Duke of Pleasure

duke-of-pleasureHugh Fitzroy, the Duke of Kyle was on a mission to stop the Lords of Chaos. He will find help from a boy from St. Giles, Alf. Though Hugh will realize quickly that Alf is more than he appears, specifically that Alf is a girl.

Alf has disguised herself as a boy for as long as she could remember. It was easier to get around St. Giles as a boy. But Alf had another secret, she was also the Ghost of St. Giles. Alf will find herself helping Hugh and that interaction will lead her to have feelings for him.

Duke of Pleasure is the eleventh book to the series Maiden Lane by Elizabeth Hoyt. I really loved this book. It has been interesting learning about these vile Lords of Chaos and I loved that the Ghost of St. Giles was a woman.

Hugh’s character to me seemed a little too stuck up in the other books but as I got to know his character I found he was a brave man and committed to his task. Also, that he loved his sons, he just might not be able to show it. Actually Hugh has a problem expressing his feelings no matter what which is evident with how he acts with Alf. Though when push comes to shove Hugh will get it right. Alf’s character was intriguing. She was the one who got the information and she fought to protect those around her. I liked that even when she had to dress up as a lady the real woman was still there and not lost in all the glitz of the ball.

I liked the mystery of the Lords of Chaos. They are the evil guys and they need to be stopped. It looks like they will be here to stay as they will be in the next story. I am wondering who will be the person to stop the group.

I can’t wait to read Duke of Desire which will come out in October of 2017.

The King

The KingWrath is the King of his people. It has been a privilege and curse and it has only gotten worse. The kingdom is being taken from Wrath, which got Wrath thinking that maybe that would not be a bad thing especially if being King meant he would have to give up the woman he loved.

The King is the twelfth book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. I thought that this was a very good book. Normally in series the author doesn’t give the main characters another story but Ward did. Wrath and Beth will be the main characters in this book just like the first book.

As stated above Wrath’s kingdom is in danger. Though there is another situation that will have Wrath scared which is Beth’s need for a baby. Wrath doesn’t want a baby because that would endanger Beth who was more important to Wrath. I liked how Ward continued Wrath and Beth’s story. They were obviously happy but there were some problems that they had to work through. I liked that their story wasn’t just with them happy and everything is going great as that would be unrealistic in a marriage. There are definitely ups and downs in any marriage.

Now in the book I noted that Beth wanted a baby and she will get her wish, but with her being a half breed some things are a little different for her that I thought was interesting. What I also liked was the ending. Again it was a little corny and sappy but with everything that had changed within the book I wanted that type of happy ending.

So there is one more book that is ready to be checked out at my library but I am going to take a break from this Brotherhood. This series has been very good but I will say it can get overwhelming with all that is happening. I am going to take a break and come back to the thirteenth book which will be with Trez.

Never Seduce a Scot

Never Seduce a ScotEveline Armstrong has let those around her think she was unwell for the last three years to avoid a marriage to a horrible man. Now she is being sent to another bad man to be his wife. Eveline will soon learn that the man himself was not bad and he was one that she could love but it would be struggle as his clan was avid about mistreating her.

Graeme Montgomery did not want to marry the daughter of a sworn enemy clan but he would do his bidding. Graeme will meet his intended and will be shocked at her beauty. He will not have a problem with her especially as he finds out what is really wrong with her. Graeme will fight his clan to make sure his bride is protected but he wouldn’t be able to stop all the treachery.

Never Seduce a Scot is the first book from the Montgomery and Armstrong series from Maya Banks. I have seen this book on the shelves as I walked passed down the aisle of the romance section. I knew it was to be part of a series but the second book wasn’t out. Now with the second book out and available I snatched them both up.

The first book to the series Never Seduce a Scot was what I expected from Maya Banks. A good setting, interesting characters and steamy scenes. I really loved this book. It was easy to get into and you stayed interested from start to finish. This story reminded me of her other series Highlander. This one was made differently with Eveline being deaf. It added an interesting element to show how clever she was and led you to feel for the girl. Though you felt sorry for Eveline she was not one to be backed into a corner. When she wanted to she could defend herself. Her new clan did not make her life easy as she was challenged at every turn. Graeme was a man who did what needed to be done. He was strong and loyal to his clan. At first I didn’t know if he was going to be a really tough guy but instead he was well balanced between strength and generosity.

From all the hurt that the clan gives to Eveline a love blooms between Graeme and Eveline that will melt your heart. It is really sweet to read the progression of Graeme as he fought the feelings that started to develop for Eveline. Now Ian was despicable as a villain. What you learn about him you want him to have a miserable ending and justice will happen but not until the very end of the book.

