Labor of Love by Jenna Mindel

Upon the death of her malevolent husband, young Olivia Beresford finds herself with child-and left entirely out of her husband’s will. So, with the babe due in mere days, Olivia and her younger sister head for their aunts home.

When an accident Sheldrake Hall cuts their trek short, they must count on the kindness of strangers-in particular, Lord Sheldrake, whose care for Olivia extends beyond hospitality. A darkly handsome bachelor, he notices how this glowing woman’s presence has brought light to his dreary manor. Olivia, too, cannot help but find a kindred soul within him, a man she could see herself caring for deeply. But Lord Sheldrake rightly suspects that she has heard the dark rumors muddying his past-a past he wishes he could bring out into the light of love…

I found this regency romance very intriguing to read. Jenna Mindel is a refreshing contributor to this genre. The characters and the plot were subtle but had a punch when needed. There was romance of course but there was that intrigue about what secrets were truly being kept about the families that left you reading until the very end.