Some Like It Wild

Some Like It WildPamela Darby needed to earn money fast for herself and her sister. To solve their problems they needed a man who perhaps was more brawn than brains. They needed the man to play the part of the long lost heir to a powerful duke. She will find the perfect man, Connor Kincaid.

Connor Kincaid was a notorious highwayman and in all his years being one he never was propositioned to play a part of a long lost heir. He will agree to the scheme but will find that when Pamela’s task is up he wants to keep her close and will make sure she stays around.

Some Like It Wild is the second and final book to the series Kincaid Highland by Teresa Medeiros. I really loved the book. There was some humor, mystery, some action, and of course romance. I thought it was a good conclusion to this short series.

Pamela was the daughter of an actress and did not know her father. She has done everything she could to make sure her sister and her survive. Now Pamela was not a villain by any means but she was a woman who did what she needed to do which meant she would have to lie to get what she needed. Connor was a good man but he had given up on life it seemed. With the scheme it seemed that Connor was back with some fire and definitely passion when it came to Pamela.

The villain was obvious even before I knew the twist. There was just something devious about the character that had you guessing they were up to no good.

This book had a surprise which had me questioning if it was even possible. Medeiros explains the situation rather well throughout the end of the book and it makes sense. I liked the twist as it made it all the more possible for a happy ending.