Dare to Take

Dare to TakeTyler Dare wanted to do his job but when his sister ask him to help Ella he has no choice but to say yes. For years Tyler tried to put distance between him and Ella but now he is wondering if he should close that distance.

Ella Shaw had wanted Tyler as long as she remembered, but he had broken her heart. Ella will be cautious when she lets Tyler back into her life. She tries to keep things light between them but she will not be able to control how her heart feels.

Dare to Take is the sixth book to the series Dare to Love by Carly Phillips. I really liked this story. This series is very fast paced and easy to read which for me is because of these characters.

Tyler’s character takes everything onto himself. He doesn’t ask for help even though he really needs it. I liked that Tyler will finally get it and he will be changing. Ella’s character was a girl who felt like she was worthless. She had come from little and because of disappointments in her life it left her self-esteem very low. This effected her but it didn’t consume her. Though when it came to a relationship with Tyler it made her wary, but he will also help show Ella that she is a strong woman. I will say that it will be Ella who takes that final step, which I liked.

The chemistry between Tyler and Ella is of course explosive. I wanted them together but I wanted Tyler to stop being scared and running from what he wanted. Every time he ran from Ella he hurt her that much more.

So, the father, Robert Dare, really disappointed me. This is a spoiler alert. If you don’t want to know what Robert Dare did stop reading now. I had thought Robert Dare made progress with getting along with Avery but in this book Tyler will find his father with another woman. So Robert Dare is now cheating on his present wife, Savannah. You also learn that Tyler had learned about his father’s cheating with Savannah when he was 14 and was told by his father to keep quiet. His father obviously wants Tyler to do the same. Now I don’t know if he would be the best person to confess to Savannah, a part of me doesn’t want him to since Savannah was the one who helped break up his family. In the book Tyler will tell his mother but nothing gets resolved. I suppose that it will in the next books.

I am looking forward to reading the next book and finding out which sibling will be written about next.

Stroke of Midnight

Stroke of MidnightLaura Falkner is back in London after her fathers death. She is determined to find out who murdered him and find out the real thief of the diamond necklace that was thought to have been stolen by her father. She will disguise herself in order to find out the truth but will find herself face to face with the man she loved years ago who was also the one to turn her father in to the police.

Alexander Ross, Earl of Copley, never thought he would see Laura Falkner. He knew that she had no trust in him since he turned in her father but Alex still wanted her. He will find a way to keep her at his side and to keep those secrets he was holding from her hidden. But the more time he spends with her, he wonders if he could have been mistaken.

Stroke of Midnight is the second book to the series Cinderella Sisterhood by Olivia Drake. As a follow up book to the series I thought this was absolutely great. I really like this series so far and can’t wait to read more of the series.

Laura was strong for what she had to go through. I also liked that she was playing detective with finding out who was the real thief and there were certainly several prospects that she had thought could have been the culprits. Alex is a good man trying to do right by his godmother who wanted his help but it ruined his chance with the one that he could have easily loved. I liked that he gets his second chance but he still botches it. He botches it up with the secrets he was holding and I knew that would be a factor in the downfall. Though remember this is a romance book so our characters will prevail and get the bad guy in the end.

The book holds some twists and mystery to the story which I liked. The several culprits that were thought about by Laura were definitely who I thought were the bad guys but I was wrong. I was surprised by one of the secrets that was shared which immediately zeroed in on the true bad guy.

Lady Milford is back with the glass slippers. She arranges Laura to be in the home of Alex’s aunt which starts back the attraction and secrets that are bound to come out. Of course the slippers will once again be taken and now there will be no doubt that Lady Milford will be in the third book. I am going to wait to read the third book because I want to read the fourth book right after, which comes out in November of this year.


BurnAsh McIntyre had felt in a funk as his best friends have found women that completed them. Ash will be finding a new interest in Josie who promotes a new sense of lust that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

Josie was just drawing in the park when she will meet a man that will question everything that she thought she wanted. She will take a chance and find a new life style that compels her to become more with Ash.

