The Many Sins of Lord Cameron

With the first book of the series behind me I couldn’t remember the next one so I randomly picked up The Many Sins of Lord Cameron. This book from Jennifer Ashley is the third book to the series but once you start it doesn’t really matter you don’t want to put it down.

Cameron Mackenzie is used to widows and married women who want a liaison with him but six years ago he was turned down. He wondered about the Mrs. Douglas and always he wanted more but he moved on that is until he came upon her again in his bedroom and no longer was she married. She could be his.

Ainsley Douglas is widowed after many years to a wonderful man but at this moment she had to concentrate on getting letters. She searched every room and the one she did not want to go to was Lord Cameron’s. She remembered six years ago and how she felt in his arms. She had an excuse then but no longer. At every touch Ainsley melts a little more but she knows she must do something to get into Cameron’s heart as well.

You will follow along the story line perfectly and want it to continue. Ashley creates the back story of these characters, Cameron and Ainsley, and only gives them little by little which is frustrating and rewarding at the same time. I loved how Ashley gave Daniel a bigger part in the book and will love to read when he has his own book.

Cameron as a rogue and seducer is perfect. His past is hurtful that it takes a lot of Ainsley’s pursing to get him to let his guard down. I also liked there was no actual milious betrayal on Ainsley’s or Cameron’s part. There is only hurt that is going to be healed.

The Many Sins of Lord Cameron will lead into the next story where Hart the oldest is going for a bride but how will she react to this news? Can’t wait for The Duke’s Perfect Wife.