Highlander Most Wanted is next.

Courting an Angel

Patricia Grasso brings us back to Brigette and Iain but the story will follow their daughter Rob in Courting an Angel.

Rob MacArthur was married at the age of eight but having a husband meant little to her then. Now at eighteen she wanted an annulment as her husband seemed to care little for her. She longed to stay in England where she was accepted even with the birthmark that caused her much turmoil as a child. Then there was her love Henry, but now her husband has come to collect her.

Gordon Campbell took his time to collect his bride as he was having fun with his mistress. He is appalled that his wife wanted an annulment. The marriage would stand and he would take her back home but she was not the same little girl as she was ten years ago. Gordon will seduce his wife but over coming their past will be a trial.

Grasso brings the readers in immediately to the story and you feel for Rob and the troubles she went through. I found it interesting that the birth mark was a thing of problems. It seemed strange that something simple would cause that much fear.

Gordon was not my favorite character as he really gave no regard to the girl he married. He was able to do what ever he wanted and with whom he wanted and there were no consequences. But Rob had to stay pure for her husband. Gordon grows on you but each time Grasso throws in a wrench to make you dislike him once again. It was almost like playing ping pong.

As I read these stories of the Queen or the Kings court I seem to have flash backs to high school and the ranking the students are subjected too. Court is something you needed to pretend nothing bothered you and hold your head up high. Its something you survive like high school.

Courting an Angel was fantastic even with all the problems Grasso throws into the plot. She keeps the stories fresh and interesting along with recurring characters like Magnus from the first book, Highland Belle, who is Gordon’s father.

The sixth book will be next with Blythe Devereux who will finish the series.

The Key

Duncan Dunbar did not want a wife definitely not an English one but here he was getting married. He was happy to see that his wife was beautiful but annoyed as she made demands. He started to see things change and Duncan was resistant until he found himself wanting to change.

Iliana Wildwood was used to running a household but she was exhausted issuing orders for her new home. Nothing was clean or kept the way it should have been but to save her mother she would stay here. Iliana soon found herself wanting her husband and hoping for a happy marriage but there would be trials of trouble blocking their happiness. She would need to work together with her husband to save them.

As the second book, The Key, it was enjoyable to read as Lynsay Sands engages the reader with her characters and plot. Since reading the book out of order I already knew the outcome of the battle but it was enjoyable to read about what happened in detail.

Iliana was a surprise which I liked as she was shy at first but not with orders. She was what they needed to get them into shape. Duncan was used to his own way and avoided change but gave in for the love of his woman.

The betrayal of the book was subtle and if I hadn’t read the third book I wouldn’t have known right away. Sands makes one villain very clear in the book as he is the one  the woman are running from.

Sands creates these books in a series but could be read and understood on their own. I recommend reading the series in chronological order.

Finding a Highlander

I have just recently come to find Hannah Howell’s name and I randomly picked a book. I didn’t know it was the twelfth in the series until afterwards. The twelfth book is Highland Protector in the series Murray Family.

Ilsabeth Murray Armstrong is wrongfully accused. Her dagger was found in a man of the King, his cousin but Ilsabeth did not do this. She knows who but she can not prove. Her family sends her to the one man who will seek the truth.

Sir Simon Innes is the Kings man who seeks truth. That is his job. He looks at Ilsabeth and his gut is saying she is truthful but he had been burned before by a woman. Simon will help uncover the truth but will get himself tangled up in old wounds.

After reading the book out of order, which it appears to not be a problem as you can follow the story perfectly, I was already thinking of picking up another. The one right before is about the cousin of Ilsabeth who is of course a rogue. Of course I think I should start at the beginning to really understand how Howell started the series as I found the book Highland Protector riveting to read.

Hannah Howell does a fantastic job bringing in the reader as the dialogue speaks to the time of the people and who they are, while the plot will keep you cheering for the truth.

In Bed with a Highlander

Maya Banks is a new author who after reading I found myself wanting to know more, to read more of her books. She delivers her book, In Bed with a Highlander with a plot which will make you want to know more and follow through with the rest of the laird’s family in the series.

Ewan McCabe is the oldest brother of his family. He is the laird of a poor clan. He is a great warrior and will find himself in trouble as his son disappears but comes back with a young woman. A woman he can’t stop thinking about. But who is she as her identity is being kept secret. All he knows for now is his son swore to protect her and his enemy wants her.