Burn is the third book from the Breathless series from Maya Banks. The third installment was another very steamy, very illicit sex with the two main characters Ash and Josie.

It was interesting that Josie was already in a similar relationship that Ash was suggesting except that what she had with Michael was false. I liked that Josie found herself with Ash but it was not easy especially when Ash wasn’t being exactly truthful with a few things, nothing too bad. Ash you find a different side to in the book. He is still very charming and laid back but there is an intensity that hadn’t been there in the previous books.

There will be a villain in the book that will come back from the first book and want revenge on these men and their women. Josie will take the fall as she will be severally beaten by the person. Now these books have never been with a context that is easy as emotions run high with these powerful men but Banks will show how dysfunctional Ash’s family really is especially his mother.

With the Breathless series done I will have to find a new series to read from Maya Banks or a novel.

Enticing the Prince

Katerina Pavlova wants revenge for her family. Fleeing Russia with the remaining family she has they travel to England. With a new identity of the Countess de Salerno, Katerina makes a name for herself in jewelry design making it easier to mingle in society. With only a name of a prince she will find him and get her revenge. Upon meeting Prince Drako she is confused and thought that a mistake has been made. He does not seem the villain Katerina expected. Katerina will find help from the Prince and will be finding love in his arms.

Prince Drako Karanov has seen the Countess with his own eyes and knows he wants to know her more. Drako will use his charms but the Countess does not bend so easily. Drako will work around Katerina and enchant her daughter and befriend her brother, which is when he will find out her true identity and need of revenge. He will help Katerina on her need of revenge and to the alter.

As I started the book Enticing the Prince I thought I would miss the Flambeau sisters as they had captured my complete attention in the last two books. Patricia Grasso may have diverted her attention more on the Karanov’s, who are ones you are drawn to as well, but kept the Flambeau sisters in the background as they are still part of the story. Through this book Grasso is also continuing on the story that had been partly told in the last one. It does get a little confusing with all the information but you are easily entertained by all that goes on.

Drako was a new character from the last book. I thought him to be less serious and almost more of a playboy prince but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course there are moments in the book. Katerina was a really well developed character. In the last book you got to know her a little but Grasso really develops her character to one that you like. You want her to find revenge for her family. Her revenge goes to one man and throughout the story you have a very good hunch who is the villain.

This book was almost like a game of cat and mouse. Grasso keeps the mystery in with who is threatening Katerina and Drako. Reading the book I had a feeling of the villain but there was more to the story which was almost comical as the situation unfolded. I liked that she keeps our detectives, Alexander and Raven involved within the story. Alexander’s character is ever growing and you like him more and more. Raven plays a coy individual who is very strong in her thoughts. Grasso now is having her show different emotions especially when she has to play spy. I can’t wait for their own story.

Blaze Flambeau will be next with Marrying the Marquis.

Whose’s seeing double?

Having a twin is great. Having a twin and not knowing for twenty six years not so great. Cara Summers will entertain you with her series Wrong Bed: Again and Again. Cara starts the series with Twin Seduction.

Jordan Ware just lost her mother to a hit and run. It is all confusing as she now will have to help run the business she has been working in but there is a new person in her life, her twin sister. Separated at birth Jordan never knew about Maddie and neither did she know about Jordan. With the twins reunited they must follow their mothers instructions and switch lives for three weeks. Jordan will venture to Santa Fe and Maddie to New York.Jordan will be quite lonely on the ranch until she meets up with the rancher Cash Landry.

Cash wants to check on Maddie and see how she is surviving the storm but things esculate and finds her on the couch. Feelings start out of now where as he views a new Maddie. That night changes everything for Cash but he will find himself with another woman, Jordan.

The two are sexually driven and have chemistry something he never had with Maddie or even wanted. Together they come together but not just in the sheets as now Jordan and Maddie are being subjected to threats on their lives.

