Loving Jack by Nora Roberts

“Loving Jack” is the first book in the series Jack’s History by Nora Roberts.  In the beginning I didn’t know this was a series, I just randomly picked up the book to read.  That is my strategy when picking up books.

So this book is about Jacqueline “Jackie or Jack” MacNamara who is a woman that floats around.  She tries many things that interest her and at this point it is writing.  She rents out the house her cousin Fred told her about, this rental would be for three months.  Jack was thrilled at the house but things got interesting when the owner came back early.

The owner, Nathan Powell was coming back from Germany and looking forward to sleeping in his bed not finding a woman occupying his house.  At the very immediate meeting Jack was blown away with Nathan and knew that she was going to fall in love with him but Nathan was not opened for her.  The task for Jack was to open Nathan up to love.

The character of Jack was very well thought out.  I loved her quirkiness and stubborn streak to help Nathan is fantastic.  I also love that she is a writer and her main character is a man named Jack.  I really like Nathan’s character and love to see how his sheltered shell is steadily breaking down, which is Jack’s man goal.