Irish Thoroughbred

I have read Irish Thoroughbred before but I find that because it is just a great story I like re-reading it over and over. I have a handful of authors which I will re-read their books and Nora Roberts is in the group. Picking up the book again I settled in for Dee and Travis’s story.

Adelia “Dee” Cunnane is a humble girl from Ireland never dreaming of going to America to be with her Uncle Paddy. But she will have a new life and one that involves her passion, horses. Fiery Dee will though have her own problem to deal with when she meets the owner of the ranch, Travis Grant.

Travis Grant is the owner of Royal Meadows and has worked hard on to make it the best. The moment he meets Dee he is intrigued and wants to know more about her. Travis will have that chance as Dee will become a groom to the horses and a thorn in his side with her Irish temperament.

This story to me is just a fantastic love story and I secretly love that the main heroine is Irish. Ireland has fascinated me over the years and I love how Roberts creates Dee to be a fiery woman you would not want to mess with. Travis was a man you wanted to know, someone strong and did what he needed to do.

Irish Thoroughbred is a great start to to Irish Hearts series.