The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting

The Girl's Guide to Man HuntingMiranda Hill will soon be plotting against the man who had broken her trust now that he is back in town. She will seduce him and when he is in a compromising position she will take photos and post them online. She wants him to feel just like she did especially as this small town made her feel horrible with their assumptions and rumors.

Dane Croft was done with woman as he had been burned. The reputation he had was deserved but he was not a home wrecker. Dane will start up a business with his best friends back in his home town. He will be surprised to see Miranda at the class and even more as the passion they felt did not disappear.

The Girl’s Guide to (Man) Hunting is the first book to the series Bluebonnet by Jessica Clare. I liked this novel. It was a very fast read for me and Jessica Clare entertained me with her plot as this was all about revenge for Miranda and she had her sights set on Dane thanks to what happened with them nine years ago and a camera.

Miranda was an interesting character. She had gone through nine years of hell with the stares and whispers from her hometown, yet she stayed. She is moving on with her life now and gets a chance to get back at the man who ruined her. I was cheering for her but for most of the time it didn’t seem right. I didn’t feel that Dane was the bad guy that Miranda thought him to be. The question is now, who took the pictures? It wasn’t hard to figure out and I liked the certain justice that was made in the end. I liked Dane as Clare writes him to have grown up since high school. He learned his lessons and became a new man. He was still a man who enjoyed the good things in life but his life was  now more simple with wanting to work in survival.

So this book, holy cow! There is a lot of sex that is going on with Dane and Miranda. When they were with each other it was nothing but heated glances and lots of passion. Passion that would sizzle and sizzle until it burned.

Now with the ending I wasn’t sure how it would end. Obviously I knew it would have a happy ending but I wasn’t sure how the ending would happen. With how Clare concluded the book it was sweet and funny with how Dane had to fight for Miranda and it left me smiling.

I have the second book which I will be reading next. The second book will be with Beth Ann and Colt which in the first book you could practically hear the sizzle between them.

Dark Water by Linda Hall

A woman on her own with an eleven year old daughter hiding in a small city, Fog Point, hiding from a past that is about to catch up to her.

“A private investigator and whale-watching tour guide based out of an old, purple church, Jake Rikker is caught off guard by the request of his new client.  Up-and-coming jewelry designer Elise St. Dennis wants him to find something-not a valuable object, but the menacing ex-con who has traced her to the small town of Fog Point.

Elise is desperate and afraid to go to the police.  Sensing an attraction with the pretty, enigmatic designer, Jake throws himself into helping someone who clearly needs him.

Aided by May, a crusty widow and his business partner, Jake sets out in pursuit of the stalker.  But as they draw ever closer to their prey it becomes terrifyingly clear that they have become not the hunters but the hunted.”

Elise St. Dennis and her daughter Rachel came to Fog Point ten years ago on their own with almost nothing but now Elise is a thriving jewelry business owner and her daughter is a gifted student.  All is okay on the outside but behind close doors there is a problem.  Elise is a very emotional woman with a hidden past that is coming back now to haunt her as Wesley Stroller the ex-con is out of jail and he his coming for Elise and her daughter.  Elise gets the P.I.’s, Jake and May to help her.  She claims that she contacted him through the jail because she felt sorry for ex-cons and he started stalking her through the web.  Worried now that he is out Elise wants protection but when ever something happens there is almost to no proof only to Elise’s eyes.  Jake wants to believe her and tries to help but May is not so convinced for she starts her own investigation to find Elise St. Dennis has only been around for nine years.  So who is Elise and her daughter and what is really happening?

This book blew my mind with the twist and turns.  I was confused and intrigued by the suspense, mystery of the plot and characters.  Through the book there were many characters and back stories that were being told and that is where the plot got confusing but I kept turning each page trying my best to figure out what was going to happen.

The character of Jake and May together as P.I.’s I loved.  Jake was a great guy trying to get his life together which is why I did not want him to be with Elise.  Usually I like romance stories but this one didn’t sit right.  Elise was not right for him.  Too many secrets and she was too cold.  Now there was May who was an older woman but she still had fight in her.  I loved the fact that she really worked to uncover what was happening in Fog Point with Elise and she found it.

Wesley Stroller is an interesting character as the ex-con who found religion in prison.  All he wanted was to find Sarah, Fiona and his little girl.  But Elise was unconvinced and was sure that he was after since he was obsessed.  So what was Wesley really after?

The one character that I loved was Rachel St. Dennis, Elise’s eleven year old daughter.  Rachel was a very shy girl and very bright.  Her one passion was whales which was perfect in Fog Point since whales populated the area.  Aside from being bright and shy Rachel was a good daughter but felt out of place.  She didn’t understand her mother and her actions.  Rachel was able to spy on her mother and see all that she was doing.  The great part of this book was that Rachel wrote letters in her journal which gave the reader information about what her mother was doing.  Things you didn’t know.  They lead to theories in the book on who Elise was and what she was really doing.

The ending of the book was a different kind.  It was happy but not the happy cookie cutter type of ending.  It was sad for certain characters but had promise of a happy ending.

Linda Hall created a thriller with “Dark Water”.  It was an excellent suspense/mystery novel.  I was on the edge of my seat with each page.