is after Jess and as they start to investigate things start to unravel quickly.

Justice is the second book to the series Jess and Mark by Karen Robards. So first off I really loved this book as a sequel. I was wondering how Robards would be taking Jess and Mark, and what they would need to be running from.

Now even though I said I loved this book there are a couple things I was pissed at which was namely Jess and Mark. I thought at the end of the first book they were going to be living happily ever after and then I found out he was found kissing her boss which pissed me off. I do know why it happened as Robards gives us a explanation namely Mark was afraid as things were moving to fast and wanted out. Stupid mistake on his part and I was pleased that Jess did not welcome him back in her arms right away. She made him wait and wait and wait some more. She was scared of a relationship as well and didn’t fight more but with how Robards ends the book I feel they were on the right track. Of course things could change if another book is written but for now I am content that they have that happy ending. And to be honest even though I didn’t like that they were broken up in the beginning it was good for the story as it gave more conflict and created that never ending sexual tension that was always sizzling between them.

Getting away from the romance aspect lets get to the action. There was some good plot deception with what was going on with these murders and how it relates to the trial that Jess was working on. I guess I wasn’t too surprised with what was going on. Certainly some of the characters you are surprised at for being part of this conspiracy but it was a little predictable. Now that being said I didn’t care about that because the story kept you interested, kept you wanting to know more. I liked the build up of the plot and how it all was connected. For the ending I was kind of shocked, not of how Jess and Mark ended which was great, it was how the murderer was going to be getting away with murder but with one last paragraph Robards will change that and give justice. Robards is a great storyteller and I can’t wait to read more from her.

Seduce Me

Seduce MeJack Latham was a partner at his firm and was known to be the office hottie and ruthless in the court room. What he doesn’t let people know is his intrigue to Mallory. He will have a chance to get to know Mallory at a clients resort and find there is much more to this woman.

Mallory Sinclair was the only female associate in the firm. She worked hard and wanted to be a partner. She finds out that she will have to make a trip out with Jack who she has her own fantasies about but never would come forward, that is until they get to the resort. Mallory will show Jack she is not as frigid and cold as she comes off.

Seduce Me is a standalone novel from Carly Phillips. I liked the story as it was fast paced and had two characters who had a lot in common for not having the best childhood. It was enduring with what you learned within those few pages of the novel.

Now the book truly follows the title and the main character Mallory sets out to seduce and give a little lesson but she will be the one that will be seduced as well. There are plenty of steamy scenes of passion and teasing but I kept wondering when their job would be coming into play with them being lawyers. Of course their jobs are there as they try to get to the bottom of which spouse was cheating and what leverage they could use.

I liked that in the book the lawyers do change and become more than people who would do whatever they could to help their client. The ending gives us a fairy tale ending that will have you smiling that Jack and Mallory got it right.

Child’s Play by Cindy Harris

Never reading anything from Cindy Harris I took her book and opened up the pages only to be charmed by the story.

The Plot of Child’s Play:

Rose Sinclair mourned only one thing when her philandering husband died-that she had no children.  But a visit from her spouse’s mistress shocks her to the core when the woman arrives with three children in tow-and claims that they are now Rose’s responsibility! Torn between sympathy and outrage, Rose learns that one of the children claims another man is his father, Sir Steven Nollbrook, a successful barrister.  Yet Steven insists that the child isn’t his-and Rose is haunted by the pain she glimpses in his arresting eyes.  Building a family isn’t child’s play, but as Rose discovery Steven’s secret, she vows to show him that love can be as simple as A,B,C.

This was a very charming tale of two people finding love and a family all at the same time.  The end of the book gave a little surprise that only makes sense as you find out about their characters.  The book has some steamy scense and as a whole it will leave you smiling.

The MacGregors: Caine

The second book of the series MacGregors, Tempting Fate, by Nora Roberts.  As the first book showed this series was going to be very entertaining and after reading the second book I knew this would be true.

The Plot of Tempting Fate:

Diane has been well-educated and given everything she needed since she was a little girl of six.  Or at least that is what she was told to believe for twenty years.  Twenty years that were nothing but a lie.  For those years Diane believed her Aunt provided for everything but in reality it was her brother, the brother she thought had abandoned her.  Discovering this fact she was at a lost, she didn’t know who she was anymore.  In a search Diane was going to find out with a little help from the MacGregors whether she wanted it or not.

Caine MacGregor is an amazing lawyer, now in his own practice and he likes to win.  He ends up meeting Diane Blade and is thrown into a stupor.  He knows he wants her and will have her. He sees Diane and knew she is troubled.  Not sure of herself anymore but he will help.  When Diane quits the firm, Caine gets her to rent a room in his office building bringing them closer.

It will be up to Caine to find the woman in Diane that needs to come out.

I loved this book with Caine’s persistance and Diane drive to find herself.  These two characters are fantastic together and I love how the family weaves themselves into the lives.  I love Daniel MacGregor who tells his children to hurry up and give them grandchildren.

Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James

Julie James is definitely an author to look out for.  Her plot and characters are witty, determined, funny, and believe in sabotage and deceiving but with the best attentions.

“Payton Kendall and J.D. Jameson are lawyers who know the meaning of objection.  A feminist to the bone, Payton has fought hard to succeed in a profession dominated by men.  Born wealthy, privileged, and cocky, J.D. has fought hard to ignore her.  Face-to-face, they’re perfectly civil.  They have to be.  For eight years they have kept a safe distance and tolerated each other as coworkers for one reason only: to make partner at the firm.

But all bets are off when they’re asked to join forces on a major case.  Though apprehensive at first, they begin to appreciate each other’s dedication to the law-and the sparks between them quickly turn into attraction.  But the increasingly hot connection does not last them will be named partner.  Now it’s an all-out war.  And the battle between the sexes is bound to make these lawyers hot under the collar…”

I loved the sexual tension that Payton and J.D. had between the two.  Both of them had it from the very beginning but wouldn’t acknowledge it.  So now as the tension of the partnership rises the tension is even worse and finally the two start working towards a similar goal.  But their sexual tension is not the only thing that is there.  Each of them have their own prejudices against each other with how they grew up but are they really so different?  The two will find they will be able to relate to each other as they grow closer through the case.

I loved this book.  It was a fast pace modern romance which kept you turning the pages.  The book has its up and downs, and some surprising results as the end of the book concludes.  “Practice Makes Perfect” gives an ending you are happy for.