Paradise County

Paradise CountyAlexandra Haywood had come to her fathers house in Shelby county after his suicide. She had come to close up his house and sell off the horses. Alex will be distracted by the man she had tried to fire, Joe, and the strange noises she had heard in her house.

Paradise County is a novel by Karen Robards. I loved this book. The story flew by as I wanted to read it as quickly as I could so I would be able to find out the killer.

I really liked Alex as a character. She was not a snob but a girl who had lost her father and was trying to do the best she could. I liked the humor of it when she tired to fire Joe but he would not allow her fire him. There was a sinister part of this book which was that someone was watching Alex. Everyone thought that she was imagining things but the killer was watching her and waiting. I liked Joe. He was a strong character. He was a tough worker and a great father. I liked his teasing ways but he could be a very serious man, he was someone perfect for Alex.

Alright now Neely was the little sister and a hell raiser. She does not deserve what happens to her but she is a troubled kid. I liked that towards the end she is a stronger version of herself which redeems her character.

The killer was very evil and sadistic with his victims. One of his victims was a surprise to Joe. I cringed at the idea of him getting his hands on Alex or her sister Neely. With the identity of the killer I was surprised by the person but it made sense that he was the predator as the facts were revealed.

In the book there was a very small part which was paranormal. Alex and Neely both at one point during the book had seen their deceased father. I liked that with each time he appeared he was trying to help his daughters. His last scene was a nice send off for the book.

Getting wild with the Winston brothers

Wow I love reading about the Winston brothers.  Lori Foster writes four stories about Cole, Chase, Zane, and Mark Winston.  I love the description of these brothers because it seems that women will fall over themselves just to look at these brothers.  In the “Wildly Winston” book there are four short stories (all part of a collection except Wild) that track each brother as they are interacting and living their lives.  But my question is why do they have to be short stories?  I would love to read more about the brothers.

“Tangled Sheets”-This is with Cole Winston the oldest brother.  The background is that Cole took care of his brothers ever since their parents were killed.  He was freshly out of college.  Now he owns the bar where all his brothers work, he is thirty six years old and not settled but he finds temptation in Sophie.  Sophie a very quiet shy woman who since moving seven months ago has been lusting after Cole but too shy to do so.  Of course her twin sister is not shy to do this, even though Sophie does not have  a sister.

Really liked this story with Sophie pretending to be a twin just to find the courage to be with Cole.  I love her courage to even try to do this.

“Tangled Dreams”-This leads us into a supernatural idea with Chase as he finds interest in Allison, Sophie’s assistant.  He never really noticed her much but when he starts to hear her every fantasy about him in his head, his own head turns.  Allison wants, needs Chase for her ghosts.  Allison is haunted by Rose and Burke who need her to have a grand passion and Chase is the answer.

This one was hilarious with how two ghost were the ones to bring together Chase and Allison.

“Tangled Images”-Mack’s turn for finding love even though he was the youngest.  Going for a modeling job was a favor that Mack didn’t want to do but he didn’t turn it down when he saw Jessica was to be the one taking his picture.  This was the woman that haunted his fantasy’s.  He met Jessica two years ago in his college class.  She was six years older than him.  Jessica remembered him and still lusted after him but with a little help of her daughter and and Mack’s sister in laws Jessica and Mack are able to be together.

I liked the fact that Mack got the older woman and that he fell naturally in step to playing a father to Trista.

“Wild”-The last story was about Zane who ends up helping his gypsy, Tamara when she is haunted by a ghost or so her relatives thought.  Zane is blown away as he sees the woman underneath the disguise.  From a raven colored hair, dramatic makeup and black eyes to blond curly hair and green eyes Zane was struck.

This last story was very funny with Tamara and Zane.  She is very pushy when she wants something and of course that is Zane.  I liked also that in this book introduced Joe Winston and Luna Clark who are the characters in “Say No To Joe?”

Over all fantastic stories to read!