Emerald Enchantment

It took my library longer than I wanted but finally I was able to get the rest of the series Deveraux in my hands (book 2-6). After reading the first book with Brigette I needed to know what would happen with Kathryn and the rest of the family.

Kathryn Devereux O’Neil is widowed and with child. She has no desire to marry as there are two men who are telling her she will marry. Kathryn will choose the lesser of two evils in Hugh, and she will even find love but it will be tested.

Hugh O’Neil wants what is rightfully his and he will take it along with the widow Kathryn. Hugh will soon discover that Kathryn is everything he wanted in a wife but it will be ripped from his grasp and will have to fight to win her back.

Emerald Enchantment is the title of the second book from Patricia Grasso. From the sound of the title the book sounded as if there would be love and romance, but this is not a all assuming love story. There is tragedy, betrayal, abuse, love, and finally trust. I also noticed that Grasso gives a certain theme for the sisters so far and that is obedience to those giving them orders are most of the time ignored.

For me I was quickly drawn into the story and completed it in one sitting as I needed to know how it was to end. To be honest I was thinking it would be a tragic ending for the characters at least emotionally but I am happy to say Grasso pulls out a happy ending. Of course this happy ending only happens at the last moment and very last chapter.

So the story is a love hate one. You love the characters and the plot gets to you but hate all the injustices Kathyrn has to endure. She is certainly fiery and will fight even when cornered. I liked her determination in the book even when she is facing her tormentor. I have to admit through the story I was hoping for her to get a break.

Hugh is a fierce warrior who knows what he wants and goes for it. He is fun to read about even as he acts like a male chauvinistic at times, but Grasso redeems herself with writing as Hugh expresses his feelings.

The villain was a typical villain but he was really only in the beginning and end of the story which I thought was a little strange. His name is brought up through conversation but he is almost an after thought until he makes his play.

Heather will be the next sister in the series and she will have not drowned as everyone had thought.

Irish Thoroughbred

I have read Irish Thoroughbred before but I find that because it is just a great story I like re-reading it over and over. I have a handful of authors which I will re-read their books and Nora Roberts is in the group. Picking up the book again I settled in for Dee and Travis’s story.

Adelia “Dee” Cunnane is a humble girl from Ireland never dreaming of going to America to be with her Uncle Paddy. But she will have a new life and one that involves her passion, horses. Fiery Dee will though have her own problem to deal with when she meets the owner of the ranch, Travis Grant.

Travis Grant is the owner of Royal Meadows and has worked hard on to make it the best. The moment he meets Dee he is intrigued and wants to know more about her. Travis will have that chance as Dee will become a groom to the horses and a thorn in his side with her Irish temperament.

This story to me is just a fantastic love story and I secretly love that the main heroine is Irish. Ireland has fascinated me over the years and I love how Roberts creates Dee to be a fiery woman you would not want to mess with. Travis was a man you wanted to know, someone strong and did what he needed to do.

Irish Thoroughbred is a great start to to Irish Hearts series.

Don’t get stuck on the ice with “Icebreaker”

The newest addition to the New York Blades series is Icebreaker by Deirdre Martin.

Sinead O’Brien is a top lawyer and a partner in her firm. She has a few rules and one was never date a client but that all changes when she comes to toe with Adam Perry.

Adam Perry needs a lawyer as an assault charge is filed. He knows it was not assault but he needs a lawyer. He is quiet spoken and says little but a fire builds between them and soon more than lawyer/client relationship is built.

I liked this story, not as much as The Penalty Box but I liked it. There was a good story involved and the characters were well built.

I thought it was interesting with the ending as Martin creates it to be anything but old fashioned. Its kind of a sad situation if you look at it from one specter but it works.

Sinead’s family is wonderful and there are old and new characters which pop back up. I did like Adam’s attitude and its because of his past which created his attitude that kept him strong now.

Take a chance and pick up a book from the New York Blades series.

Explorer by Kathryn Hockett

The title of the book seemed interesting so I decided to try even though on the cover you have that cheesy picture of a bare chested man holding a sword and shield.  But you can’t rely on the covers of books people would miss too many amazing books out there.

Unaware he is the second son of a powerful Viking Jarl, dark-haired Sean was raised in an Irish monastery, destined to become a man of letters.  But then he offers shelter to a lovely young slave-and changes his life forever.  For when Natasha is recaptured and dispatched to Russia aboard a Danish Viking ship, Sean knows that he must rescue her.  With Viking blood coursing through his veins, he ventures through the high seas to an exotic land-seeking his heritage, his family, and his lady love.