Mairin is the illegitimate daughter of the king. She has been hiding and seeking for the perfect man to marry one who will protect her and her would be kingdom. But Mairin is trapped with no way out. Her salvation is in the arms of a warrior, Ewan. She is drawn to him but wants to leave so she will not bring any harm to their door but it is too late. She has found herself with Ewan who is not letting go.

Ewan is the atypical warrior male. Mairin is the spirited female. They are a match in every way that is right. Banks delivers these characters to have tension, fury between them and not to mention passion. They heat up the pages with their sexual scenes but what I like the most is how defiant Maririn is too her warrior husband. She keeps him on his toes which is enjoyable to read.

The little boy Crispin is a perfect warriors son but will his innocence still. The uncles/brothers were also fun to read and I can’t wait as they are the man characters in their own book.

I found myself really wanting to finish In Bed with a Highlander to see how Mairin and Ewan’s story ended. Maya Banks starts off the series well and readers will want to read the rest of the series.

Taken by the Prince by Christina Dodd

Victoria knows who kidnapped her, she recognizes his voice but she is not terrified. She is furious. His kiss kept her up nights and now her she is again but on his terms. Victoria was kidnapped by Prince Saber who is inline for king in his country.

Saber Lawrence wants to help his country but is conflicted when he finds himself by Victoria once again. He knows he wants her and takes her not only to see if the passion is still there but to keep her hidden from his enemies.

Taken by the Prince is the latest book out of the governess brides series in 2011 by Christina Dodd.

The fiery characters left the book intriguing and fun to read. Victoria is strict and believes manners are very important to society. Saber has a fire in him as well and readers will love to read how that fire is sparked between these two heated characters.

Dodd brings wit and humor to the pages of the book as the characters consistently challenge each other.

Get Swept Away with a “Knight of Desire”

Margaret Mallory created a hit with the first book, Knight of Desire, from her series All The King’s Men.

Catherine Rayburn gave her body to a husband she did not desire but in return she would leak secret information to the King. She endured this relationship for five years. Now her husband is dead and she thought she would be free but the King has other plans.

William FitzAlan keeps his word to his King and in return he gets a piece of land and his own home which comes with a bride to be. He could turn her away to the tower or marry. William does not want to treat the woman as such even if she did betray her husband. William will be shock to find the young woman in front of him. She was the one that tormented his dreams five years ago.

The two marry and have to endure how to get along. Passion will ignite along with deceit as other players become deceiving and misleading the newly married couple.

I liked how Mallory creates her characters to be stubborn and for Catherine to be fearful because of her previous marriage. There is hurt and no trust but soon it forms. Mallory gives the readers many highs and lows in the book which will make you want to read as you don’t know how William will screw up when he talks to his wife. Or how she will react as there is passion but no trust.

The villains are clear in the book but there is a hidden one that Mallory waits to the end to reveal.

Knight of Desire was filled with passion and desire along with witty characters which will have you turning the pages to find the conclusion.

The Nymph King by Gena Showalter

After reading about dragons and then goddess what is next, nymphs.  The one thing you find out in this book is that Nymphs need a lot of sex for strenght.  They heal from this and fight better with sex.  They will give every woman pleasure.  Many woman say alright! but there is one who wouldn’t let herself do it.

Females young and old, beautiful and plain crave Valerian’s touch.  None can resist his blatant sensuality and potent allure…until he steals Shaye Holling from a Florida beach and holds her prisoner in his underwater kingdom.

The cynical Shaye wnats nothing to do with the mighty warlord but she’s inexplicably drawn to him.  For underneath the warrior’s arrogant beauty lies a complex and powerful man.  A man whose caress is like fire…

Now Valerian must fight for the privilege of claiming her as his own.  Because there’s one thing Shaye doesn’t know…

That when a nymph discovers his three mate she’s his for life.

The third book was fun and enjoyable to read.  I really liked the concepts of the nymphs and how if you really think about it the women have all the power.  Because they can make the men stronger or weaker by the power of sex.

Valerian was a perfect caveman King but sweet in a way and that made his character enjoyable to cheer on.

Shaye was fantastic with her cynical ways.  You felt for her and cared about what was happening.

Of the other characters Brenna was another dynamic character.  Her struggle in the past made her enduring and then you hoped she would find her happening ending.

Past characters came back, Darius the King of Dragons.  You got to hear about him and his wife.  And the vampire King made an appearance.

Overall The Nymph King was a joy to read with the sensual scenes, characters and plot.  The book was well rounded with action and adventure with love.