New York, Actually

Molly was an advice columnist who had a big following but she was a fraud as her relationships never worked. Then she met Daniel but she still knew that it would never last.

Daniel was a divorce lawyer who was good at his job. He was happy with his job and satisfied with his life then he saw Molly. He knew he wanted to get to know her and when he does he figures out she was what was missing from this life.

New York, Actually is the fourth book from the series From Manhattan with Love by Sarah Morgan. I really enjoyed this book. It started out a little slow for me but quickly picked up as I got to know Molly and Daniel.

Molly’s character was intriguing. She was adamant about not being good in relationships which was her own way of sabotaging any chance at happiness. I was intrigued with whatever she had been running from and I loved that Daniel helped her by showing she can love. I will say that I was a little disappointed with her ex who basically got his happy ending by destroying Molly though I can’t be too angry because in the end she was happy as well. Daniel’s character was a good man. He might have started out their meeting with a white lie but he did everything right. He was a solid presence in her life and was someone who did not run when things got tough.

I am looking forward to continuing with the series. There are two more that I need to read which are about the twins who are introduced in this book.

Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Just the Sexiest Man AliveTaylor Donovan was an up and coming lawyer trying to make partner when she will be given a task that will be her biggest challenge yet, babysitting a movie star. Helping out Jason Andrews, the sexiest man alive, was not something she wanted to do but her firm committed her to the job. She will help him prepare for his next film that is with lawyers and will hope that she doesn’t fall for him.

Jason Andrews was an actor who could get any job he wanted and any woman he wanted. Nobody ever said no to him that is until he met Taylor Donovan who was not falling for his charm. He wanted her and would do what he could to get her but will find out that it will not be easy and he might just have to follow his heart.

Just the Sexiest Man Alive is a novel by Julie James. I was thoroughly entertained by this book. I like Julie James style and how she develops her characters. Taylor was someone I liked a lot. She hardened herself when it came to love thanks to her past boyfriend/fiance who cheated on her. She will get a whirlwind of actors wanting her which was something different but she doesn’t really fall for either that is until she gets to know more about Jason. Jason was a spoiled actor who thought he could get anything. Taylor was the only person who didn’t throw herself at him and that made her to be a challenge. I did like Jason even though he was an idiot at times especially when it came to trying to get Taylor but he does grow up and show that he is a good man.

Okay who I didn’t like was Scott Casey who wanted nothing but fame and to steal what Jason had. He only wanted Taylor because she was hot and Jason wanted her. He was kind of an ass especially when it came to the paparazzi and getting a picture with Taylor. You wanted to shake Taylor and yell why are you trusting him but at least it doesn’t last long, up to only one date.

The ending with Jason and Taylor was perfect. I laughed at those last pages with how they were together but it also sizzled as they finally got together and made it work leaving us with the perfect happy ending.

Love Irresistibly

Love IrresistiblyAssistant U.S. Attorney Cade Morgan had been a prosecutor before and a rising football star before that, but right now he was working with the FBI to bring down a senator. Cade will enlist the help of Brooke Parker and with her help they will be successful. He will keep the work relationship going with Brooke but bring it to a personal causal level. Things will get complicated when he starts to have real feelings for Brooke and when he meets his half brother he never knew.

Brooke Parker was a good businesswoman and knew when it would be good to play ball especially with the Assistant U.S. Attorney and two FBI agent staring back at her. Brooke would do them the favor which would bring her closer with interacting with Cade Morgan. She finds herself wanting more and hoping that this one would work instead of failing like her other relationships.

Love Irresistibly is the fourth book from the series FBI/US Attorney by Julie James. After reading It Happened One Wedding not too long ago I wanted more from Julie James and now I picked up this one and Just the Sexiest Man Alive. I liked this book a lot.

Cade’s character was like a playboy at times and had some humor laced through the book. There was a serious side to the story. One being the investigation and the second with Cade’s past. How his father abandoned him and how his half brother showed up. There is a secret that came out of the end and you wanted to cry for Cade but with how James leaves the story there is hope and a chance for peace between certain characters. I liked Brooke as well. She was a savvy business woman and knew what she wanted and knew what was wrong with her in regards to relationships. When Cade and Brooke finally get together it sizzles but it is also comforting for each other. They are both in the same fields so they know the work schedule but they make it work and into something more. Of course things will get intense and things will get complicated making them weary of each other but James will not disappoint us and give a happy ending.

I will be reading Just the Sexiest Man Alive next.


DestinyNash Barron liked his life in his hometown but with his estranged brother back he had not been one to want his big brother back. Now that some time has passed Nash is learning to forgive after all these years with the help of Kelly. As this all happens Nash will find new facts about his life.

Kelly Moss settled into the town Serendipity to be close to her half sister. She will be finding herself getting closer to Nash and sparks will fly between them but she doesn’t want to lose her heart to him.