Tasha had admired handsome, powerful Sean from afar and sensed that he was a man who would offer his protection when she fled her captors.  Though their time together blossomed quickly into passion, cruel fate soon tore her from his embrace.  Now, aboard a slave ship bound for Russia, Tasha is stunned to be reunited with her heart’s desire, who has been transformed into a Nordic warrior with bone-deep courage-and to whom she will pledge her own destiny…wherever it takes her.

Honestly I was excited to try Kathryn Hockett’s novel.  I love reading about viking since that is part of my heritage.  Now when I started it was a little slow but soon I was hooked on the characters.

I found the plot engaging and liked the subtle humor that was underneath.  This is the third book to the series and after reading this one I am intrigued to see how the series all started with the three siblings.

Have you read anything by Kathryn Hockett?

The O’Hurley Siblings

Molly and Frank O’Hurley along with their only son Trace were expecting the fourth member of their family.  But Molly and the family were about to get a surprise.  Instead of one baby there were three.  Triplets, Chantel, Abby and Maddy.  These four stories The Last Honest Woman, Dance To The Piper, Skin Deep, Without A Trace, of Nora Roberts will charm you, make you laugh and feel for these siblings.

The Plot of The Last Honest Woman

Abby the middle triplet and the sensible one.  The only un-sensible thing she did was run off with a race driver, Chuck Rockwell at eighteen.  Now eight years later Abby is a widow with two children.  She has been a widow for five years and decided now is the time for her to give in to the book deal.  It’s for herself and her children who never really knew their father.  But the story is not what it seems to be and Dylan Crosby will find his answers.

Dylan Crosby an accomplished writer on biographies is getting the chance at Chuck Rockwell’s story.  Going there all he was thinking was that she was rich and had servants but he was finding out that was not true.  She was not who he thought.  Abby was hiding the truth from him and he needed to know.  But the truth is not always pretty.  Dylan will find out and experience more than he expected to with Abby O’Hurley.  And just maybe Abby will find something as well.

The Plot of Dance To The Piper

Maddy O’Hurley was a performer her whole life was on the stage, it was where she felt the most alive.  As the youngest triplet Maddy loved her sisters and brother but she wasn’t like them, not glamorous or generous she was just the cute sister.  She needed someone and that someone was Reed Valentine.

Reed Valentine was a cool business man running his fathers recording company.  They decided to try and back a play which is where he meets Maddy O’Hurley.  She isn’t anything he imagined.  She was so alive and it scared him.  He needed her but he was burned before by those he loved and was wary of a relationship with her.

But it may be just what Reed needs, Maddy’s spirit and love.

The Plot of Skin Deep

Chantel O’Hurley is an inspiring actress known for her roles and tabloid romances.  Chantel had everything going for her, she was loved by her family, doing something she loved and loved by fans.  But maybe one fan went a little too far.  A crazed fan is going above and beyond to get Chantel’s attention.  Matt, Chantel’s agent, gets an old friend Quinn Doran to help.

Quinn Doran is a tough P.I. and wasn’t thrilled with his assignment.  He thought she was overacting but then he saw the notes and the terror in her face.  Quinn decided to stay and help.  He wanted to protect her the best way he could but he disrupted her life and her life.

Quinn finds what he has been missing as he protects Chantel and Chantel will find the one man she is able to be truly happy.

The Plot of Without A Trace

Trace O’Hurley left his family early in his live to pursue something that is for him.  Trace knew that his father would be angry but he had to do this even though he would miss all of his family.  And now twelve years later Trace is looking forward to retirement from the agency.  A friend had died and he didn’t want to do this work anymore.  He had experienced a lot within these years but he wouldn’t be getting that retirement just yet.

Gillian Fitzpatrick was the woman who would bring Trace back to his work and towards his goal of retirement.  Gillian had a proposition to make for Trace.  She wanted his help to get her brother and niece back from the group Hammer who took them about six days before.  But she is also the one in danger as the men are also trying to get to her.

Trace takes the assignment against his better judgment.  One for the money and another for revenge.  There was also a part of him that wanted just to protect her.

The two are thrown into a whirlwind of action but end up finding comfort in each other.  Gillian knows what she needs and Trace just might find out what he really needs with Gillian’s help.

As I finished these four books I was amazed by the dynamic characters and plots which flowed through the pages of the stories.  I loved the fact that there were the set of triplets and only one brother.  It was also interesting with the family being performers and in one way each child possessed some side of this artistic trait whether they wanted it or not.  I really loved that all of the sisters or brother were talked about in each others stories.  You never forgot about the others.  These books were fantastic to read.