Inner Harbor by Nora Roberts

The third book in the series Chesapeake Bay is Inner Harbor and is best yet.

With Cam and Ethan attached to a women it is Philip’s turn but he will be blindsided when Dr. Sybill Griffen comes into the picture. He falls for her quick but she is hiding something. She came telling everyone she was writing another book but her observations are all about the Quinns and the newest member, Seth.

I was on the edge of my seat while reading this novel. It wrapped up everything and left it at a happy ending but getting there was tough.

Dr. Sybill Griffen was a nice addition to the books. She was clinical but with a good heart and I liked how she was worked into the book. Her character allowed Roberts to tell the reader the information she knows which was exciting to read about.

All the characters are changing and developing with each book as they are coming closer to finding out all the truth. The third book though I have to say held the most suspense. All the facts will come out and you find out all about Seth and who Sybill is and how she is connected.

The Chesapeake Bay series is a worthwhile series to read. The last book will be about Seth as he will be all grown up.