The Sassy One

The Sassy OneFrancesca Marcelli had a goal to get her degree in psychology which had her doing a social experiment. One of her experiments will lead her to Sam Reese. Francesca decided to take a chance and have a fling with Sam but things will get completed when his daughter shows up.

Sam Reese was thrilled when Francesca said she wanted no strings but things will get completed. Sam will find himself face to face with a daughter he had no knowledge about. He was out of depth handling a twelve year but he will find help from Francesca.

The Sassy One is the second book to the series Marcelli Sisters of Pleasure Road by Susan Mallery. I really loved this book. I am taken in with the story primarily because it was a really entertaining story. The family is still around and sometimes impossible but you know they love each other.

Francesca is self conscious of what others think about her and is doing her best to prove that she can do what she needs. In walks the complication which is Sam. She wanted a fling but of course you know that will not last especially when something Francesca had not expected happened. Now Sam was a good man but he was out of his limit when it came to children. It was pretty much like that throughout the book, it was like he wanted to pull his hair out in frustration and that whatever he did he screwed up with Kelly. It was realistic and it made me like his character because I was cheering for him to get it right. But with Sam there are more downs than ups.

There were a lot of things that happened within the book that were not just about Francesca and Sam. There was the introduction of Kelly, who is Sam’s daughter, who showed up out of the blue. I liked Kelly. I think Mallery wrote the character well because she certainly acted like a hurt teenager. Then there was the surprise brother. I was thrown with this but knew there was going to be a story with a male Marcelli as there are five stories and four of them are with the sisters. I am looking forward for the newest Marcelli’s story but first I have to read Brenna’s story who will be interacting with her first love. I will be reading her story next.

The Marriage Trap

the Marriage TrapMichael Conte needs a wife quickly to satisfy the family tradition so his sister is able to marry. He wasn’t sure that Maggie was the right choice but she was his only option. As they pretend he finds that the feelings he had been hiding were starting to come out.

Maggie Ryan was propositioned by Michael to be a fake bride for one week. She agrees as long as he stays away from her married best friend. As she spends time with Michael and his family she realizes she made a mistake because they were making her feel things for him.

The Marriage Trap is the second book to the series. Once again I really loved this book. There was more to these characters than I had believed, especially Maggie.

Maggie was a skilled photographer but she kept a wall up and did not get close to anyone. She made the rules and was always the one in control. You find out more about Maggie and her past is pretty tragic. She is not just the rich girl. I hated what happened to her in high school which shaped her to the woman she was today. Though she will have a chance to heal thanks to Michael, of course that comes a little later in the book. Michael was the man of the family since his father passed away and took it seriously, possibly a little too much. Although Michael is a good man with a good heart and was just trying his best.

The chemistry between Maggie and Michael is electric but they keep it at a distance because both of them are afraid to take that step. Though within the trip that will change but fears will still be there especially with Maggie who is terrified to take the next step. It also didn’t help that Maggie was sure Michael wanted her best friend Alexa but that will get sorted out eventually. The ending was sweet and you will want to cheer for Maggie and Michael as they get that happy ending.

I am going to have to try more from this author.

The Marriage Mistake

The Marriage MistakeCarina Conte has loved Max since she could remember but she had to forget about him and move on. It was easy until her brother decided that she should shadow Max as she started into the family business.

Max Grey knew that Carina was off limits as she was his best friends sister so he will keep those thoughts to himself. That is until he finds himself too captivated with Carina that he can’t keep his hands to himself and with one scorching night together all things will change.

The Marriage Mistake is the third book to the series Marriage to a Billionaire by Jennifer Probst. As this was the first book I had no expectations other than hoping I would like the book and I thought Jennifer Probst wrote an interesting story that captured my attention. I wanted to know more about these other characters and what happened in their stories.

This book falls to family dynamic as this is a very Italian family and I liked them. They were a little old fashioned but that was how these characters were written to be. I liked that Carina was breaking free of the mold and trying to become the woman she was meant to be, instead of what her family expected. Max is a man with a past he doesn’t want repeated. He doesn’t feel like he is good enough for Carina and keeps all relationships very easy. Chemistry for these characters is not a problem but it only comes alive when they are angry or at least that is how it starts and it will be scorching between them.

What was interesting was this book of spells that Carina used and this book was used before in the previous books for the two main woman who were looking for the right man. I liked the idea of the spells but I definitely wouldn’t say this was supernatural, it just had a small supernatural spin to it. From how the book ended with the women commenting on the book Julietta will find herself reciting a spell like the others. I will find out soon as I am reading Julietta’s story next.

It’s In His Kiss by Julia Quinn

She was the most outspoken of the lot of them. She had no mind not to hold her tongue. She knew she should to find a husband but she did not want one who would not be a challenge. Hyacinth would not settle for anything else.

He loved his grandmother, hated his father and loathed the musical concert hall but here he was. It was a good thing he found her to be entertained. She was fiery and talkative. Most of the ton knew her but no man had her. Gareth wondered what had come over him but he found himself in cohots with Hyacinth and he wanted to know more.

With the secret diary, his real fathers name in question and an overwhelming feeling of desire for Hyacinth, Gareth had his hands full.

The seventh book was a blast to read. The youngest was an original from the rest of her siblings and she was not afraid to go out in public and declare it.

I like Gareth’s character as he is certainly a rake but an unsure one. He has feelings and wants more in life. A woman, Hyacinth brings him to that point.

The diary and quest to find the bracelet was fun to read. It was clever that the hunt was for nothing until much later on in life. And I liked the mystery with his father. After you find out you wonder why you did not think about it before. Quinn keeps you in the book with her witty characters and entertaining plot.

It’s In His Kiss is the seventh installation by Julia Quinn and only one more left for the Bridgerton series. Gregory is the last to the alter but with who?