Only His

Only HisNevada Hendrix was feeling restless and needed a challenge. She was looking forward to interviewing for Janack Construction but was stumped when she comes face to face with Mr. Janack’s son, Tucker. Tucker whom she slept with ten years ago and it was not the most memorable or pleasurable time, but she wants the job. She will keep him at a distance but soon that distance will fall away.

Tucker Janack remembers Nevada from years ago and wants her to work for him as she is qualified. He will be surprised to find an attraction between them but will keep his heart closed and any love is out of the question.He had been hurt in a whirlwind of an all consuming relationship but he will find that maybe he wants love with Nevada. That is if she gives him the chance to start again.

Only His is the sixth book to Susan Mallery’s series Fool’s Gold. This was a story of second chances for the characters. There are many heartbreaking scenes and heartwarming embraces that have you cheering for these couples. The main ones are Nevada and Tucker. I was really wondering if they would ever find that happy ending especially when Cat comes rolling into town. Okay the character Cat I know we are not supposed to like and I really couldn’t. I felt sorry for her at times but really didn’t like her. I wanted Tucker and Nevada to open their eyes to see what they could have and not run from it. To be fair the running is really on Tucker’s side.

Their are two other couples that get their second chances, Jo and Will, and then there is Denise and Max. I was happy for Denise to find love again with the same man she loved before. Susan Mallery brings the story of the Hendrix to an end with the happy ending the triplets receive. I have a feeling the Hendirx family will be mentioned later on in the series as all the other characters have a recurring role, so this is not the last we will read about the triplets and their family. I am excited to read more about Heidi as I have already read about Annabelle and Chantal “Charlie” who started me out when I read the eighth and ninth book of the series. Summer Days is next on the list.