Destiny is the second book to the series Serendipity from Carly Phillips. From start to finish I liked the book. There were little surprises that revealed secrets of the characters, Nash and Kelly. I was intrigued by the book and found myself flying through the pages.

Nash was a hard man with a grudge but he does lighten up throughout the book. Kelly was hiding her own secrets that embarrassed her for her poor judgment, but in reality she did everything she could. She grew from that experience which hardened her a little, much like Nash. But both did find a way to be together, it helped with the steamy connection that happened between them. I had wondered for a little if his ex wife was going to be a problem but she wasn’t. In fact she had her own love story in the book with the bartender Joe. They were pretty quick to have their own happy ending. Kelly and Nash had a harder time finding that peace that would bring their own happiness.

I went and looked for more books from the author and saw some other books that are part of the series Serendipity with characters Kate and Lissa getting their own novellas. It also looks like there is a series called Serendipity’s Finest which I wouldn’t mind reading. Since she does have a lot of books out from other series I will have plenty of choices to pick from.

Not Even If You Begged

No even if you beggedTraci Evans did not trust men thanks to her husband who died while cheating on her. Things will start to change when her neighbors adult son start to change her mind.

Ryan Gilmore wanted his mothers neighbor but she kept rejecting him. He will start getting her attention and sparks will fly but he will have to convince her that they are good together.

Not Even If You Begged was a book I picked up from Francis Ray. This is the fourth book to the series Invincible Women which of course I didn’t know at the time of reading the book. There are some characters like Justine and Brianna and I wonder if their story was before in the series but really this could have been read as a stand alone novel. This was a good book to read with some humor of the women from the club and there were certainly plenty of steamy scenes with the two couples that were part of the book.

What I liked about the book was that it was uplifting for these women to find love. For Traci it was to find love in the first place and for Maureen who finds it again. I liked that both these women were the focal point, Traci perhaps a little more. It could have been told with just one of the characters but with the two of them it gave a little more.

I liked Traci’s spitfire attitude but she leaves her heart out of relationships after being with Dante. It takes Ryan, a younger man, to get her to love again and to trust a man again. The story turns when a stalker is brought into the situation which is a little scary with how crazy she appears in the book. Maureen was a women who had loved but was finding it again with a man, Simon, who was ten years younger. The book was written realistically I thought with the problems these women felt who had loved and lost, and how they started to try again by living their lives.


BabycakesKit Bellamy had to start over from scratch thanks to her brother in law and sister as they took the family owned pie shop. Kit moved to a small town and will encounter more than she hoped with new friends, a new way to live and a relationship she didn’t think would happen.

Morgan Westlake was prepared to be an uncle but not a parent of his niece as hers were gone. Morgan will move to a small town where Lilly’s maternal grandmother lived in hopes to give his niece a new way of living away from his stuck up family. Morgan will find his niece growing out of her shell and will also find himself giving into a relationship that will have him falling in love.

Babycakes is the third book from the Cupcake Club series by Donna Kauffman. This is another cute book from the series that is very sweet and full of second chances.

Kit is an enduring character that makes you want to cheer for her to have that happy ending she desires. Her background story is interesting with the betrayal of her sister and her brother in law. Its a slimy move but Kit becomes stronger when she moves to Sugarberry and finds what she was missing. Now Morgan comes from wealth but he does not live with it. I liked that he did not take his family’s money and did not work for them, he went on his own way as a lawyer that did good and not just for money.

The chemistry between the two characters does sizzle as like all of Kauffman’s characters. Things do not heat up until they can trust each other and having Lilly around helps bring them closer a lot quicker.

The fourth book is Honey Pie. I am not sure if this is the last book of the series but it is the last one that is available.

The True Darcy Spirit

The True Darcy SpiritCassandra Darcy is disowned by her parents as a scandal comes her way but it is not her fault or her scandal. She will find a way in the world but there will be plenty of troubles coming her way especially in Lord Usborne who wants nothing more to make her his mistress. Cassandra will eventually find help in Horatio Darcy.

Elizabeth Aston has developed the Darcys series to follow after Jane Austen’s world of Pride and Prejudice. So far it has been a very good series and I liked the third book The True Darcy Spirit, but not as much as the first two.

You are walking into a different world with Cassandra as she is very naive and doesn’t understand all there is to harm her. She had spirit and fought back in this world which was good but it wasn’t there at the beginning. I liked that she was a painter which was her passion. Then there is our hero Horatio who was a lawyer and finds way to help but later on. I wasn’t sure I liked Horatio. He was having an affair with a married woman and he was kind of boring at times. The ending of course gets better and Horatio is more the man that he should be.

Our villain would have to be Lord Usborne as he is vile in his own way but very much like the wealthy who are usually part of the society of London in these romance books. There was also Belle, again I really didn’t like all of Darcy’s daughters only Camille and Alethea, who was the cause of Cassandra’s problems. Belle will find love and happiness which was a little annoying as she still to me is very immature. The next book is The Second Mrs. Darcy.