Darling Beast

Darling BeastApollo Greaves, Viscount Kilbourne, has been convicted of murdering three of his friends four years ago. With the help of his now brother-in-law he escaped but he was still not free to take his place in society. He will have to find the murderer and will be helped by some unexpected allies. Though he will be distracted when an actress, Lily, captured his attention.

Lily Stump was a famous actress and playwright even though no one knew that fact. Lily, her son and a servant named Maude were temporarily living at Harte’s Folly while it was being restored. There will be one problem that happens which is finding a mute man in the gardens who is not who she thinks.

Darling Beast is the seventh book to the Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt. I had bought this book awhile ago but had not gotten the chance to read the book until now. Usually the books I buy take a while to read because I am always checking out books from my library. Well I picked it up now because I also have the eighth book from the series. Alright so Darling Beast was a book that I really liked.

I was excited to read Apollo’s story because of his sister Artemis. I had really liked her character in the sixth book and her interaction with her brother. I wanted to know what had happened three years ago as you knew that Apollo was not the murderer. It was interesting with Apollo as he could not talk, he only could write down his words. I felt for the first half of the book there was a gentler side to Apollo especially as he interacted with Lily’s child. There is a dangerous side to Apollo but only when he is protecting those he loves. Now Lily is a confident actress who knows what she has to do in life. She protects those that she loves. When she interacts with Apollo I really liked them together especially when it started out with him just being a gardener. That let Lily really get to know the man and not the title or the scandal that was part of his life.

The mystery of the murderer was prevalent in the book as that was a major part of the plot. The question of who was the real murderer had stumped me, which I liked. I waiting for the big reveal. There is another little surprise that is with Lily and her past. I knew the mystery but only a small part of it.

I found that Hoyt was writing in some recurring names and new names that I know will most likely be given their own story. I figure that Miss Royal will have her own story and possibly Duke Montgomery who is an intriguing character.

I am excited to read the eighth book next which is with Phoebe, the sister of Duke Wakefield.

Mistress By Mistake

Mistress by Mistake (Courtesan Court, #1)Charlotte Fallon was considered a spinster and one with a reputation that could not be fixed thanks to her past. She will be thrust into a new scandal thanks to her sister who will flee her potential new lover for the man that wants to marry. Charlotte will be told to be the substitute mistress. Charlotte will not agree but before she can tell Sir Michael Bayard she will be swept up into a life of pleasure.

Sir Michael Bayard had lusted after his soon to be mistress and cannot wait to make her his own. Michael will find his lusty mistress but will be shocked to find that she is not the sister he paid for. Michael will be furious at the deceit but he cannot dismiss Charlotte from his life, that is until a part of his past comes to make trouble.

Mistress by Mistake is the first book to Maggie Robinson’s series Courtesan Court. Alright now she is still a very new author and from the last book I read I figured I would like this story. Now I really did like the book but for me it was a rough beginning as it was a little absurd with how they acted and the situation. The book gets better and I find myself turning each page to the end to find out what will happen to these two, the sister and this crazy ex wife.

I got to like the characters of Charlotte and Michael throughout the book and wanted them to find that happiness with each other. Now the romance between them is nothing but sex and they are very compatible in that aspect.

You saw the villain coming and I was kind of shocked at the scene towards the end where Michael is the one in trouble. I wasn’t so sure I was okay that the person involved wasn’t really punished but at least Robinson gave Michael and Charlotte a chance. Robinson wraps up Charlotte and Michael’s story and I can see myself going after more from the author.

Born To Bite

Lucky thirteen book goes to Armand the man who has had the worst luck when it comes to wives.

Armand Argeneau has loved one woman but unfortuantly she met an untimely death after their son was born. Armand had not been lucky to find another lifemate but married two more times as a pregnancy occurred and soon after another untimely death. Armand has kept himself locked up away from his family to avoid anymore deaths. Now he is faced with another lifemate and accidents start up again as the investigation if brought forward.

Eshe d’Aureus is an enforcer and is good at her job. She had the chance at a lifemate and spent many years with each other. Now he is gone and Eshe was surprised to find herself connecting with another. The problem was he was someone she was investigating. Eshe made it her duty to prove that Armand had nothing to do with the murders. She will search for her answer but the closer she gets the closer she is to her own death as accidents keep coming her way.

I found myself really liking the characters of Eshe and Armand in Born To Bite. It seemed simple how they connected as they each already had a lifemate. I loved Eshe’s brazen and carefree attitude but wouldn’t take any b.s. Then Armand with his simple ways and his quiet passion until of course it is released by his lifemate.

Lynsay Sands wrote this story well when it came time for suspense in the book. I had a feeling I knew the person doing the attacking but it did not make sense with the rest of the woman who were killed. Of course nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Sands will weave in several twists within the story only to give a conclusion to the person behind the murders, Nicholas his freedom and Armand some peace.

I found that after this book I am drawing closer to the end of the series well at least the end of what Sands has written and available for the public. But I wonder when Justin Bricker will have his shoot at a lifemate. I like his character and can’t help but want him to find that happiness that is surrounding everyone else.

Now the next book, Hungry For You, will star Alexandra Willan who is  Sam’s sister and maybe we will have Sam making the decision to change once her sisters have now found their lifemates.