Doing this in a short novel was a great idea. Summers keeps you involved in the characters, Jordan and Cash, lives while giving little insight of what is happening on Maddie’s end. In Twin Temptation you will get Maddie’s story.

Every character was intriguing and pulled you into the story further. You found out about what happened between their parents and its sad that neither got to know each other’s parent but Summers reigns it in for a happy ending.

The story itself was light with sexual desire but a sense of danger which added to the plot to keep you going. You wanted to find out what else could happen to Jordan and Cash. And who is behind all this trouble.

I am interested in reading the sequel to this series to see what Maddie goes through as Summer’s gives little preview throughout the book.

Get tempted and pick up Twin Seduction.

Dark Water by Linda Hall

A woman on her own with an eleven year old daughter hiding in a small city, Fog Point, hiding from a past that is about to catch up to her.

“A private investigator and whale-watching tour guide based out of an old, purple church, Jake Rikker is caught off guard by the request of his new client.  Up-and-coming jewelry designer Elise St. Dennis wants him to find something-not a valuable object, but the menacing ex-con who has traced her to the small town of Fog Point.

Elise is desperate and afraid to go to the police.  Sensing an attraction with the pretty, enigmatic designer, Jake throws himself into helping someone who clearly needs him.

Aided by May, a crusty widow and his business partner, Jake sets out in pursuit of the stalker.  But as they draw ever closer to their prey it becomes terrifyingly clear that they have become not the hunters but the hunted.”

Elise St. Dennis and her daughter Rachel came to Fog Point ten years ago on their own with almost nothing but now Elise is a thriving jewelry business owner and her daughter is a gifted student.  All is okay on the outside but behind close doors there is a problem.  Elise is a very emotional woman with a hidden past that is coming back now to haunt her as Wesley Stroller the ex-con is out of jail and he his coming for Elise and her daughter.  Elise gets the P.I.’s, Jake and May to help her.  She claims that she contacted him through the jail because she felt sorry for ex-cons and he started stalking her through the web.  Worried now that he is out Elise wants protection but when ever something happens there is almost to no proof only to Elise’s eyes.  Jake wants to believe her and tries to help but May is not so convinced for she starts her own investigation to find Elise St. Dennis has only been around for nine years.  So who is Elise and her daughter and what is really happening?

This book blew my mind with the twist and turns.  I was confused and intrigued by the suspense, mystery of the plot and characters.  Through the book there were many characters and back stories that were being told and that is where the plot got confusing but I kept turning each page trying my best to figure out what was going to happen.

The character of Jake and May together as P.I.’s I loved.  Jake was a great guy trying to get his life together which is why I did not want him to be with Elise.  Usually I like romance stories but this one didn’t sit right.  Elise was not right for him.  Too many secrets and she was too cold.  Now there was May who was an older woman but she still had fight in her.  I loved the fact that she really worked to uncover what was happening in Fog Point with Elise and she found it.

Wesley Stroller is an interesting character as the ex-con who found religion in prison.  All he wanted was to find Sarah, Fiona and his little girl.  But Elise was unconvinced and was sure that he was after since he was obsessed.  So what was Wesley really after?

The one character that I loved was Rachel St. Dennis, Elise’s eleven year old daughter.  Rachel was a very shy girl and very bright.  Her one passion was whales which was perfect in Fog Point since whales populated the area.  Aside from being bright and shy Rachel was a good daughter but felt out of place.  She didn’t understand her mother and her actions.  Rachel was able to spy on her mother and see all that she was doing.  The great part of this book was that Rachel wrote letters in her journal which gave the reader information about what her mother was doing.  Things you didn’t know.  They lead to theories in the book on who Elise was and what she was really doing.

The ending of the book was a different kind.  It was happy but not the happy cookie cutter type of ending.  It was sad for certain characters but had promise of a happy ending.

Linda Hall created a thriller with “Dark Water”.  It was an excellent suspense/mystery novel.  I was on the edge of my seat with each page.